Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gaia News Brief 29.4.2015

Turn It Around

Byron Katie, a recovered drug addict, who is now a motivational speaker, uses this concept 'Turn It Around'...so when people get upset over something, and mull on it over and over and over, and get unhappy, Katie will probe the emotions and say, 'Turn It Around'--so that the client switches from 'my family shouldn't treat me like this' to 'my family SHOULD treat me like this'...then the questions go further, why? why? why?

And the client experiences awareness of spiritual Truth!

The lesson is learned, and the patient is FREE of the energy of worry, and fear, and repetitive thoughts making them unhappy.

Today we are going to turn around a common perception.  This article might push some buttons in you. Please bear with me to the end.

Let's Invite Them To The Party!

Please read this article:  http://mensajesfedgalacticayashtarcommand.blogspot.com/2015/04/ron-head-you-are-creature-that-is-facet.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FPrapn+%28Mensajes+de+la+Federaci├│n+Gal├íctica+y+Ashtar+Command%29&m=1

In summary--we are ONE and as we each increase our Vibration to experience Love and Abundance and Prosperity, some to the point of absorbing karma for others--https://johnsmallman.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/love-is-vast/--we have TWO articles that say our lives are basically meant for joy and happiness.

It is the higher vibration people who are going to set the group vibration up enough so that everyone will be able to Ascend...together with Gaia...as this is the intention of the humanity 'collective consciousness'.

Here Is What Offended Me--Look for the energy behind these words:

Here Are Some Upper Middle Class Non-Americans--Look for the energy behind their words:


Doctors Without Borders--an overview (this is the link above)

Here is Jesus' Latest Teaching:


John Smallman has blogged his channeling from Jesus for the past twelve years.  I believe them.  I look forward to them each week.

With The Last Three 'topics' above, I will let you decide...on How To Handle This:

Steve. The father of a teammate of Anthony's.  We ran into them at the gym, and we talked as the boys played basketball together.

Steve, a computer programmer, lost his job. Steve is forty-nine. And although he 'gets interviews', 'they keep hiring the younger ones instead'.

He is frustrated. He was making 'good money' before his job was outsourced to India. He has four children. Now he is home 'being Mr. Mom' and he 'hates it'.

There is a daughter going away to college in the fall who has a new car but won't drive 'because she has a chauffeur'--her parents.  There is a son at a local boarding school for high school. The other two are home schooled.

The wife is fascinating. She was one class away from finishing her Speech Pathology degree, but met her husband, and asked, 'if I marry you will I have to work or will I stay home?'--now she IS working...not the best job...but a job.

Steve could work for a job that pays about a third of what he was once making. The unemployment ran out. The severance package is almost ended. The retirement fund is next.

He had to stop the guitar lessons and the basketball coaching one-on-one sessions for his son, Anthony's friend, because of the money.

It's dire.

When I asked, 'Is there anything else you can do?'  the answer was, 'I program. I have experience. But they hire younger people'.

There is a book my sister the psychology major had me once read, called, 'Who moved my cheese?'--it helped me a great deal--some people want their old 'cheese' (what made them happy) BACK. Others, go look for new 'cheese', and go through the maze to find it.

I shared how I once had a friend, who got a free membership to the gym, because her family was sponsored for Christmas. She was the one I ran to when I lost my teaching job. And I asked for aid at the preschool for the tuition. I didn't know when I would be back on my feet.  She let me know the resources, and how to stay calm and focused, over a cup of tea while our two boys played.

It happens to everyone, and to more people who are mid-career, than you might think.

Here are the tough questions:

  • Energetically, how close is Steve to 'rock bottom', the place where 'what you've been doing isn't working for you' and 'the motivation is found'?
  • What will make Steve try something new?
  • Is Steve still in the grieving process (he and his wife had thought hard work a full career would lead to a successful retirement)?
  • How much should the children pitch in? Should they be 'protected' from the situation?
  • Where are the true gifts money can't buy? (for example, health, children...)
  • How much pressure is Steve putting on himself to be 'the breadwinner' in this situation?
  • What effect, if any, is my listening, my energy, my Reiki to his Guardian Angel--going to have on the situation?
  • As a society, especially a society of energy healers, how do we balance 'the lesson and the life script' with 'the material needs' and 'the energy of the situation'?


You cannot hide from the sun.

You cannot avoid suffering.

Your life is a bouncing back and forth between the Illusion of Joy and Pain, the Separation from Source, and from me--as the many legends that have been taught about me, and my 'teachings'.

What have I taught you?

What have I taught you as a member of this group, who listens to Carla just as much as to what I say and do for advice to you?

That everything is balanced.

That everything is beautiful and perfect, just the way it is.

That you are never alone in struggle--I and your guides are always beside you, so (smiles) 'pick up the phone'.

You don't have to do it alone.

You never did.

Steve told Carla yesterday that, 'I have a lot of people praying for me'...as if it didn't help.

But it does.

Carla made a quick, and urgent, request to me in silence of her heart, for Steve, and his suffering.

Ross, honey? Is there anything you can do?

She knows I know the 'whole picture'--the sum total of the karma, the life lessons, the very fibre of the soul in question itself. We work with souls, me and Carla, when she is not incarnate like she is. It's our 'thing' back where we came from, healing souls and helping them grow, to nurture them.

I told her, 'I am on it!'

Steve will find his way, both with an attitude adjustment and a feeling of accomplishment that a 'miracle' wouldn't give. It will take time, and lots of guidance for him, but he will find a solution to the predicament.

I have Archangel Nathaniel on it.  We reviewed the situation together, he and I, and he has some very appealing ideas for forward movement. 

The karma of everyone is involved, the family, not just the father. And the interaction between them all is complex. That's why it is in the expertise of Archangel Nathaniel.

How about you?

Carla asks me all the time about 'our people', 'our Ones', the ones who actively follow her--are following US?

I'll tell you a little secret:  when you are asleep, and you go up here, it is a whole other WORLD! For in your heart you are warriors of the likes of Archangel Nathaniel himself!

The best at the tricky cases, the difficult ones, the 'impossible situations' from which 'no one can recover'--and yet you do.  

You are honing your skills at this right now as we speak with this incarnation.

The Illusion is going away. And you will be all the more proud of yourselves and your accomplishments.

Thank you for thinking about Steve, and applying what is taught in this lesson. All of it. It is very important for you.

What is Jesus? What is the expectation of what He has taught? Is he me and you? Where is he? Where does he live? And why do I ask you to work with his teachings from John Smallman rather than 'what is at church'?

The fact of the matter is that everyone is at their own level of development. And those fancy car upper-middle class are doing the best they can do to be like Him.

They don't know any other way.

So I ask you, to take some time for the next few days, and reflect on what I have just said. This whole lesson, for I work with Carla closely, right at her side, as we prepare these articles for you.  Reflect on everything. And feel what warmth and awakening flows out of your heart!

Enjoy it!

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins