Monday, April 6, 2015

Gaia News Brief 6.4.2015

Update On Our Easter

I am at my mother's house. It is Spring Break. I have first call, and Anthony is going to stay with her while I work.

She watches CNN Live in silence.  This is her routine. I have still much work to do with her to awaken her. She adores being 'in the know' and 'informed'.

Yesterday she was shocked at how much gymnastics and yoga stretches both Anthony and I did to find the little pass code on the router so we could access WiFi in her home.  To us, this is FREEDOM, the internet.  And as you can see, we were successful even though the box is wedged between the piano and the computer desk.

She commented to me how young people these days only watch movies on their computers...and there is so much good informative programming on television, how can people miss it?

I gently explained it is the commercials. On the new ways to 'watch' there are no interruptions for the commercials, and this is why.

She was surprised! She LIKES the commercials because they give her a chance to get up, to stretch her legs, to get a snack, you get the idea...

One day all will be known, and there shall be nothing hidden.

And I must admit, if it wasn't for her habits, I would not have known a tsunami was heading for my hotel in Hawaii in October 2012. And I was ready to evacuate when the alarm sounded. I slept on the floor of a restaurant at a golf course!

I also learned that the Dead Sea Scrolls are on display, and both Anthony and I would love to go see the display...

Just like the 'yin' and the 'yang' symbol, there is always a little bit of 'good' in the darkness of controlled media, and there is also a little bit of 'darkness' in ways of the Light--as long as we are here on Earth under the Veil.

Team Doctors With Reiki

I ask for your patience as we continue to grow as a service to humanity. We are a collective of healers.

Have you ever watched a football game at halftime where a section of the crowd did 'card stunts'?  This is an example of what a collective can achieve, that is visual. For card stunts, a little card for each seat is generated by a computer program. It says what color is to be held up for each card stunt display while you are in that seat. You hold the card up when the caller announces what number stunt is going to 'go'. Then when the caller announces the next one you switch cards.

As someone in the section doing the stunts, you have no idea what is going on. You can't see it.

But for those in the rest of the stadium? The effect is awesome!  It is as if the section doing the card stunts is alive, and has a life of its own!

I was a member of the UC Berkeley Rally Committee. We were in charge of this. We had stacks of cards. We put them into the packets in the right order. We put one packet at every seat and taped the instructions to the seat. We collected the cards after the game. Many were torn into hats, or soiled with beer.  It was filthy, dirty, tiresome work to collect them. The wagons were heavy when stacked with the cards.  Our crew decided it was worth it, and did the work to make it happen for our football team and its fans.

I can't run the function of Reiki Requests alone.

Now is the time to build a foundation which is strong, and can handle a great many requests in the future.

At my right hand is the reincarnation of the very same apostle Ross said to protect me right before he died. It is the same soul who Ross said to be the son for his mother.  The energy signature is unmistakeable.

As you may recall, the apostles were not MBA's with a lot of PR skills when they joined Ross' team.

In the end they built a legacy for all of us here today to follow.

Right now, I ask for your patience and support as we work together, my two admins and me, to streamline and support the healing process with the Reiki Requests. It will take time to reach my vision, and Ross' vision too:  

  • The intent of the Request comes before the language--however, the administrators will 'edit' the Requests to conform to the needs of the page when there is doubt. 
  • The administrators will do the work and will NOT ask you to change your request or edit it.
  • If something is blatantly off-topic (advertising for sunglasses, for example! We've seen it!) it simply won't be posted.
  • The editing is to make YOU get the best RESULT, and to keep the flow of energy on the page as high as possible.
  • Requests will get the most Reiki when there is a name, a location, and a photo of the person needing the request--this is true for all Reiki pages, as healers 'send' to a 'target' and this is the clearest 'target presentation' possible.
Thank you.

Easter Joy

Things got off to a rough start. When I was a young adult, my sister bought a cat. She threatened suicide if she didn't get it. So on my visits home, I could not actually step foot into the house without getting VERY sick from my allergies.

Mother LOVED that cat, so did my other sister. So when the 'owner' sister married, the cat did not go with her.

I felt trapped and hurt. It took a great deal of growth on my part to forgive and move on once the cat has been gone now since 2002.

Well, my nephew has allergies to dogs. and the youngest sister has a pomeranian, who stays with mom enough to make the house full of allergen for my nephew, who is the son of the one who got the cat in the first place.

Now HE can't step foot into the home.

My sister told my mom on the phone something unkind because of the situation and how it affects her son. 'Don't you KNOW that he can't come in the house?!'

Mom was hurt.  She wants everyone to have a good time.

Well, I had on my arm a new healing bracelet for my sister to wear for my nephew who doesn't wear these things.

And I told mom, in her pain, to LOVE my sister.

It is the ONLY thing that will work!

Furthermore, the combination of LOVE and GRATITUDE is the strongest energy on the planet! (aloha and mahalos, anyone? --it's no accident <3 )  So use it!

Everyone had a wonderful time yesterday. Everyone was laughing. My sister's marriage is in serious trouble. But for now, just for one day, we played croquet, we smashed confetti eggs, and we ate a LOT of See's candy...and had El Pollo Loco--what's not causing allergy in my nephew.

He sparkled yesterday. (I also mentioned, with Anthony, in private, that stress in the home can cause enough harm he might wish to talk to a counselor sometime. Anthony does, and so do I, since he's a kid and that's how it works. Anthony feels better. He was afraid he would see his beloved cousin in a wheelchair...and he was able to express his emotions with his words he's learned from the counselor--so we could help him feel better about his cousin being so sick.)

Be the candle for the stones. Shine your light and your warmth around everyone you meet. This is your purpose. Remember, strongest vibration wins. Fear and Love cannot coexist at the same time. 
It is impossible.


Carla is going to prepare breakfast and go to work.

I will eat my candy (he shows an Easter basket with goodies in it--I think he is teasing us! --ed)

Up here we have our favorites too!  (he shares his basket with Ashtar--LOL! --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

P.S.   This blog post explains this Gaia Portal--if you read between the lines of both