Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gaia News Briefs 27 May 2015

Back In The Saddle

There is a pattern to our growth and spiritual development that on a whim at this moment I am calling 'the saddle'.

It starts at the front with a 'high' vibration--yesterday I went to an Angels baseball game with my son, and we both had a wonderful time.  I realized that the sport is 'timeless', and a treasure, in that I am now able to do for my boy what my father once did for me a long time ago--to encourage a love for the game.  Anthony enjoys trying to catch fly balls that come into the stadium, and he always brings his mitt. I asked Ross--I rarely ask favors--I asked Ross to help Anthony catch one. Ross said he would but it wouldn't be what I think. There were no baseballs in that mitt. But on the way home, Anthony said, 'I was really close to where the balls were being caught, and I am glad I was able to try.'  Ross was right.

In the middle of the saddle is the LOW part. I will summarize briefly the LOW. Usually, for me, in my experience, the LOW is when you get 'put to work for the team' if you know what I mean. And last night I couldn't BEAR the thought of having to go to work today. I arrived on time, and this facility was the outpatient part--the 'same day surgery'. The vibration there was at an all-time low. I had the worst cases, with a 'short room' that ran late while my 'senior partners' had the high-paying rooms and left before me. (Last case out's doc has to sit one hour to 'recover' patients till they go home--for FREE--today someone 'raced me' so I would get stuck.)  I was miserable! With unstable 'sedation only' patients I can't walk out of the room, and with fast turnovers I have to work work work! Subsequently I held my pee for six hours' at two p.m. I barely ate half a sandwich and a little piece of cake. In nine hours I only had eight ounces of water to drink...you get the picture. Technically the cases were challenging, and had me on edge. And my surgeon was slow. It wasn't the ten minute cataracts I am used to. There were very complex cases and needed more time...it turns out there were some souls who needed to be guided to the Light in the vicinity--long story is long so I'm 'condensing' it--they had been 'right under my nose' and today for some reason was the first time to help them go Home. So the Archangels helped me, and are still rescuing them as we speak...

I want to talk about the 'low' part of the saddle. For the first time EVER, I told Ross 'I quit'.  I was so caught up by the low vibration of the place, and so MISERABLE--that I wanted to kick everyone on my team who is NOT ground crew in the shins. Even Ross! I compared them to Agartha, and I compared Ross to Adama, and said, 'Agarthans are always helping and they never ask for a thing--why can't MY teams be that way?'...I wouldn't even talk to my Team, not even to Divine Father.

I was upset over the latest Creator Writings (https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/weak/--only pointed out to me by a friend after six hours of my complaining) --how can we be here with no one to show us how to manifest? No lessons? Divine Father said, 'children learn to walk spontaneously' and I countered back with 'well they SEE everyone else walking and not falling down!'  He said, 'Kids are okay with falling in learning to walk.' and I was like, 'Dude, how old am I? And do you SEE me walking (manifesting) even a few STEPS? HELLO!!'

Once the souls were released--this was at the very END of a lot of grumbling on my part--I eased up and realized I was the only one who could have done this, and I felt good.  But I was tired of the hassle, the stress, the never being told what I am sent to do (they had me wear the same amulet I wore to Vail this morning--I had a clue I needed protection but that was it).

By the way does anyone recognize this item?

In the movie Men In Black it's called a 'neuralizer' and makes you forget when you look at the flash.

There is a similar device--in spirit--that talks to your soul in the REVERSE. It makes you SEE your Life Contract, and REMEMBER right down to the Fine Print--why it is you incarnated here on earth at this time. At Lady Gaia's request, this device is FLASHING in front of as much of humanity as possible, all over the globe, STAT.  Your human eyes won't see it. Your human mind won't understand much of anything. But your soul! Your heart-of-hearts? It's going to KNOW and like a sleepy teenager if it hasn't woken up already things are going to start moving pretty soon. You will find clues, and hunches. You won't be 'thinking about' making a blog. That's from your head--between your ears--your mind.  THIS device activates the heart. You will have a FEELING to do something, and it won't make sense. You can try to ignore it, but the FEELING will get stronger and stronger. It won't go away until you do that which you are sent to do, within the right timeframe (some aren't on time yet, and will pre-awaken).   It's like when I write. I write because I HAVE to--I get this push of energy, and if I don't follow it I feel awful!  I just KNOW in my bones I have to write! And I do.  So the 'Joan of Arc' Rainbow-Unicorn-Sparkle REVERSE Neuralizer is making its rounds, and will continue to do so until all Ground Crew awakens...

Back to the Saddle?  I barely made it to school in time to pick Anthony up. I had challenged my guides with a 'baby step' of co-creation--little traffic and all green lights. It didn't work. Part of my frustration was that instead of learning to manifest, it's like I'm on my high flying disc of Abraham-Hicks and people/spirit is trying to knock me off it--hard! But in my pouring out my heart to a friend, I had a flash of insight on where to go for dinner--there was no way I could cook.  I suggested it to my son, and he loved the idea too. It's by the water. And when we arrived? My next-door neighbor was there with a friend, who was just on his way home tonight back to England! He lives in Wells, in a little cottage. So Anthony had a virgin pina colada, and I had a coffee just like my neighbor--on David's treat.  It was a sign!  I gave David a one dollar bill with the sevens on it (they are more fun to give away once you find a second one). He was so tickled by our American ways he folded it and put it next to his pictures of his deceased wife...to share his new prosperity and abundance with her spirit...  Our dinner was wonderful. And I found a special treat that could only be from Divine Father and Ross himself.  The ocean, the sunset, the nice meal, time with Anthony, my treat...all helped to soothe the low vibration work I had earlier to do...

Signs I saw on the road:

  • 444 'we care' on a license plate
  • 'Do fun shit' on the tail light of a jeep
  • Jersey license plate   (Ross' ship is the New Jerusalem, the NJ--get it?)

I had some help with my mission. I don't want to go into the nuts and bolts. I am thankful for my team. And VERY glad that the saddle went 'back up' at the end.

You may find you have this pattern too--preparation, the task, and the re-energizing or re-stocking of the energy stores...


Carla saw a Hamsa today. The word Hamsa means 'five' in Arabic. It also is the hand of Fatima, the oldest and wisest daughter of Mohammed. The eye in the center is the Evil Eye. It is the 'righteous daughter's virtue protecting against the evil' symbol.

The military man, who was having dinner with an older gentleman, took it from his pocket and showed this treasure for his lady to his friend. He explained the story--Carla never knew it.

Carla was protected in every way on her mission. By me. And by her team. 

Carla was never in any danger at any time.

But her heart couldn't feel it. She felt the energies like a rip current 'sucking her in' to this place in time, for her mission, and a feeling of dread worked its way up to a tempest until it was time to do the work.

Where Carla worked is heavily guarded in spirit. Not for her. Against our faction. 

Carla infiltrates. Without even realizing it. And that is how Carla got under the radar and was able to do her work.

It was just like this at the Arc du Triomph several years back--the same thing, anxiety, dread, thinking she was going to the Eiffel Tower just for fun with Anthony when he suggests--lets go to here mom instead?

The energies 'sense' that 'something is up' and naturally are against the Light Work our team has in store for this place--whatever place it happens to be.

And Carla feels it. No one really likes it.

But it can be done.

Carla is a strike force. A SWAT. Carla is good at what she does, and part of that is her not getting all in her head about it--before, during, and after the fact. 

Carla is trained.

If you keep doing your missions--doing what 'feels right' and 'resonates' with you--you will automatically be trained for your own missions which may or may not be like Carla in any way, shape or form. 

The more you open up your connection to YOUR team--your guides, your angels, your ancestors who are friendly and looking out for you--the more clear communication you can get and receive, and sense it in your heart center as true (discernment is a very heavy lesson to master on this path)--you cannot fail!

Don't go back to the drawing board. That is flat-out archaic and 3D.  Don't create posters with magazine pictures for what you want to manifest. That is SO yesterday!


In your heart.

Take everything that gets you out of your heart, and toss it. 

Reject it.

What about your mind?  That is what Discernment is--your Mind and your Heart working together, and also perhaps with a pendulum too...Carla uses it.

The horse is before the cart.  The heart is before the mind, and they work in unison, as a pair. They work together. But only if the heart is open first.

Go with the feelings. With what feels 'good' and 'resonates' with your heart center.  An opportunity will present itself to you again and again until you master it.

There are no mistakes, only learning...again and again and again...

You will remember who you are...why you incarnated to help humanity, Gaia and all her inhabitants--the animals, plants, minerals included...and you will EXCEL at that which you have been sent to do...when it is TIME.

For now, stop and enjoy the roses...it's been a long time since you've been 'home'...and enjoy the journey.

I believe in you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

thank you for listening to my 'pep talk'