Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gaia News Brief 22.4.2015

We Press Onward!

This message will be brief today, as I have duties at my work for which I must prepare myself. I have about ten minutes.

Remember that Spiritual Life is a DRAW, a thirst, a longing...and I tend to get 'cranky' when I can't 'do my thing'.

Even this I am learning to accept with a smile.

Letting Go Of Fears

My sister Vanessa and I had a conversation about 'doing the inner work', on 'letting go of fears'.

She found these book pages...bless her...that were extremely synchronicity--

Similarly Jesus talks about 'building your house on sand' in this post:

And finally there is this message from Venus:

The Increase of Consciousness In The Lunchroom

I took notes! They are REALLY waking up at my work:

  • Rosie the RN has a hummingbird nest at her house. She was in the back yard and noticed a baby hummingbird had landed by accident in the swimming pool. She saw it was in trouble and knew it would die quick before she got her bathing suit on in the house. So she JUMPED INTO THE FREEZING COLD POOL and SAVED IT!  She had been waiting for a phone call for her husband to have her pick him up from the auto mechanic--her iPhone had been in her back pocket!  She killed her phone to save a baby bird--and it LIVED.
  • Beverly shared about a movie she had seen on YouTube. It was from asia. She didn't think anything about it--there was this cute frog blinking at the camera at a street vendor somewhere in the far east. Then, all of a sudden, the frog is dismembered before the camera--head off, arms and legs severed, entrails removed, and reassembled quickly into a pile, with the head on top, with the eyes still blinking. Then a woman with chopsticks eats the legs...Beverly was DEVASTATED! She couldn't get over the horror! And she hopes that this type of mistreatment of animals 'for entertainment' is wiped off the face of the earth.  Beverly is moved to ACT. She just doesn't know where to begin.
  • Freddie as a child, had his father take him to learn a Filipino tradition, when he was about seven. There were many goats, and his father told him to pick one. Freddie was happy that he would get a could imagine his horror when the men took the goat he had selected, and took a blow torch to the hair while it was ALIVE. Then they slashed the throat, collected the blood--so they could sell it. Then before his innocent eyes, they chopped the goat up.  It was the barbecue that night, a Filipino delicacy. And Freddie broke ways with his cultural heritage right then and there, in his heart, on this topic. He refused to eat the goat, and ever since. His wife is also not Filipino...
  • My sister and I were in the back yard at my Nana Angelina's house. I was about seven, Christi, five. My Nannu Filippo came home with two rabbits. He was holding them funny, by the back legs. We too thought he had bought for us pets.  As we came closer to see the beautiful creatures, Nannu did a karate chop on their necks, in the back, and the rabbits stopped moving and started throwing up lots and lots of blood.  We were HORRIFIED! We immediately ran to the bedroom and locked ourselves in the closet, before he would do the same thing to us!  We didn't come out without a lot of coaxing and explaining from our mother, who gently and kindly said that Nannu is a good person, and people EAT rabbit back home in Italy. He thought this was a special treat for the family. He was very sorry he frightened us and wanted to make sure we knew he would NEVER do a thing like that to us again. No more rabbits to eat. He kept his promise until the day he died.

I see more vegetable and healthy meals in the break room.

It is wonderful to see and feel my friends and coworkers 'waking up'.

Now it's time to go take care of our pets!

I love you so very much!


Carla  got two Reiki Symbols this morning. They are important. I want you to use them every day until--until you know everything is finished and we are on our way...The first is Super High Energy which I let Carla jokingly call 'Warp Speed' because it looks like a special effect in the movies. The other is 'Our Love', our special gift from both of us to you.

You will find them on FB and Twitter in a few minutes, then later tonight Carla will place them here.

Aloha nui loa and Namaste,

Ross and Carla