Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gaia News Brief 7.4.2015

This is the 'Feeding the Soul' edition <3

It's Spring Break. I'm post-call. I just spent a TOTAL Ferris Bueller day off with my boy and my mom, making memories to last a lifetime.

Like Ferris says, 'Sometimes you just have to take a look around or else life passes you by'...

We began the day with a message from Our Lady, the first in 2015:  http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2015/04/a-message-from-our-lady-april-7-2015.html

I also saw this:

And at the home page for my old elementary school--I saw this:

Guidelines for Success

Greet everyone with a smile

Respect yourself and others

Attempt your best each day

Never give up

Take responsibility

       Eagles Soar to Success!

(LOL! I didn't even know we had a mascot!)  We were thinking of stopping by the 'old neighborhood', but then mom said the neighborhood is unsafe (that's why we moved in the first place).

My first prayer I ever created by myself, was this, the one I said every single night:  Dear God, please don't let us have any fire, theft, robbery, burglary, fire--or EARTHQUAKE!

I grew up in North Long Beach, on Poppy Street, and my first elementary school was Grant on 64th street.

Finally I saw this, and I copied it exactly from FB--Thank you Laura--I hope it's okay with you that I share and give you credit?

Resurrection Message from SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean - 7th April 2015
Dear ones, we come forward again today with a new message. We wish to tell you more about the Sirian culture and history.
Many Sirians were connected with your Atlantis and Lemuria, but with your Ancient Egypt as well. We worked a lot on healing humans through sound and crystals on Lermuria and on Atlantis.
Later on, when those two civilisations joined with the South America and with Ancient Egypt, we helped our friends settle among the natives of those colonies. Many of us helped build temples and pyramids, and we also helped develop healing and medical treatments there.
In time, our friends died, and we left Ancient Egypt and the South American continent.
One of the main traditions that we helped develop there was the process of mummification. We did this because it is possible with our technology to bring back to life any living being from their cell and tissue. We helped with the mummification of our Lemurian and Atlantean friends, so that at a later time, these would be brought back to life, when history needed their input perhaps.
The teaching of mummification was later on copied by priests, and duplicated to royalty and to important humans, or cats. This was not done with our direct approval and a few things were misunderstood, however, it is possible to resurrect the mummified beings with our technology.
We use this technology to some extend on Sirius for various reasons, such as replacing old bodies with new and younger bodies, once we have lived in our original bodies long enough, and if our family still requires our presence in their life, then we can extend our existence up to the point when there is very little desire for us to remain within this particular life, and the soul just wishes to re-join Creator and later on move on into a different learning experience on our planet or on a different planet.
We also use this technology in the GFL when someone has been hurt or killed, or when an accident has happened. We also use it to maintain the database of our ground crew, so when their Earth mission is over, we can recreate their original bodies for them in this manner. We preserve those bodies for a certain amount of time, but sometimes, it is easier to only keep some tissue samples and cells, in order to save space and energy on our ships for the duration of their mission on Earth, which can take several reincarnations for our ground crews.
Our ground crews are very committed to their Earth mission, and would not leave without having made an important contribution to the Earth’s Ascension, so they would chose to incarnate until their mission has been brought to completion.
Easter in many ways reminds me of the resurrection technology that we use, this is the reason why we wanted to share this message with you at this time.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish you a wonderful time of awakening
Thank you
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

Here is one more channeled message I'd like to share:  http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com/2015/04/bob-fickes-message-from-sananda.html

Yes--It's Sananda.  Surprisingly, he mentions he is BOTH Buddha and Jesus, which surprises me because I doubt very much the author reads my work, and I shared this about one month ago.

It sounds like this message is meant for the third-grade reading level--both in reading skills and in spiritual sophistication. If Sananda is in fact who he says he is, then there is reason for me to not say any more, as I would be kicking myself, essentially, so I will stop.

More power to ya, Sananda! Go channel anywhere you like! I've got a full plate here! LOL

Picking oranges is very important to mom. She can't pick them. I spent the night at her home for the past two nights because of my work and it being Spring Break for Anthony. So in the fresh morning, I picked five bags. This time, was a first--I picked the lowest ones by hand, instead of taking the fruit picker stick.  I wanted to feel the tree and the fruit. (I also put lots of Reiki into the tree!).  I took the bags to the neighbors, as apparently, one told the others that 'mom likes soup'--so to repay them for their kindness, and return the containers, mom gave bags of oranges to them.

Anthony wanted Mc Donald's for breakfast. I was going to eat yogurt, but mom wanted the Deluxe Platter. So I got a burrito and the oatmeal too. We eat in the living room, and watch the T.V.  There was an episode about gold mining that was not very interesting. I don't like those mines that go so deep.

Anyhow, I got to excuse myself to take a phone call. I sat in the sunshine and talked.

After this we took off on our adventure to all the old places Mom liked to go. She no longer drives. She had her handicapped placard for the parking. And we went from one place to another, having fun.  We saw the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden.

I had asked Ross to please help me find the right restaurant for our lunch?

He whispered, 'Kinokawa'-- my Twin, he knows me so well! And also, my life story. THIS was the place Father loved to go. And they went with my Aunt and Uncle. I wasn't sure if mom would be ready (he's been gone five years now)...she was thrilled. Apparently she used to take my nana Angelina there too, often. And nana never complained about the food she had--even though she was Italian and this was Japanese. Mom said she always ate the food!

We told the staff we had been going to the restaurant for over thirty years, as a family, and it was now my son's first time.  They had ramune soda he loves. He said, 'Mom? This is the FIRST Japanese restaurant I have ever been that has ramune!'  (We are close friends with a Japanese husband, Singapore wife, and their two children who went to Anthony's school--that is how we learn of curry, ramune, Mitsuwa market, and Daiso)

We did two more adventures after this, much to everyone's delight!  Mom loved listening to KRTH-101.1, and she really truly did have the day of fun she has been waiting for since a long long very long time.

She is a cancer survivor.

I have been counting my blessings for three days now--she is healthy. She watches Anthony. She still has the home where I grew up, and I can go inside, and be welcome. She challenged me hard in spirit, growing up, with her temper, her rage, and her 3D mentality. And yet, as she said today, as she hugged me while we saw a plane taking off from the local airport--'I loved you since you first came out'...and she did.

Sometimes people want to be loved the way they want to be loved.

Sometimes people forget that the person is doing the best they can,  loving YOU the only way they understand, and about the most their heart can love...does this make sense?

Mother helped me take all the lessons I needed and wanted--piano, horseback riding, gymnastics, baseball, and my other sports.  She helped the family to pay my living expenses while I was in college--I bought my books and paid my tuition--they paid my rent. Daddy didn't want to pay my way, but mom stood firm. And it wasn't easy for them to pay almost as much as a house payment for me...

I sleep so well in that house. Knowing mom is there, and I once was a kid...at the front door when I was carrying things to the car, I almost felt my old boyfriend Tom and being sixteen again...what happy memories there are...when you stop and reflect on it.

We came home--Anthony and me. And we did another first--we went to the gym and worked out for two hours!  Basketball, stretches, a stair thing, and bicycle. We each did twenty sit-ups, too, with the other holding the feet.

I have an account that keeps track of my workouts, and my favorites. At the end, Anthony signed up for himself, too.  He gave a password as he made his login, and it wasn't accepted...he paused...he wrote one we use for our computers, then he paused and erased it...Ross gave him the password!  And Ross' special number too.

I can't believe Ross would care so much to hang around with us at the gym, but he DID!

He really, truly IS always with us!  Whether I know he is, and am paying attention, or I am not.

I feel so loved!

I lit a candle for him tonight. They have some with his face on it.  It's a tall votive. I lit it to let him know the fire in my heart it is always burning for him too.

Family is important. And I will always give thanks for this day.


I want you to know there exists a kind of love many of you have never experienced...while you are awake.

There is more of you 'already home' than you think. Many of you are present with us in our teams and our councils. You are not avatars, you are YOU. Both your future you, and your 'present' you.  Everything happens at night while you are asleep.

But if you remember, you are not able to do what you are sent to do.

Does this make sense? It is the amnesia that makes it possible for you to stay where you are, and also to move forward with your challenges and your life purpose.

It is like the mines in South Africa for the gold, where people keep extending deeper and deeper into the mantle of the earth. When they are through with their work, they go back up to the surface, to 'live their life' while they are not working. Some have a family and kids they support by their work deep in the tunnels during their waking hours.  It is somewhat like this, where you are bringing up a 'rescue' for those who are so deep within the mines they have (points to his head) 'lost it'--lost their mind, lost their way, closed their heart...and most of these would NEVER for a moment acknowledge or have faith in you, had you been glowing angelic wings before their eyes....at least, back then before you started your missions.

They are close enough that we may be more open about this at this time. For you are one of us, Carla, talk to them about your moldavite...

C:  I bought two pieces at the invitation by Divine Father. They arrived today. The energy was familiar, home. In my hand I held the remnants of a prototype for Earth, called Sirius B. It blew up. This was a tragedy of epic proportions, as this was non-accidental 'trauma' to a planet. The dark ones did it.  So I took my Seal of Solomon Ring, and I touched it, the moldavite pieces which interlocked in an amazing way, and I cleared all of the memories, the trauma, and the demons in all timelines, in all dimensions, in all possible realities, that were connection with the loss of Sirius B. A great energy flowed through me. I held this for a long time. Then I gave the Christ Consciousness Golden Light of Healing to soothe and repair what was once done to all that remains. Is that enough honey?

R:  That is enough. (he looks at you--very earnestly--ed)  I hope you will realize the significance of what has just transpired on the Earth today.  Galactic healing going UP from Gaia. And not the other way around. She repairs both herself as we speak, and shares this gift to all (he gestures in an arc overhead with both hands and looks up--ed).


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
your friends