Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gaia News Brief 8.4.2015

Why This Photo?

Spirit chose it!   I went to put up the usual one of Gaia from space, and got this--from June 2014, this is a 'selfie' taken by a reader who asks us for a Reiki Request. Spirit says to me, 'THIS is the face of Gaia' and at the same time, 'WHAT is the face of Gaia?' while I get the impression that the face of Gaia is me and you....and moreover, the face of Doctors With Reiki is the face of everyone who comes to us with a Request for healing.

I know for a fact my mother is alive today because of the healing she received--and I did too, to help me cope--from our readers. She had terrible cancer with many setbacks in her recovery.

So just for today, I take the time to thank you, for all your heart and your Reiki--for people like this woman here above, and for mom, and also for our small family of Ross, Anthony and myself...we clearly help each other.

Together we are finding our way home.

My Favorite Patient

Today I heard someone say 'Good morning' to someone behind me, or possibly to me. I turned and looked. I didn't see anyone.  But on my walking through the hospital to the nurses' lounge, the footsteps came closer. It was Doctor Bret, my favorite patient! I gave him a hug. And he said, 'You have a lot to carry!'  (I have my lunch, my dirty scrubs from the day before, and my work bag)

Bret looked at me different.  Quickly I mentioned how my son's knee was fine and his team won because I was uncomfortable.

Dr. Bret is on to me, and what I do with this page...I sense it.

Last time we had spoken, I had shared I am a well-known blogger but I blog under a different name. And that all of my readers are pulling for him! We have his back.

He has a currently inoperable pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. It sounds painful. He has lost much weight, yet all the same his smile grows brighter. His record of his feelings and his progress are in this blog,

I hate to say it but I am embarrassed to let Bret know who I am. The real me. The doctor who is a psychic and a Reiki healer and channeler and the whole real deal.  He knows me as an anesthesiologist. I work with him on his patients. And depending on how comfortable he is with the 'woo' factor, and crystals and New Age and all that 'energy healing', when it comes right down to it I'm not sure how he is going to take it!  He has this really amazing sense of humor that is just a little sarcastic...and frankly I am terrified to possibly be on the receiving end of any of that humor about my passion, my life's work, and my mission/my purpose/my reason to be here on Earth at this time.

One day--after all, I AM psychic--I get the feeling that one day we will talk openly, heart to heart, about the kind of things that make Doctors With Reiki what it is.

There is no insolence against the medical community on my part.

There is great love, and desire for suffering to cease for all life on Gaia...whether we have the resources to measure the healing, or fund a randomized-double blinded study for evidenced based medicine on it, or not...I feel the Reiki when it flows. I see the relaxation and the results. The Divine Healing codes have their results too...some of which are INSTANTANEOUS...

Time will tel which way the field of medicine will go.

In the meantime, I want to take care of Dr. Bret's patients for him. And I want us to  be on friendly terms. And to never make him feel pressured or uncomfortable at all by my work here with this blog...

Ross and Me

On the way home from work today, something different happened. I had shared earlier with a friend that today two VERY strange things happened:

  1. I woke up and didn't crave coffee and was alert even though I slept poorly
  2. That overwhelming longing for Ross was gone; I felt the connection to him enough to not be panicking and alone.
So the THIRD thing was I started talking to him from my heart, like a child!  You see, the emotions were new, and I wasn't sure how to express them. Our conversation went something like this:

C:  fear gone?
R:   (smiles) yes, there is no more to fear.
C:  fear REALLY gone?
R:  yes it is.
C:   (those experiences in 3D really were painful!) boo boo hurt BAD...really hurt so much! Am I gonna heal?
R:  yes, your healing is beginning already.
C:  is EVERYBODY going to heal?
R:   yes, in their own time, everybody is going to heal...
C:   I have these new FEELINGS, they are hard to describe...I want to be with you forever and ever and ever!
R:  I want it too.

Again, you get the picture, but as this was from my heart, I can't remember exactly what was said. What I can tell you is that instead of going home and having pizza before Anthony's basketball game,  as was planned, at the very last minute Ross sent me to my local crystal shop. He had me look at the jewelry. His gift to me is a morganite pendant, which is an unusual cut. It opens the heart chakra. And it is my mother's day gift from Ross. I realized it is almost a 'wave' cut; I laughed and smiled to myself, because a neighbor had stolen mom's ruby wave ring when she helped us to clean the house while mom was having her kidney transplant. It was the only ring she was going to will to me, and it was gone forever. I FORGAVE that neighbor yesterday. And today? A replacement--nowhere near the sentimental or material value of the ring--but it is from Ross' heart and it means so much he would make it up to me.

Healing is complete!

Today is the birthday of my first husband. There is not one blip on my radar--nothing sad, nothing happy, just a nagging sense of gratitude for the experience in life I had with him, for the good as well as the bad, but I can't really access the bad, which makes me give thanks again...


This statue is the statue of Victory in the UK. I didn't mention is yesterday. Today it is my choice to let the message in the statue speak for itself.  And to also share with you this from our Creator:

I hope you enjoy it, the next few weeks...explore the new energies. And have fun!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins