Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gaia News Brief 12.4.2015

Our Lesson As A Group

  • From Creator today
  • From 'random' stuff on my newsfeed  (being left while in the nude during a pregnancy massage at your house with the father of your baby pretty much 'takes the cake' in the DISCARD category--doesn't it?)
  • Ross had me get my haircut, highlights, and go to Sephora for some new makeup for summer.  He said eye shadow, mascara, lipstick (even though I have favorite brand is Sugar)
  • I also got a new fragrance--I adore fragrances--it's by Fresh company too.
  • Jared is coming home with Anthony. While doing dog-walking work on Friday, during spring break, the boy found a basketball. He was DELIGHTED. Because his father picked him up, he saw it. And instead of congratulating him on his good luck, he said, 'You have too many you should give it to the poor'.   The poor child had one adult, the dog walker, tell him to keep it, and his father says no. At least his father left it to me. There is one ball at the dad's, one at the grandma, and two with me (one indoor, one outdoor). Now he can bring the new one to school without fear of it being lost over the fence.  I'm going to ask Anthony who he thinks SENT it (Ross?)...and take him to our local Outback, where the owner is the best father figure Anthony could ever have...

Ross' Apology to Me

During my haircut, Ross was with me. And we talk. He let me know he liked our Melchizedek/Bobbee life the best of all. This was where he treated me the best. Then he dropped the subject.

I let it go.

But on the drive home, he cried and apologized to me for his dying on me so many times, in our incarnations.  He felt awful, and I was deeply moved by his emotions.

What could we have done different? I asked. I told him I accept...everything.

He said I deserved more than this. I am a good person. My love was pure for him. And to be treated like this?

I shot back, 'honey at least you never had to live a day without me...'

He replied even faster, that he is where he is, and he has had MANY such days, in a different dimension.

I held him tight, and told him I embrace EVERYTHING that ever passed between us. I forgive...

He asked me if he could try to be the one who 'stays' this time around?

I said 'of course!'  I would like it.

I asked when exactly will we meet?  He couldn't say the date, but he did say when it happens it will be in an instant, and it would be like I had never left...


YOU are a STORY. In the Human Life Experience you are both the writer and the story itself. You as a creative soul ALWAYS KEEP WRITING. You simply go from one Life Experience to the next, from one Incarnation to the next, always learning, always trying to grow. 

It is a school here, but you are more than the student.

You create the curriculum yourself. It is so much more than 'picking a major'.  You CREATE a whole new 'major' just for you;  it is independent study master thesis!  Or PhD!!!

Your choices are what and who you are.

Reflect on this.


I played this for Carla while she was at the salon taking care of herself today.  There is a message for her in the song, and also for you. 

Carla tried her best to Shazam it--but the background chatter at the facility was too much for the Shazam to overcome.

Dejected, she accepted that it was impossible.

Edmund, her beloved hairstylist and friend,  opened a small cupboard below the register, and told her the name.

Delighted, Carla asked with wonder how he knew?

Ed said, 'We have MUZAK and it tells you what each song is as it plays.'

Both Ed and Carla cracked up over this; Carla is thrilled to have the song for you and at the same time quipped, 'I NEVER thought I would enjoy listening to MUZAK'...

Here is one more from both of us to you:

this one has a message too.

From all of us to you with unlimited Love,

Ross, Carla and Anthony...