Monday, May 4, 2015

Gaia News Brief 5 May 2015

The Truth

I like to think. I like to learn. I have lots of curiosity.

Today was a day with some different feelings which I estimate are due to the new, incoming energies.  One of them was being impatient! This is very, very, VERY unlike me.  During a case, it hit, and I couldn't find anything I wanted to do. Although I take care of patients, I often read something or catch up on paperwork while continuously keeping watch on the monitors.

Nothing seemed 'right'!

And during the gap I had between cases?

I was literally antsy!

The day passed, and since it's Monday, it was time to feed the snake. I bought the rat, picked up Anthony, and came home.

On the drive home, the spirit of the rat (an angel) and Ross came and talked to me. They also said that the rat wanted to 'experience what it was like to die to snake'.  All our higher selves, pet shop worker included, and the snake, had agreed to who, what, where, when and how.

It was an adorable rat. I enjoyed it while I could, and gave it the Reiki Transition Symbol before I gave it to the snake.

Cecil was HUNGRY and looking around his cage, almost ready to climb out. He was so hungry that he missed twice for the rat, and chased it under a flap in the cardboard box where he eats.

Ross clocked it for me--it was only ten seconds until loss of consciousness. And I asked the rat angel if he 'got what he expected'?  He said it was worse, much worse than he anticipated, because he couldn't breathe. You take breathing for granted, and when you can't, it's awful.

I realized the irony of life:

  • we have wild rats in the neighborhood and hate them, but the predators for the rats--the rattlesnakes--we hate them more.
  • we do not like rats because they 'invade our homes'--however, man has been invading natural habitat for millennia...
  • we have ants and other 'critters' of insect nature in our homes, too. We do not like them, because they invade our homes. These pests have no knowledge of 'our homes' as in nature, all is one big giant 'home'.  But the predators for these pests--the spiders, especially the Black Widow--we hate all the more for doing their think inside our homes.
  • We don't take kindly to things that can hurt us, or our children, or our pets--venomous creatures--and think of all the harm we as a collective do to everything else.
It's 'disconnected' isn't it?

The Compliment

I extubated a patient, and the gruff RN who works at another hospital and moonlights here said, 'you are really good at what you do!'

I thanked her, because she has seen lots of anesthesiologists in her time.

She said she can tell by looking, and she wanted me to know.

I was so thankful to hear those words at that time, especially from her, who usually doesn't give compliments for anything.

It totally made my day.

Think Big!

My patient who had the code blue, and the anoxic brain injury is slowly waking up. It's not easy, because of the special needs that were there in the first place.

I stopped by to see the patient, and the family. I asked how they are holding up?

And I shared I am praying still. Through the day, more often than not I am praying or meditating or healing...

I told them 'I want my miracle!'  

What I didn't say is I want this patient to be even better than they were when they came to me!  I want as much healing as only God (Divine Father and Divine Mother) can give! I want the patient to wake up as one of the first miracles totally in 5D, with perfect health!!!

I Wonder?

I was warned about the affect (way of interacting with others) of one of my patients.  I approached the bedside with all of my career experience, carefully gauging the interaction...and it went smooth, smooth, like really smooth, with the patient and their 'ride'--a friend.

Sometimes, after an interaction like this, I get the feeling that I am entertaining angels unawares--this time the energy felt oddly enough like perhaps Ross and Ashtar paying me a's hard to describe but it just 'seemed so'.


I started a healing while pumping gas, and a huge vortex went like a corkscrew into the ground. It went TWICE! Next thing I knew, Adama from Telos was there!  

He asked me, 'Did you have no clue who you were the last time I talked with you and gave you the Agarthan Reiki?'

I said, 'Absolutely!' and I laughed.

We hugged. He asked how I am doing, and I was honest. I asked about him? He is still not sleeping until Gaia is liberated. I thanked him very much for all of his efforts.

Taking Care of Me

I started a thirty day yoga challenge. I am on day one. And also, it's time for the gym. It feels good to have a little time for this. I am going to skimp on the dinner, but it's a good thing, and extra time for bonding with my son.


(chuckles) Was I or wasn't I in that patient?  it was an overlay, an illusion--by using someone whose vibration is weak, sometimes I can 'drop in' for a moment, and have a conversation with those I love.

All of us do it.

Just like the songs on the radio that you know are from us. Next time something 'gets your attention' that someone might be US!

Usually the lower the vibration the easier it is for us to 'hitchhike' to deliver a message to those we love while they are still in the illusion.

When Carla went to lunch with Andy Bojarski, there was a table full of us, monitoring, just within sight, all with 'disguises', and I walked past Carla on the way to the ladies room--and got a good look and a hit of her energy, so she could have a good 'hit' of mine too....

I want you to keep your eyes open for possibly more 'contact' with 'angels unawares'...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla