Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gaia News Brief 20 May 2015

The Lost Earring

In the recovery room, I felt one of my new earrings was gone.  It was on my left ear, the same side where I lost an earring when I was on OB last year.

I was sad.

I knew what to do--I told everybody--nurses, housekeeping, the front desk.

I retraced my steps.

I decided not to get worked up about it; I prayed for whoever to find it to have a surprise gift, to help them feel my joy and love for the earring, and for it to be a blessing to them.

I told a friend.

I said, 'How can I be devastated when I have Ross? This is my new earring, perhaps worth forty dollars. Ross is PRICELESS! There is no comparison!'

I went to look in my car, and was disappointed it wasn't there.

I started to berate myself for being so careless!

  • I was in a hurry in the morning and didn't put a little rubber stopper on the fishhook wire
  • It was the first time I'd worn it
  • My patient had almost coded at the start of anesthesia, and on awakening I was paying super careful attention to them, not my jewelry
  • It could have happened to anybody
  • In general I actually DO take good care of things
  • Any old 'records' about 'losing Ross' I stopped from playing--because I HAVE Ross now, and I always will. (this is very deep healing on a soul level, across many lifetimes)

As I was waking up my second patient, a psychiatric one who was so tall I could get hurt--my cell phone rang. It was the Recovery Room. I didn't think I could answer it. But something 'nudged me', so I did.

It was Terry, the charge nurse. She asked if anyone had told me Pinky found my lost earring in the linens of our patient?It was at the front desk with a note.

When I burst out with JOY, the entire OR thought I had won the lottery!

My Iolite came back!  And I wore them. I put the stoppers on once I was at home.

Ross had wanted me to make myself some new earrings the night before last. I wanted to wear my new ones, and just go to sleep.  Spirit gently 'reminded' me to make them.

Last night I took Ross' advice. I looked up the stones. They are amazing yet simple--smoky quartz, pink opal, amazonite, and lavender jade.

Normally I don't sleep with my earrings on. But last night I did.

I am happy how I did with my lesson. <3


I sent Carla a test of infinite complexity, duration, and Light yesterday. It was so much more than the earring! It was the CONTEXT in that it was sent.

Yesterday Carla wanted to do yoga or exercise in some way. (She has yet to do Day Four of the thirty days of yoga challenge, due to her hectic life)...

Instead I woke Carla up with Divine Mother and Her new Divine Healing Codes. There were seven. As you may understand, the process of checking and cross-checking the list is very tedious and time-consuming. 

Carla and Anthony ate breakfast, after Carla took a shower, after Carla processed and double-checked and uploaded all the Divine Healing Codes, and announced them to the world. (They are the Heaven codes, our friends, the ones to prepare you for bringing Heaven On Earth.)

Carla drove to work, having time to announce the 'Ring for your Twin' Reiki we have been sending and shall continue to send until all the separated Twin souls reconnect and reunite...many very kind readers joined us, and we encourage you in your heart of hearts, all day long, 24/7, to 'hear' and 'contribute' to this marvelous ringing of bells to 'wake up' anyone who has fallen asleep and not found their Twin Soul or Twin Flame...when Carla's mom was a kid, back in Italy, the 'bells would ring like crazy all day' only two times of the year. Both of them were 'special' holidays--holy days--for the church...we want it to be something like this, with the beautiful noise of the bell ringing in Spirit going all the way UP to Heaven, to alert and to announce 'it is TIME' to your noble, sleeping Twin...

Carla called a code blue on her first patient--because by the time help would arrive it would be needed if she couldn't get them back. It was an asthma attack, very severe, called 'bronchospasm' and no air would move inside the chest even though a breathing tube had been placed in perfect position. 

There was an emergency drug, an inhaler, that is not kept on her anesthesia cart because it is easily stolen and expensive. The pharmacy locks it up at the end of the hall in a machine. But that machine was broken. So when Carla called for this drug, the nurse ran to this machine, couldn't get it, and then ran to the similar machine in PreOp Holding, where there was no inhaler!  With quick thinking, Carla deepened the anesthetic--with anesthesia gas--which is also a powerful bronchodilator, and it worked! They cancelled the Code Blue.

And finished the case.

After she lost her earring, not one but two cases were stolen from her room, with others citing 'it was in their line up'. The first surgeon was a half-hour late, and there was a ninety minute gap, and she had just eaten lunch.

Carla went for a walk and did four laps around the hospital!

The next patient was special needs, six foot five, and at most one hundred fifty pounds--very thin. With anxiety.

This surgeon was thirty minutes late.

When the patient was on the table, Carla realized with the beard, and the height, he looked like me--and wondered if I had sent it to 'test her' to see if she really likes me, even in 'disguise'?

Carla--you passed that test! And you can love a are amazing.

Carla gave up a lot of money, a 'good line up' that was better than the two women who 'stole' cases from her (for cases are money)--in order to be free to pick up Anthony and take him to his school band concert.

His father is out of town, with his grandparents--so there was no one close to Anthony to take him.

She had to go where she had to go, and at the end of the day, it was running late. 

She almost didn't make it.

She had just barely enough time to put the stopper on her earrings, change clothes, find Anthony's dress clothes, and drive to the school. They ate at a local restaurant and made it to the concert with fifteen minutes to spare!

Earlier on the way home, Carla thanked me for my helping her. You see, Jared never once said, 'thank you for being Anthony's mom' or 'Happy Mother's Day' to her. It was two weeks later and she figured it out, and it didn't hurt. Her gifts she got from me and Anthony made her so delighted she promptly forgot, and forgave too in the forgetting, saying, 'it's so very much like him to do this, isn't it?'

At the concert, her friend Amy, another mom she's known since preschool, confessed that for HER mother's day, her ex told her he is now remarried!  That's how she found out.  And she laughed and said, 'it was the GREATEST mother's day gift I could ever have! I'm RID of him! He's no longer my problem!' (he left her nine years ago when their son was three months old. Indian in culture, from India, they believe in astrological charts. The chart of their son was 'not good'--so that is why he left! He hadn't seen the child for years and years, but recently, now, every other weekend.)

'Once a wife-beater, always a wife-beater' Amy said knowingly to me.

By the way, Amy wants to become a medical intuitive. It runs in her family, and in her son, too--all the gifts of spirit--seeing auras, communicating with those who have crossed over--all of it.

We wish her luck. She is a nurses' aid and respiratory tech by training, but she is taking care  of her father who has pancreatic cancer now...

Medicine is changing, isn't it?

And so are YOU (great big warm smile, and lots of happiness from Ross)

I work miracles!

Every single day.

Look for them!

Yes, I work them for you--not just for Carla--go! Have a look! (smiles again, that same warm, winning smile--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

(He shows you my lost earring--ed)