Friday, May 22, 2015

Final Tests


Earth is a school 'in training'.  As you know I write an awful lot about my life experiences--to help me figure out what's up in my 'lesson' of the times, and furthermore, to let you know you are not alone.

As a blogger, I write about the good, the bad, and the ugly--every day more or less for the past five years I think?

So at Doctors With Reiki, you have it from my soul, my heart, and my consciousness.


This morning I was in a half dream state. I was next to Ross at the helm of the ship, up about Gaia, and I could see Earth in all her wonder below.

Ross asked me what I would like to get rid of first?

I said, 'All the ritual abuse throughout Canada, like what Kevin Annett works to expose and remove'.

With that he gestured to a white button, and I pushed it. A ray of light went out, and hit the 'grid' or 'network' of this organization, in Canada, and rippled out throughout the globe.

There was a red button I pressed, and I remember saying what it was for, but I forgot.

The last was a blue button to rid the ocean floors of trash, as well as dissolve the big plastic ball in the middle of the Pacific Ocean like Maude Fontenoy calls 'The Eighth Continent'.

I remarked to Ross how lucky I felt to be there with him, with this opportunity. He laughed and said, 'You have been here all along, Carla!'

And I woke up.

Others are having similar visions, too, both persons are very advanced Lightworkers, and they are interacting 'on board' and seeing 'signs' of very similar, encouraging 'events'...

I would tell you more but it's classified.


I came home very late from work last night. I had a cup of coffee to keep me awake on the drive home, and I had trouble sleeping. Although I slept in until six (a late start) I was tired and sleepy throughout the day.

I started some antibiotics because my chest was getting affected by the sinus infections.

Yes I use the codes. Yes I use Reiki. Yes I eat healthy.

If you recall, my mom gave me quite a negative imprint by rejecting my gifts I had bought with so much joy, and there were several other shocks to my system. In addition to all this work, I am having sicker patients who are near coding during anesthesia, really dangerous to go under anesthesia (one was almost five hundred pounds!), and there is conflict at my work.

The other day, I was sent to do a case, and it turned out a woman who had worked in GI in the morning had 'stuck around' without going home, for three HOURS waiting for this case! But I outranked her on the call assignment for the day (this entitles me to the work in case of dispute), I had arrived early and done all the work and met the patient. I was sitting at the bedside when the conflict hit.

Well today, I was done at noon, and I slept in the car because I felt sick with the chills--waiting because I was not excused from that three o'clock case I had to do after a morning of GI. I was in HER shoes, and this time, someone took the case away from me.

Throughout I was polite, friendly, kind, and accepting--I didn't get upset in either 'Role', but today I was just VERY tired.


This morning I got my box of new beads and was dying to come home, and rest, and play.

But snake was hungry. I missed the Monday feeding schedule.

I stopped and bought a medium size rat for him.  It was a male, with HUGE testicles, a black hood and a white body.

It was cute and VERY conscious/alert/made eye contact with me on the way home.

I got home, and I gave it the Reiki transition symbol. But I needed to use the restroom. I bought it with me and set it on the counter top, when I noticed this weird smell...a familiar smell.

I looked and sure enough there was a bloated rat caught in the trap under the sink.

There was not even a 'blip' on my emotional radar.

I just did what I had to do, using plastic grocery bags as 'gloves' and holding my breath and sticking it in a zip lock bag.  I cleaned up the mess--the blood--from the contact paper, and I re-set the trap.

I threw it out in the big trash in the garage.

Then I felt the 'nudge' from spirit to feed snake.

Well, the first weird thing was even though I had tail, rat didn't want to come out of the plastic cage. He was strong and pulled himself back in.

I got the tail again--I use long tweezers (forceps)--and put him in with the snake.

Snake was watching, but not striking and I knew snake was hungry.

Rat was mean.

He jumped all over the box, and charged at the snake.

I didn't know what to do. I had a snake to take out of the cage but a rat who would come out on its own (I have a feeder box).  I got the snake hook, and took out Cecil, who seemed relieved. I closed the lid and put a water bottle on it, and got a bigger plastic bin.

I used the forceps to pick up the rat by the tail, and quick as lightning, he bent backwards and I felt impact on my finger and saw blood! It didn't hurt, but I was bleeding profusely.

I put the water bottle back on the closed lid, and got a huge plastic storage bin I use when I clean the mouse cage.   I took the box and the bin with a lid, outside, and shook the rat into the bin.  Well I tried, but he didn't want to go. I had to shake it hard.

Once in the bin, the rat looked dazed. I put the lid on it, and closed the handled.

This was where I failed.  I got angry at the rat.   I took the bin and I shook it in front of me, back and forth, out of sheer frustration!

It was an old plastic bin. It shattered. The rat was on the ground by my feet. I stepped on the tail to hold it and picked it up with the forceps very near the base of the tail so he couldn't turn, and put him in the same box.

He was very dazed. I wasn't sure if I had almost killed him. But I knew rats were very smart and hard to kill. I made sure the lid was on tight, and I gave myself first aid for my finger.

Then I drove to the pet store, and said, 'This rat is mean. My snake won't eat him and he bit me. Will you please get rid of him?' (they sell rats at the store, and also feed their own snakes.)

One took it, and the cashier showed me where the mama rat bit him hard two days ago when she was on the wall and didn't want to come down.  He told me to put hand sanitizer on it.  He also said that some rats ARE mean, just like that. And it's hard to tell which are the mean ones.

This was an exercise in the high spinning disc. Everything happened to shake me off it--in quick sequence. I was denied what I wanted to do. I was not treated well at my work. I had unanticipated and unpleasant surprises.

But I also saw signs from my Team about 'not of this world' and 'God is with us'...this was a TEST.

I decided then and there to keep my thoughts and my vibration as high as possible--I was badly shaken, but not deeply upset, and VERY glad I had not killed the rat myself.  (by the way he 'came to' and was perfectly normal by the time he was in the car on the way to the pet shop).

I need to go. It's time for my weekly with Anthony's counselor.  I don't talk with her about these lessons.

This is to see how Gaia and Her people will react to the exposure of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

As for me, I will invite the team best equipped to handle them (the Galactic Equivalent of the Pet Shop workers)--deal with the emotions and anger that come up from the situation--and then go back to my high best as I can.

I made French Onion Soup gratinee...and opened my beads...the rondelle prehenite beads are amazingly beautiful!!! I look forward to making more with them soon.


Carla is a trouper.  She had a hard day. And she writes about it with you, even with her sore finger (it is on the right index finger just below the first joint (PIP joint).

She cares.

These motivated her to write:


Yes, Carla is being tested. I AM testing her. I am the one behind the tests.  Because I know her, and I love her...much like a trainer would tend to his racehorse (Carla is NOT a horse but I couldn't think of a better example) or a coach which his 'star athlete'--I know what Carla can do with her spiritual development, and I want to make her the very finest, gifted --all i's dotted and t's crossed--'self' she can be for when it's time to go UP.

I want her to get her 'money's worth' to speak...

I want that for you too, although I am not testing. This is up to your team and guides...check with them!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla