Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Matching Gift

I have come to the conclusion that this whole Ascension thing, and the restoration of Gaia and her delicate ecosystems to their pristine state is like in a fundraiser when a donor offers to 'match' every gift up.

I am speaking about the energy.

The reason I have come to this conclusion, is that in three important areas of my life, work, a work situation, and home the standstill I have experienced for about five years is starting to show signs of movement.  There are the areas I had thought were hopeless, enough to make me go running to Archangel Nathaniel, who LIKES really difficult challenges, and beg him for his help.

I was so LOST I didn't know where to begin on any of them. I didn't have a clue.

For example, with my reapplication packets, and having to dig up all of my important papers (I used to have them all neatly on my old computer before it crashed), my nerves were completely on edge, and I just couldn't take the stress any more. Three places needed them NOW. At the same time!

I asked for a Reiki request for myself.

It took a couple days to turn around and build. I got tremendous insight and self knowledge about just how empty my 'cup' was. I needed to first heal myself, and THEN attack the task, no matter what the deadline.

I worked HARD. Even sending them in by FAX was difficult. It's all now FAX to email. But there was help in the right place at the right time, and also, a great big gap in the schedule. to give me time to do what I had to do.

Here I am taking steps. My wonderful healers at Team Doctors With Reiki gave me just the healing I needed to be able to cope, and when I was ready, be successful in my efforts. Spirit gave me support in getting me the time and the resources I needed. In fact, one packet had old information on it, so I didn't need to look up some other things from scratch. I copied from one to the other two.

On top of this all, I have clarity, focus, and will to accomplish the tasks before me. Not just on this but on EVERYTHING too. There is a patience and a determination I have never before experienced. I am very thankful for this.

My mind was able to 'turn it around' from a 'horrible deadline' to see I have just bought TWO YEARS of total freedom!  That's how long the reappointment lasts. For this I am grateful.

Another area is making the home look nice. Sure enough, there were super duper clearance discounts on furniture for Anthony's room. Just randomly out of the blue when I went to go buy new office supplies. I bought them. We cleared his whole room. Now it's pretty. The same with the living room, with new carpet. And with my room. The kitchen is still on its way, it's much better.  And each success builds. I hope to make the rest of the house nicer.  There was MUCH inner healing to do, as well as time for Anthony to grow enough to help keep things nice. Being a single mom is rough.

If you just make the effort, and are open to how things change, the angels can do wonderful things for you.

A lot of people have the expectation that suddenly something is going to appear for them, and take all of their troubles away. With no effort on their part.

That's not how the Universe works.

It has to do with Vibration. It has to do with Energy. Nothing can make the first move for you. YOU are the one who has to make it.

Even if, like me, you are crying, and totally lost, and throwing yourself upon the mercy of Archangel Nathaniel. That's what I did five years ago.

Being honest, and saying you don't know where to begin, is perfectly OKAY.

Asking for the guidance to be unmistakably clear, and for your loved ones to get enough too, so you don't look back and have regrets as you move forward, is another excellent thing to ask.

And on the expectations? Take your goals and add 'this or something better'.  This gives more possibilities for the angels to line up, and shows you are flexible.

That is enough for today.

Aloha and Mahlaos,

Reiki Doc