Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gaia News Brief 16 May 2015

Looking Back

I just was looking through some pictures in my download file, and I came across some images I would like to share with you...

The first I think is of Micah Jones, who is not with us any more. The second is someone who had some kidney problems, and we don't see much more on our page, and the last, is the loved one of someone I don't even recall, but we went Healing when asked to them anyway.

How precious and delicate life is! And how honored we are to assist those who struggle, to help them find their way through the situation!

Team Doctors With Reiki now has five hundred members. If you would like to join, simply ask to join the group on Facebook. It is closed, and an administrator will see your request, and allow you in. This is so that the group of healers have the structure that is needed to focus their efforts on the healing requests, and to stay 'on topic'. So if you would like to be involved in a healing outreach, your efforts would be much appreciated by people like those in the photographs above, and their loved ones.

Your Guide

My work as a friend and guide is constantly changing. Right now, I am working to reach those who are impressed by 'this world' and are 'worldly' in my day-to-day encounters with people face to face.  I have at my disposal, my 'tool' of a necklace filled with Trollbeads, which are brightly colored, expensive, and LOADED with Agarthan energy.  (I got them on clearance at seventy-five percent off).

People can't help but reach up and touch them.

This is my way of 'advertising'--'hello? look here! It's is of Spirit! And it's really pretty and FUN!'

The more you can do to embody the 'fascinating' and 'inviting' aspects of the energies on earth at this time, always allowing others to approach you first, the more we can move ahead in these efforts.

Anthony found the address of my one and only Karuna Reiki student on the floor recently. I had looked up symbol 2, and it was loose in the notebook, and must have slipped out.  I am amazed at what I have done for the light:

  • taught Reiki
  • written blogs
  • translated German for the Divine Healing Codes
  • made videos
  • sent daily healings for free, twice a day
  • started a scholarship
  • organized Team Doctors With Reiki
  • created Team Mati
  • channeled many an awesome Ascended Master and/or Archangel
  • shared my first-hand experiences in Council
  • revealed who I am
  • kept a real-time record of a Twin Flame Reunion and all its ups and downs, not 'sugar coated it' (this is an example of the 'sugar coat'--
  • opened vortexes and done other global healing work--and blogged it for everyone to see for all posterity
  • spent hours and hours answering, personally, whatever emails and messages are sent to me
  • created Healers for Healers, a page on FB for those from all walks of healing arts
  • gave anesthesia once to LH and twice to DV--shhhh!
  • Am taking enrollment for the Lady Gaia Sophia 'Study Hall' (see tab above)
  • Made custom energy-remedy bracelets for those interested
  • Helped a homeless person stay off the streets for a few days, paid rent for one month for another who was in distress, and bought shoes for someone whose husband wouldn't give the well as taught Reiki for free.  
  • I also supported the ICU, medical, and rehabilitation expenses for one sick sea lion pup who washed up ashore and was later released.
  • I have given away over thirty Ross and Carla Reiki Scholarship Bracelets.
  • I do anesthesia and have worked in medicine since 1996.

Let's be honest...I'm NOT Ross. I never am and I never will be. I am Carla.

Ross really likes me. We are Twins. And I really like him.

We also work together as a team.

I wish I could say I had done more, or I had made it easier for a lot of you, but I can't. I only show the way that I am going. I hold my Light up on high, so the shadows will lighten, the veil will thin just enough for you to get a 'toehold' on your own spiritual path.

I hope you enjoy the journey, and pause often to enjoy the view.

The Life Experience on Gaia, is not easy, you must realize. At the same time, however, it is an incredible gift -- like a Montessori for souls--to further their education at their own pace, with many chances to 'get' the current 'lesson'--and to burn karma off faster than most other places that exist.

I wish you good things in the weeks, days, months together we have left. You have my blessing from my heart. And as long as I breathe and can type, I will be at this post, encouraging you to walk the rest of the way home with your Vibration--to the Higher Realms...


Carla is having a 'bonus day'.  She is on call. No work has been assigned. Carla slept in. The energy of the emerald crystal Carla bought yesterday is very healing to her. Carla? Honey? Will you please write the names of the other crystals you found yesterday at the crystal store for me?

C:  yes my beloved, with a smile:  azezulite, desert diamond dream stone, dumortierite, petalite.  The cost for the pocket-size crystals was $7.00, $5.00, $3.00, and $7.00 respectively.

These are some very advanced stones, the energy is going to help you with the adjustment to the Higher frequencies and 'bandwidth' that is due to arrive and incoming, flooding the planet every day. 

The healings from Carla and I are going to help.

For those who are experiencing great fluctuation in the energy, and symptoms, you might wish to consider having Linda make you a bracelet. The Reiki Scholarship Bracelet is designed to 'smooth the ride' for those who are having 'ups and downs' and 'energy variance'.

Carla herself was needing much sleep. Sleep, drinking lots of water, and root vegetables (Carla had potatoes and onions today for breakfast) will help to connect to Gaia, and therefore the incoming energies will flow through you to Her, much like you would while working with electricity.

That is enough for today! There are a lot of chores to do around the house, changing the sheets, folding and doing laundry, washing the dishes, and doing shopping...always having the phone at her side, just in case it is time for Carla to get called back in to work.

I love you, and I am encouraged by your interest in me, and in the Ascension Journey.

I made it myself with one 'heck of a ride' a long time ago.

I want you to know, it was worth every minute of the effort I expended.

I  hope you will find it is that way for you too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla