Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gaia News Brief 13 May 2015

A Long Day

I just got home, after a long day, and enjoyed reading the mail on the sofa. You can imagine my surprise when I read this:

He is so right!

I saw him in the hall this morning. His energy was strong. We spoke about our work scheduled for the day, he in his room, and I in my own. I smiled and told him I was working with the OB/Gyn who has such a great sense of humor it is only second to his!!

I also saw him in the hall, and he noticed I looked happy. I confided I was printing up tickets to the next baseball game. I have a voucher I bought, for ten tickets, and I had taken Anthony last night. I gushed that I have never seen my son so happy, and I enjoyed the chance to be at the game with him very much.

I wished with my heart, without saying a word, that Bret would write another blog post soon....and look! Today he did!

Manifesting Accomplishments

Meals. I have time to enjoy meals or at least a little energy bar without that feeling of being stressed, morning, noon and night while I am at work. Today I wished so much for potato chips with my sandwich. I had bought my sandwich in my lunch box, but not had room for chips. These are an extremely rare treat in our home, and were bought only for the hamburgers we had recently. I couldn't  pack them because they would have been crushed by the lid of the lunch box when I closed it.

Much to my surprise, there was a burger 'thank you' day at the hospital for the employees. I didn't go. But CJ, an RN who I am pretty sure is of Soul Signature from Sirius and doesn't know it--had some extra box lunches from the Corner Bakery--and gave one to me and to the computer RN who I was giving a tour in the OR in preparation for a project at my work.

Inside was another sandwich, chips! a tiny cup of fruit, and an oatmeal cookie!

This was my dinner and lunch, and I am happy...

The Monkeys

The next animal in the series was a 'tricky' one--it wasn't IN the Native American Animal Medicine deck!  It was MONKEY who had been coming through my consciousness as the Rabbit was being solved...

I interpreted it as Chinese 'Year of' description, and was able to understand the spiritual significance of this 'hint'--it describes those who are smart, interested in what is 'cool' and 'new', and bore easily.  These people are at risk for being deeply immersed in the illusion--amusement is important to them, and they actively seek it.

I thought long and hard about all that is in our society to appeal to them.

What could top it?


All the wonders of the realm and the people and the energy would blow most people's minds!

And when they get bored with THAT? What's next?

The Galactics!

And with THIS they shall never, ever, tire and be bored again!

Ross was delighted beyond belief when I arrived at this realization--he kissed me and said, 'Carla, you ARE Home!'

You see, there isn't a 'thing' to 'bring them to us'. Like a kernel of popcorn, I 'popped' UP into my natural 'bandwidth frequency'. I OWN IT--my very own vibration of my soul. Whatever I am, incarnate, at this moment NOW I am vibrating at the very same frequency with my soul, as I am in my alternate 'self'--my 'higher self', my 'complete soul', my 'oversoul'--however you call it, energetically, my soul is not limited by space or time, and the energy that I carry with it, in this little piece that is called 'me'--this energy signature of incarnate 'Carla'--it matches all the rest of my complete and total Life Force and Consciousness that exists in alternate timelines, dimensions, and realities concurrent with this incarnation that I know.

I'm minding the gap! just like in the walk yesterday with the school kids--this part of my soul is not 'lagging behind' any more, and has worked my very hardest to 'catch up' to the rest of the 'bandwidth frequency' that is my birthright, my Energy Signature, that is unique and all 'me'....


Carla and I have a date tonight.  Anthony is away. I am home with her.

I can't get her to stop working! (he laughs at his own joke--ed)

Carla is going to rest, and I am going to entertain her for a little bit.  I like laughing, but I adore making my woman LAUGH most of all.

Tonight on the way home, I played a song for her that Carla hasn't experienced from me in a long time. It's called, 'Time in a Bottle'.  I showed Carla I am a good dancer, and I openly enjoy spending time with her on the dance floor.

I could not believe the amount of trust now Carla has in me, in her vulnerability and opening to my heart, when I was 'on the spiritual dance floor' with her!

Have you read any of these blog posts from like one year ago? Or longer?

There was a time that Carla used to hate me! I am serious! There was a time where as a part of the Illusion Carla in her heart of hearts NEVER WANTED TO SEE ME AGAIN.

I know how to work it, huh?

I am the maker of miracles!

I got one for me today  (he puts his arms around me, and draws me closer to him--ed)--I got Carla to stop working, and have some time with me for our date!  (he's really laughing and pleased with himself over this, and very, very relaxed too. --ed)

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family