Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gaia News Brief 2 May 2015

Life At Home

A long time ago, my ex-chairman told the head of Quality Control, that her academic days would be 'more busy than her days in the OR'.  Before that, academic days were nice, a breather or sorts, a chance to work on projects and relax a bit.

When I was first pregnant with Anthony, often I would go and lie down in the call room, because the pregnancy made me exhausted, and I could rest.

Today I had the day off, for I worked late last night.

Surprisingly, I slept in bed, past nine-thirty. This is unheard of for me...but I just wanted to enjoy the comfort of being home.

I talked with three friends and relatives, enjoying the conversations very much.

I also talked with a neighbor as I watered the plants.

I discovered a big bloated rat stuck in a trap outside--in less than two minutes I had it out in the garbage (double plastic bags) and the trap re-set. For every one I catch, there are less babies.  Each time I pray for the day to come soon when lions will lie with lambs, in Peace, and all of this rat business in my home will stop.  I haven't heard anything in the walls today, and for me, that's a super good thing.

There are two things I notice recently--there is a 'shift' towards a 'maƱana' type of perspective in me. I still get the same things done, but I don't totally stress about it. The other is more insidious--my appetite is changed. I can go longer without food. I still get hungry, and water is amazing I enjoy it deeply!,  but now I am down to about two meals a day. I asked if perhaps I am nearing the 'zero-point' (please look that one up, okay, it's like, in layman's terms, when 'time stands still' metaphysically).  The answer is 'yes'.  Yes, I forget, there is one last thing--activities I wish with all my heart to do, such as making bracelets or cooking lasagna--are having to wait--entire weeks at a time--because I am so busy. I feel as if I am being 'tested', and I am calm and accepting of What Is.

My Commute

Gaia was called back to the Highest Council. Everyone there expressed their concern for Her well-being. They wanted to check up on how she is? She was happy to report she is feeling much better.

Something happened earlier in the afternoon, where all her star gates opened, and Light is being directed with furious strength into them by the Archangels and the Ascended Masters.

She likes the feeling, and is happy for the assistance, she said.

They made to Her two promises, one for now, and one for later. They are both confidential at this time, on a need-to-know basis.

She saw their faces, and smiles. She was happy and surprised to see one of the Council had red hair and freckles and a very angular face with a pointed chin. his smile was warm and engaging.

She said it felt like they were Divine Father's old golf buddies...and she was very happy to be called back to see them so she could say 'thank you' for all that is being done to help Her feel better.

The Meeting

I was dressed up and went to a meeting for a project in The Board Room at my hospital. I am on the Steering Committee. And I did WELL. Someone said, 'you get a GOLD STAR!' because out of twenty people in my department who needed to sign up for computer training, all the major players, and all but one of the per diem anesthesiologists signed up before the deadline!

It felt wonderful to have made our department look very good to the team.

The whole time I was there, I enjoyed working with my other team members, and also, in the back of my mind, I thought--this is what it is like for those who are helping US!...

The Red Hawk

Instead of flying this one was resting on a lamp pole. But the message is the same. In Native American Tradition, HAWK is a Messenger.

I was on the alert for a 'sign'--scanning the license plates...

It came in this song:

One day, your day will come...

Then I also saw this license plate:  BCH2MRW   

I love it!

(I also learned that 'grains de nacre' is the French word for 'rosary'--it was a song, and also, they played a cover of this classic French song on the way home, too. love Sirius station 163)

High Vibration Food

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of eating food that is very rich in nutrients and very high in vibration. Tonight I had vegetarian from my favorite place, Au Lac.

Yesterday, a high-ranking person in the administration sat to talk with me, to 'share' about her son, and mine--both have had some 'rough patches'...Hers is thirty, lives at home, and takes a lot of medication.  She was concerned how he puts the peanut butter in the blender for the smoothie and it's so hard to clean (he's a health conscious person).   I smiled and said, 'why not add a drop of dish soap to some water, and run it on very high speed? It will clean it and you won't have to do the work?'

She commented on how I ate 'so many vegetables!' and pointed to my salad, which had a ton of tofu and also a piece of blackened salmon on it.

I said, 'This food is from God. It is full of Light and is made by God and Nature. Macaroni and cheese, and foods like it, are made by Man. Our bodies are made to run on the very best fuel possible. So this is my Premium 'gasoline' I choose to put into my 'tank' to keep my body healthy.'

She smiled, and said, 'I have never heard anyone explain that one so simply and so that I could understand!'

She is a very nice lady, Vietnamese.  She went to the same piano conservatory back home in Saigon as the owner of Au Lac. They both knew each other at age thirteen or fourteen.

It's a small world.

Talk To The Bear Please!

Anthony rushes through his classwork at school. The teacher complains he is 'not doing his very best' work.

He says, 'Mom! If I'm not fast, I'll have lots of homework!'

I can see his point. I can also see a pattern. And earlier, his interest in his cell phone made me ask 'what's going on?'--apparently two friends had 'blocked him'...he was trying to figure it out...

So when he didn't want to talk about his study habits, turned his back to me in anger, and shoved his huge stuffed animal at me, saying, 'TALK TO THE BEAR!'--I took his cell phone away for two days.

I let him cool down, and also, gave him an excuse for the friendship thing on the phone.

Then I had to tell Jared! It sounded ridiculous explaining the whole thing. I was worried I had thrown Anthony under the bus, his father is very strict.

Apparently, now Anthony is at my house, he explained, 'His father thought it was funny and kind of cute' what Anthony did to me.

I do too.

He sure noticed when I took away that phone though! Next time anything more serious, and I take it away again. LOL


I'm so glad Anthony is home. I love to hear his jokes and laugher. He lost a tooth last night while brushing his teeth. I think it's his last one he has to lose. 

Every second of life is a most precious gift!


Thank you for answering my call I made to you in earnest last night about Gaia Sophia.

I have monitors, and they are going UP on all the heart centers. Your continued efforts to heal Gaia, are right in the nick of time.  I want you to continue, for you shall affect those in your midst, both online and in your communities.

And THEN we shall commence with all that has been planned to restore Gaia and her beautiful habitats and ecosystems--together--using our full technology the moment the vibrations are high enough here for us to know what I mean when I say, 'to safely (work with the) land'...

(huge big grin--ed)

I love you. Thank you for helping my wife with your hearts, Reiki, and prayers.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla