Friday, April 3, 2015

The Plan: Healing Requests With Doctors With Reiki

Hello. Yesterday I alluded to the coming up of a 'plan' to suit everyone with the Doctors With Reiki Healers Team.

First I will give some background into the things were 'before':

  • All Reiki Healing Requests were honored when made directly to the page.
  • The preferred method was for a Request to be made through personal contact to me, through my private messages.
  • I would respond to the request. Due to 'permission', I would make a clarifying message to the individual making the request, to be sure their intention was to show it on the internet to our group?
  • I would edit the request, for clarity of the written word.
  • I would copy the photo, and then repost it, if it was included.
  • Every request, I would 'like' every comment made by people who sent healing to the individual seeking help.
The good part of this is it increased the cohesiveness of the page, it fostered camaraderie, and my energy signature (and Ross' too) was in every single request.

However, some Requesters would get mixed up on the procedure, and add their post to the page. Due to FB, many times as admin I was never notified of these often very urgent requests! Once I found these, I would 'share' them with the group.  The difference is being viewed and responded by less than fifty people with five responses; when I 'shared' it by uploading the request to the newsfeed, hundreds and more would be involved, up to the full five thousand 'likes' we are approaching on the page.

This gave a 'grass roots' feel to the page, which was very welcome and enjoyed by most members of the group.

This took a lot out of me.

Out of my sense of responsibility and urgency of the requests, I would do this during my work hours, to the detriment of my employer's perception of me; I was involuntarily put into part-time work because of this perception.

Archangel Michael himself came up with the idea for Team Doctors With Reiki. His idea was for the 'page to run itself' using Higher Dimensional 'leadership', by appealing to the highest good of the Healers.

The GOAL of this page is for people to create their own 'Healing Exchange'--with the ease of format to focus ONLY on the requests, and nothing more.

This is where the vision of Ross and myself came in.

This is why there are 'rules'.

On some other groups, 'people can talk about ANYTHING' and there are other things posted besides the healing--some busy readers were concerned about the format on the original Doctors With Reiki page as having 'too much to sort through' to 'get to the meat' of the healing requests.

So for example, let us call those who like to heal with 'creativity, emotions, on a grass-roots level with no restrictions on anything whatsoever from the heart'--'The Sirian Healers'.  

Furthermore, let us call those who like to put all their concentration on focus on the healing alone, within a structured framework of very few 'rules'--keep the Requests first in mind always, do not post graphic photos of injured people or animals, do not advertise or self-promote--let us call these individuals -- 'The Pleadian Healers'.

Apparently, as healers, what I have found, is that the two don't mix well together in our prototype Higher D environment.  Resentment builds. People say things behind each other's backs. And no one dares to confront me on this issue.   Long story short--Duality rears its ugly head--no matter how much Reiki I send to the healers, many of whom have the benefit of free healings twice daily, with free Reiki attunements, free videos, and new Reiki symbols, as well as the blog for five years!

As a collective we just can't seem to put ourselves aside enough to 'make the jump' all the way to 5D.


How many times did it take to invent the electric lightbulb?

So for the past three days, I went back to the drawing is the result:

  • Please post all requests to Doctors With Reiki Original page.
  • I will not 'share' every single post like I did before.
  • It will be up to the readers to respond as they like to each post--there are no restrictions whatsoever on the creativity on the healer's part.
  • Please know that all posts and responses here are 'public' and 'on the internet'
  • I will stop by and check when I am able, but my contribution to this will be less than it was 'before'. This is as both Ross and Michael advise me so I may focus on my growth and the new horizons for all of us ahead.

  • All requests will be screened by a team of three administrators for clarity of the written word.
  • All people who ask to join the group will be approved by one of the three administrators
  • This will create a sacred environment for those who wish to focus upon their skills as healers to appreciate the vulnerability and trust shared by those who request Reiki, and to honor it first and formost at all times.
  • People who make requests and wish to follow the thread may join Team Doctors With Reiki.
  • We ask for all 'rules' to be respected as this is a sacred space.
  • Since the group is closed, all requests will be strictly private. 
  • All requests made here will have greater visibility to the healers, and all healers will be able to know what requests are current so their healing efforts will be directed at the requests in real time.

Either way, you are invited to 'play' with the Sirian Healers and the Pleiadian Healers--you are welcome on BOTH the original Doctors With Reiki page, as well as the Team Doctors With Reiki  group.

If you find your healing is easier to concentrate without distractions, I recommend spending time with the Team Doctors With Reiki, who are a marvelous group.

If you find your healing is more genuine when unrestricted, I recommend you spending time on the Doctors With Reiki page itself.

Both Sirian Healing and Pleiadian Healing have much to offer to the world of those who suffer...

At Doctors With Reiki, your contribution is appreciated, and valued. No matter how you choose to server others with your healing skills, you are making the world a better place!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla the Reiki Doc

P.S.   I 'sense' we are going to have much more interest in the work we are doing, in time. I have reflected on this, and am preparing us for 'what's next' as we gain new people to our teams...Ross is helping with this too, as well as Michael.  Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Raphael as well as KootHoomi give their support too. As well as Mikao Usui.