Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gaia News Brief 30 May 2015

Continuation Of Wonder and Delight!

For the last three days, I, and now, my boy, have enjoyed manifesting our experiences  in the daytime.

It started the night before I was on call, where I humbly asked to work with nice people and get a good night's sleep.

The following day, I asked for it to be filled with 'Wonder and Delight!' and it was! Including a last-minute cancellation of a standing meeting at the end of the day, and a surprise invitation to dinner with a friend, but the babysitter was already scheduled because of the meeting so I could go!

Yesterday I asked 'to be productive' and I was. I wrote a blog post, I rested, and I paid my bills. This includes the online renewal of my medical license (It's complicated and I had to register for a new webpage), and the completion of all the computer training requirements by my work.

My son asked for Starbucks for breakfast, their ham and cheese panini for lunch, and a movie.  We did this and Jamba Juice after school too.

The movie we saw was Pitch Perfect 2, and it was a very inspirational movie, as well as satire against the societal perception of women.   I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. I had tears on my face at the end, and Anthony kept asking, 'are you okay?' and I said, 'these are happy tears!'.

After the movie, the delight continued. Not only did we have Mrs Field's cookies (buy one get one free) and milk (I had the sprinkles!)--we sat in massage chairs where you put in a dollar to make them go while we ate them!

There also was a game store nearby, and we went in. Anthony delighted in the Magic cards--he bought single cards. And I found puzzles at fifty percent off. These are very special puzzles, and I bought some for myself and a friend.  (The images are from Spirit, and make me very happy).

I go for my completion of my certificate as a psychic and healer through Anne Reith PhD--and spirit provided me with two new decks at this place. I did a reading for myself with them, and they are wonderful. I will do one reading for the group each day, just to practice. Spirit showed me the spread, I will photograph it each day.

Growth and Healing

Here is one beautiful example of reader and Twitter team member Stacey Riley--who came up with this new series of affirmations to do every day. She gives her full permission here to share it:

I've been inspired to create a new spiritual practice following Ron Head's council post. I create I am... I create... I dedicate myself to... affirmations by drawing cards. This is an excerpt from today's...

I create… [XIX The Sun]

I create Joy
I create success
I create celebration
I create Divine energy.
I create Divine illumination.
I create warmth.
I create a connection with the Galactic Central Sun.
I create a partnership with the Divine.
I create nature.
I create an environment where all of Gaia's animals are protected.
I create a loving, joyous pristine planet.
I create growth.
I create a successful, loving life for myself.
I create great magickal energy.
I create Light.
I create Joy for all beings.
I create a world where everyone celebrates the Divine.
I create myself so that Light bursts in every cell of my being.
I create a space for myself in nature.
I create my life so LOVE and Joy, and Abundance are limitless.
I create the belief that anything is possible.
I create the I am which is limitless.
I create my life so that anything is possible.
I create a happy co-existance with my inner child.
I create LOVE, Light and Joy in all my relationships.
I create a belief that I am successful.
I create relationships so that other people are pleased for my success.
I create success so that I can Joyfully share it with others.
I create limitless abundance with Joy and celebration.
I create belief in myself, my skills and abilities.
I create sunny days.
I create a life that I enjoy fully.
I create thankfulness and gratitude for everything in my life.
I create the things which I wish to manifest with ease.

I find doing this creating great energy.

Another area of growth has been through Alexandra Meadors' Custom Remedies. The last set made for me was designed to help clear out old traumas--from abuse, sexual abuse, violence experienced in this lifetime by me. What was phenomenal about the energy work, is I felt myself connecting to Gaia in this clearing...I could 'sense' old energy 'debris' coming off Her in chunks, old dead gray eggshell-shaped pieces, that were literally falling off and falling away.  It was similar to taking old rusty material off a boat that was covered in barnacles, and making it like new again in the dry dock.
When WE heal, Gaia heals! All of us! So if you are on the fence about following your inner guidance and trying something new that spirit is guiding you, why not give it a go?  Alexandra and I have worked together on my energy for years, I trust her. And this last custom series I told her to do what 'comes through' and 'feels right' for me.  I am literally delighted with the results!  Here is a link to her latest as an example--she has many remedies available and I do the 'CUSTOM' one

My Bracelet

Recently I had a BAD case of 'are we there yet' with Divine Father. I asked, 'Are we more than halfway there?'   YES. 'Are we more than three quarters there?'  YES.

Actually we are nine tenths there, He said.

And he promised me a bracelet! To design one for me.

Well...between us...I was so busy I had to wait a week! It seemed like eternity. But last night I sat and had the time to make it.

His advice was 'take out everything PINK' you have. And he told me to put them all together in a pile, two of these beads, four of those beads...mixing natural gems with conch shell and swarovski crystals...

Inside I was thinking, 'This is a MESS! How is it ever going to look nice?'  because when I work with Divine Mother, there are patterns that are regular. With my Higher Self, there is very much symmetry and sacred geometry...but with Dad? I was like, 'everything but the kitchen sink!'

He wanted a toggle closure that was 'made in India'...the only one was a heart of silver. The wire is silver too...

And the result? It's GORGEOUS!!! The energy is amazing. And I sense He really enjoys having a girl so he can give me the pink and the sparkles...

Here it is:

Yikes! Technical challenges. Perhaps it's not meant yet to be shared?


I love you.

I love each and every one of you, just like I love my Carla!

You are a part of me, and I am a part of you.

I am in Heaven, and I love all the people who are on Earth...

Even the 'could be a LOT nicer ones'...

All of us are family.

And EVERYONE has 'one of those' in their family, do they not?

And family is family.

I love my Carla a little more romantic than the rest, but at the core of my heart, my heart-to-heart connection and my devotion to her--my Oneness--your heart is just the same to me.

All of us are like this, up here (he gestures, and everyone around him nods in agreement--ed)

So from all of us, to all of you, you are special, and precious to us--no matter how many implants or negative attachments have stuck themselves on you like a bunch of barnacles!

To you, we offer 'dry dock' services (gestures to the Light Boxes and healers to help us, all are WITH Our Best Interest At Heart--ed)...

Ask...and help will be given.

Lady Gaia Sophia had a conversation with Divine Father and us the other day--she talked about learning to walk as opposed to learning to manifest, and the soul experience of the prospect of having to learn it. For in walking, people are not falling once they have mastered it. This is all the child can see around them--Look! Everyone walks! I want to walk!  So the falls are kept in perspective, as a part of the progress to learn. What was pointed out was that our Ground Crew just can't SEE everyone walking properly (the ability to manifest)--and all they experience is the FALLING, and it hurts!

So Divine Father agrees, along with all of us, for all inhabitants of Gaia--whether they know it or not, or are 'spiritual' or not--to have ONE POSITIVE EXPERIENCE with manifesting each day--as a given, in order for them to 'figure it out'.  If they are good Manifestors already, they will be given an EXTRA one, to be fair.

So what have you got to lose?

From all of us to all of you,

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla