Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gaia News Brief 13.4.2015

There Is A Subtle Shift

A very strange sequence of events happened once Anthony came home from his fathers weekend custody visitation.  We were both starving, and I took him to our local Outback, where we know the owner.

We enjoyed our meal, and also, talking with Mike about being a Twin. His brother, Mark, is identical to him.  They wore the same clothes when their mom would let them. But as they grew older, they chose different friends and different sports to develop their own personalities.

He regrets this, and wishes that he had spent more time with his Twin, because they could have really developed their own sports more...

They always shared a room. And they are close but 'don't need to call every day because they are guys'...

I got a call from someone I Skype regularly, and wasn't exactly available, but planned to talk after the meal.

When I got home I was overcome with sleepiness. I went back to my bed. There was no alcohol in my system. You see, the other Lightwkrker was just going to sleep in their time zone.

I felt MANY downloads of energy, and I slept solid for ninety minutes.  I was in a deep sleep when Anthony woke me up to go to the gym to play basketball.

This is where my life really gets strange--I needed to 'do' many things to keep the house running. I had planned a nice soup and fresh bread from the machine for dinner. I had to say, 'Anthony, if we go to the gym, I won't have time to cook dinner, it will have to be very light'.

So we went to the gym. I enjoyed the workout. I have a pink basketball, NCAA official. I also did fifty sit ups and stretches.

I realized that for some, spiritual development is an exercise for them, which is a struggle, just like doing the sit ups is for me for my physical exercise...and both exercises are 'good for you'...

We bought groceries for dinner on the way home...and HERE is the subtle shift...

'It can wait'.

I didn't freak out over the frozen things. I got them into the freezer but I didn't panic like always. I took my time.l

I let Anthony eat, and I prepared my dinner as I put the groceries away. He wanted a sandwich, and I didn't. I had two hot dogs. With the bun and everything on it. I microwaved them.

There wasn't any stress.

He asked for a yogurt and for more milk...I got it with a smile.

And then--after watching the trailer for the movie Super Fast--the whole length movie started to play for free on YouTube:  click here to watch the movie spoof of Fast and Furious

Ross had told me not to worry, to relax and to enjoy. To have a glass of wine (more Vouvray!)  And after dinner, we had a little easter candy. Anthony has some of his rabbit chocolate, and I ate some of my sister's gift of cotton candy to me.

Again there was NO STRESS. There is laundry to do, pets to feed...Anthony to shower...and it all WORKED OUT.

Anthony complained of a stomach ache. I sorted it out, and got the bucket to be next to his bed...

But there is NO STRESS.

Ross showed me a new bracelet to make for Anthony. Ross had told both of us it's time. Ross showed it to me. So after I tucked Anthony in, I made it. I also found my little special pouch I keep in my scrub pocket with my danburite and morganite in it. It's from India, and has a sequin elephant on it and little bells. Ross had given it to me two months ago--when I was remembering our happiness from the times we spent there.

It is late and I wake up before dawn. But Ross asked me to write. And there is NO STRESS.

My body feels wonderful, and rested. My hair is beautiful from Ed. The laundry is washing. The pets are fed. I have bills to pay, but tomorrow is just as good. I know my assignment for work tomorrow.

There is NO Stress!

One More Thing

Because I am all over the internet, some people who don't know my work (our work--sorry Ross!) are starting to contact me.

They have some offers--a book, jewelry, wanting me to help them do angelic art animation, giving an interview.

I go by the energy signature.

All of these are very much 3D.

It ranges from 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' to 'I'll hook you up with Dr. Oz's Reiki Team'... (BTW I have already met him, during a TEE conference in San Diego in 2002. He showed me how to dissect a pig heart.)

I have no office, no website (I have a domain but I haven't built it), no business cards. I don't teach. I could if I wanted to, I just don't feel so moved to go do it like I had before...

The part that gets me is that, like the mediumship where people were struggling for 'signs' from their deceased...and wanting something 'tangible' through the medium...even that was a 'business'. For thirty dollars you get a 'chance' at a reading. And not everyone gets one. So you are given a scroll and a stone or crystal for your thirty dollars and a chance to watch readings being done.

How are the people who interview me going to understand who I am and what I do?  That I have brought Galactic Reiki and Agarthan Reiki to earth plane and shared it for free? (no Holy Fire extra courses here for a fee! LOL)  How will 'medical reiki' teams who send volunteers into hospitals without compensation for their healing work understand that with Ross we are given, as a team, wonderful new Reiki symbols every day?  Where will they show the scientific peer-reviewed evidence based medicine studies on the Divine Healing Codes?  How about the ebook, Messages From My Patients--mediumship throughout my career from those who I have cared for who have died--which is a gift to humanity?

How will they market a movement like this?

I don't want my face on a tea towel.

I don't want action figures of Anthony, me and Ross.

I don't want Doctors With Reiki tee shirts to be marketed.

I want people to love Creator with all their heart and mind and body and soul!!!

I want people to heal their low self-esteem and see themselves for the magnificent beings they are.

I want people to enjoy me while I am here. And I don't want them to wait for hours or buy tickets to see me, and Ross, when he shows up, if he ever does.

I want our Galactic Brothers and Sisters to SEE that a Galactic can indeed survive the density of duality/3D, and emerge 'unscathed' with all their heritage and birthright (ESP, manifestation, and the rest of the gifts of spirit) INTACT.

I want healing to be more in harmony with Nature, and who we are...and less heroics and expenses and pills.

I want us to be able to enjoy our creation--our being alive!--with all the wonder and joy that one can experience...their whole lives through.

I want to help people to find their way the higher vibrations...any way I can...without being a 'product' for some marketing whiz to 'whip up'...

I want to BE...holding hands with all of the team...when the curtains go up...and it's time for the big show...

whenever that may be.


Did you like the movie?   (he's SO happy--and very relaxed--and eating handfuls of popcorn).

I think everyone should watch it.

It's really good.

(he waves good bye)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla