Friday, June 3, 2016

KingSeal -- Gaia News Brief 4 June 2016

I can't get enough of this pattern. I am seeing it around. It used to be on a window screen at a hotel I like in San Diego.

I just bought a flower arrangement with this pattern on the vase...more on why

So I went though pages and pages of my photo supplier, under 'patterns' to find it here for you.

Apparently, this pattern is 'Moroccan'.

I didn't know.

Patterns like this are popular in Morocco and Andalusia.  Here's a quick article from Architectural Digest--in case you're interested--

Anyhow, my soul seems to know it, although it's new to me, and it craves it. That happens sometimes. I remember things from my past--places, people, foods--and I feel drawn to it but I don't know why.

Perhaps the oddest thing I had ever done, is to make all my closest friends swear to me, that if I were in ICU in a coma, they would read the  Torah to me in Hebrew--over and over. Somehow, at services I have attended, I found the language oddly soothing.  My soul understood it, although I didn't. And I wanted that comfort to be provided to my soul in case I was ever in a critical health crises.

I did that starting in my twenties--long before any of this energy medicine healing and Reiki ever 'turned up'.

Update on the Family

Mom's cough is just as awful.  Her doctor is apologizing to her, and rightly so, for missing the diagnosis. She is to be discharged tomorrow because her i.v. infiltrated, and she refuses to get a new one.

She doesn't want the pain.

I explained gently to her, for the tenth time, that ULTRASOUND guidance will help her have less needle sticks that won't go in. She asked me to write it and I did, in permanent ink--on a paper, in big letters.

I also said that her fear of needles is reasonable on the one hand, but getting in the way of her healthcare on the other.  Her girls have the same discussion every time she gets really sick--is it worth it to put her through the trauma of the i.v. this time?  It's always the same. She doesn't want the i.v., she's really sick, we get her to go to the ER and her life is saved, then she's glad she's alive.

She says she wants to live.

Sometimes being a daughter is difficult. Especially when you know a little about medicine.  It's hard.

I'm glad I spent time with her. I'm also glad I had the chance to see her more as she is. Sometimes she will fool you with her charm. She likes to figure people out so they can be 'useful' to her--she says it's a Sicilian thing. I think it's sad, because while telling people what they want to hear, she's not authentically 'her'.  Yet, in a way, that IS exactly it, 'her'...

She knows I love her. And she'll never understand me. And I'm not sure if I want to make the effort to understand her more than I do, as well.

My nephew was treated and released from the ER. My niece had several procedures today under general anesthesia, and is recovering nicely. She is still in ICU, where they adjust the anti-rejection medications and search for the causes of her illness. She's in good spirits, and I am thankful for this.

Big Family

I have a friend who has a family with forty six children.  This family is from Liberia.  There is one father with six wives, and each have at least five children. They all live in one large house together, a compound really, because the father is successful he was able to afford six wives.

Apparently, the first wife chooses the second, and the second wife chooses the third, and so on.  They are friends. All the children are raised together, and no one is quite sure which mom gave birth to them and which ones are their full brothers and sisters.

For the grandchildren, they have one grandpa--everyone knows who he is--and a bunch of grandmas! They are interchangeable.

From what I understand, the first wife chose her best friend and cousin, then the next had similar close ties.  The man is attracted to the new wives, also; it is a given he is interested in the new ones too.

They help one another with the childcare and everything else. They are happy. But now it is not allowed except in the rural areas far from the city.

Big families are the norm.

And often, one man gets two women pregnant at the same time. My friend's brother did this. He married one, and the other was rich, so she and her family just took the baby to raise. But now the child is ten, and knows all of his family--his father and his father's side of the family. He just lives with his mom and her family.

If you think about it, in the Western world, serial marriages accomplish something similar to this--my first wife, my second wife, and so on.  It's just that the man does the choosing, and the earlier marriage women are put into a 'lesser' category, often being ignored while the children are shared between the two homes.

It's not all that different.


I was getting a little overwhelmed.  I didn't want to drive far to see my mom after stress at work. There's LOTS of traffic in that direction.

So I practiced getting my vibration the same as the thing Merlin gave me.

Once you are close NOTHING bothers you! You just feel capable and confident of everything.

I still haven't 'gone anywhere' but I hope to in the future, once I get good at it.

Why the Flowers

When Creator Writings said 'you can dream anything!' I was like, 'how mean is that?!' Because we have been beaten down for so long, how can we dream? It's like asking to be punished in our current system to 'dream big'.

But I asked yesterday to have a date with Ross, just to enjoy him, and get to know him.

He asked me on the way home from the hospital--mom's one that's far away.

I just wasn't in the mood.

I told him I have a little anhedonia going on here. I'm overwhelmed. I've been feeling like all of my creativity, my leisure, my projects--all of my energy I would have for them is being funneled into the work Ross and I do online. I know it's my purpose. My guides tell me this. Especially Michael.

So Ross told me to go to the grocery store, buy milk and bananas, and some flowers for me.

I found it deeply relaxing to go to the grocery store. I've been buying flowers for all the sick people, but not for me. Ross insisted.

They are beautiful red roses, with white hydrangeas and Casablanca lilies.

They have the beautiful design on a milky white glass vase.

I came home, and the kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off. There were breakfast dishes piled up in the sink for two days, a cutting board from making lunches on the stove.

Ross told me to think of it as a success!  I was like, 'excuse me? WHAT?!'

He said it's because I am out there helping a lot of people, that I am not home, and THERE is the success.

It made me feel better, and I see the wisdom behind his viewpoint. I chose to tackle the dishes in the morning.

You might want to use that line of thinking for really helps.

This weekend I have bills to pay, and two huge forms with deadlines. What I want to do is print certificates and mail them out. I've had the materials for three weeks, ready to go. It's for my work though, and I must do it.

There's always something, you know?

I also have a huge lot of loose pieces of niccolite.  I am going to make a grid. : )))


This is my pattern!  (he wobbles his head from side to side like how people say 'yes' in India--ed)

On the one hand it is more complex, but just as beautiful as the pattern Carla is drawn to lately.

Both of them show through balance, harmony, and repetition the endless power of Creation by Creator of All That Is.

What is your pattern?

I want you to be on the lookout for it.

And please share it here with us in the comments, along with a little explanation of how it make you feel in your heart center.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple