Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gaia News Brief 18.4.2015

Miss Me?

(((Big Smile)))   If you saw this:

It was because I spent two days working on this:

The original document was in German, and then translated to English, in 2013.  Then the original document was given to me with the request to update and translate it. One day I will attach it to the link. Right now Marc is on vacation, and if Spirit wasn't pushing me strongly to publish the summary of the Tool Box I would wait for him to come home and okay it. So this is a 'soft release' . And it's from the one who brought us the Divine Healing Codes first, too, Marc Gamma, my dear friend and associate for the Light.

No Emotional Reaction

Yup.   To this:

Just between us, however?  Someone very close to MM has been given a spiritual 'assignment' with the STRICT encouragement by Blessed Mother to 'be humble' in EVERYTHING 'this time around'. It is important for my mission.... <3

Emotional Mincemeat and Mental Challenge

I was requested to permit a reiki request to Team DWR for a horrifying story of a couple who was without heat, eating one meal a day, unable to work due to disability, and failed in their efforts at 'Go Fund Me' and another online site--who suicided by carbon monoxide--together in their bed.

I gave the reiki myself.

I gave the transition symbol.

I know they are 'Awakeners'--people who accepted difficult incarnations to 'shed light' upon the way our society is uncaring, too complex, and how the general public thinks 'there is aid' when in fact this too has been cut...a lot...

Why didn't I do as requested?

Well first of all the person who requested this in in a similar situation. And I had to do a Tiger Mom on it.  The answers that you seek are deep inside the motivation as to WHY this story makes you wish to make a Reiki Request--and why there is 'affiliation' with this energy of desperation which is so very much not in 5D.

Second, Earth is a very hard school. It is not a vacation planet/incarnation. We have to support ourselves, not necessarily by 'working' in society, but by manifesting through our powers to co-create what we need to come to us.

If you give me a fish I will eat for a day; If you teach me to fish I will eat for the rest of my life...

There is the conundrum.

How do you get an incarnated spirit, who is used to having anything it desires with simply a thought 'back home'--to go through the remembering process of being able to do that very same creation act consistently enough to eat and have shelter?  (ed--this one is very similar in topic--

I asked my son, 'how much responsibility do we have for those who cannot take care of themselves?'

It was my first serious question I asked of him, giving him the ability to answer any way he pleased.  We had a nice discussion.  He said, gently, 'Mom? If these people take and keep taking then the roles will switch around, won't they?'

I didn't know.

What I DO know is that in society, we tend to help others to bring them up to our level of material comfort, but NOT with the expectation for them to surpass us in wealth....I read an article somewhere on that.

What I ALSO know is that many tend to join churches for the same reason--the mutual support--and it's worth it to 'believe' the same thing in order to experience this type of 'community'.

I did have one negative/non abundance thinking reader who 'made the switch'. I am very proud of her, for this, it's one of those 'life lessons' that isn't easy to 'get'. Now she is working with her husband, who panics over lack, and helping him to stabilize, and in time I am sure he will generate abundance and prosperity too.

What I have to offer is this--it's not just a creed--it's a lifestyle that will turn around the 'tailspin' of poverty and despair--from within. It's sort of an 'act as if' at first, but in time, these practices will help raise the vibration and train the thought mechanism to generate things and attract things of a higher vibration to the individual:

It is a very hard mind-set to break. I have had one reader who faced homelessness. We raised about four hundred dollars for him as a community. Not only did he spend it on hotel--not buying a warm sleeping bag or preparing for the inevitable--he turned around and spit on the group, verbally attacking me for not supporting him further.

I am doing the best I can as a single mother. Many of our readers are just one step away from being on the street too. I know two, one who has lived in his car, and another who has the utilities turned off.

This isn't the place to look for financial support.

And perhaps financial support isn't the long-term answer. I know in the short term it helps a great deal.

Do I know the answer why I didn't post the horrrifying story onto the TDWR? No.  I don't have an answer to the situation in general. But I pray very hard for this one individual who asked, with Ross too.

I was asked by my son incarnate, Benjamin, to help him and Sara (incarnate) with the 'archon in their website' which crashed.  I said 'yes' and asked Ross for help. Ross said his teams would be on it, it was delicate and highly technical, and it would take time, so be patient.

I got a phone call the next day. Overnight the problem resolved. And a WHOLE BUNCH of new business orders came in too, like, way more than they ever imagined possible!!!

Benjamin and Sarah say 'It's because of your LOVER, mom!' (they still feel resentment from their childhood and don't call Ross 'dad')....

So you never know what Ross and his teams can do...

This bracelet is designed by Ashtar for me.  I have been given permission to go to the Higher Realms. An official looking man in my council, a visitor, named Oren who is very tall, read the proclamation to me on Thursday morning.   In the bracelet--which is to celebrate--the blue at the top are Ashtar's eyes, and the black are his feet. And the blue on the left is Gaia, who is always close to his heart, as she is his mission to save her.  <3


When am I going to design bracelets?

I thought you would never ask!

These are some I designed for my Carla and Anthony

So Ashtar isn't the only one who has the ability to design!!!

It was decided since I am Carla's husband, our first 'official' thank you to her would come not from me--who gets the 'hi honey will you please take out the garbage?' comments in our home when we are incarnate together--but from my next-in-command who is only official with Carla as far as these things go.

I am very proud of her accomplishments, my wife and my twin.

I wish her good luck in her work today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla