Friday, April 10, 2015

Gaia News Brief 9.4.2015

The Bracelets And My Ascension

Yesterday I had a two hour gap, and I spent one of them on Skype with a friend who taught me how to make the bracelets.  I never in a million years thought I would be making bracelets.

I told her how surprised I am now to be able to KNOW the crystals, to deal with suppliers, to know how to shop for them as in 'what is a good deal', and to feel comfortable in this art.  I asked her, 'exactly when was that first Skype where you showed me how to make the bracelets?'--it was in January!

So in the last three months, I have been using these bracelets for myself--I have made about one a week. And I outgrow them, energetically. Each one reinforces the vibration a little more, it is like 'tightening my braces' on my teeth at the orthodontist when I was a child.  A few cranks, a new wire, and then my teeth would move until the next time. Only I am the 'energy orthodontist' for myself, and I make my own bracelets.

I vaguely remember during that first Skype, how EXCITED the Galactics were to watch both of us as I learned to make the bracelets!  At the time, I thought it was simply a new hobby. And I commented to my friend, 'what interest do THEY have in two women working with a hobby?'  For you see, I thought it was simply something to do to pass the time until we got to go home....while in reality, it IS my way home!  It helps me to step up my vibration higher and higher every week.

Yesterday was a first with the energies:  I began CRAVING certain stones!  

This is just like in 2012 when my energy system began CRAVING sunshine, and I would have to sit at least ten minutes in direct sun with no sunscreen every day.

I needed RUBY.

I wanted to make a bracelet with my fine gem-quality ruby I had bought from India. But they were tiny, and graduated stones. Then I remembered the ruby elastic bracelet I had bought at a gem show. I went to find it, and once it was on my wrist, something relaxed as the new higher vibration energy flows.

Later when I looked it up, ruby is one of the stones on the breast plate of a High Priest...

But that wasn't enough.

As luck would have it, there had been a sale at Fire Mountain Gems...and I bought many strands of 'nugget' style beads in their more natural state.  I was guided to use the following combination:  prehenite (phrenite), golden obsidian, and ice crystal.  Something deep in me needed to 'connect' and to 'ground' in an elemental way to Gaia. It was guttural.  Basically these two bracelets are on my arm, and the energy is wild.

I also bought recently some crystals, most notably, a Sirian Fire Crystal. I slept with that one next to my heart center. Already I wear a necklace of moldavite, phenacite, and Danburite so you have an idea of the amount of energy I like to hold. I have moldavite on my ears too. So if these bracelets feel 'just right' and the Sirian Fire Crystal which is incredibly strong as my 'night cap' to help me sleep, you have a notion of just how much energy is going through my system at this time.

I have not had a sense of 'urgency' for at least a year now; I used to have 'urgency' to awaken others, then it calmed.

Today's 'urgency' I am struggling to describe is like my fingers are just barely holding on the the edge of a cliff, and I am pulling myself UP by all my might to safety, and I have one leg up over the top and I am ready for that last big PUSH and to flop onto the solid ground...

This SaLuSa meshes with the whole idea nicely too:


While energetically my consciousness is on overdrive, I am 'awake' enough to realize what a gift I have right now in being unknown.

I may travel freely to the grocery store, I may go to amusement parks, I may work with my patients unhindered by the crowds that must have been part of my Galactic Experience.  Vaguely, I recall them enough to breathe a sigh of relief that 'it hasn't happened yet' and I may enjoy the freedom that being a nobody has to offer.

Just like with my bracelets--which clearly must have been a skill my soul has used for healing for should have seen how as a child I wanted jewelry, not dolls, and greatly enjoyed the energies of my mothers onyx ring she gave me in the fourth grade. And later, I wore emerald, diamond, and my birthstone, ruby. All were very small stones suitable for a junior high school student, but they were exceedingly precious to me, for their energy was just as important as the jewelry itself...

So on a deep level, I am remembering who I am, although I am aware of 'who' I am it is moving from a 'fact' to a 'memory' just like the bracelets went from 'passing the time' to a 'passion and interest' all of my own.

Ross and our Relationship

Yesterday I thanked him for being such a good father to Anthony.

He was startled, and confessed, 'You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say those words'...

I was taken aback, for I had meant them from my heart! Had I hurt his feelings?

You see, with the timeline splicer and partial amnesia, I have progressed to the point where our past unhappiness doesn't exist in my soul; I can't recollect it. Perhaps, just barely.

All I remember is with Ross as 'some guy' at Blessed Mother's side waking me up at five in the morning at Diamond Head, in the W hotel, asking me if I would like to have a baby?

At the time, I said, 'If it helps God, then, yes.' for although it was my dearest wish, I couldn't answer 'yes' without making sure it was compatible to a greater 'reason' than my own.

When the biological father was with me that one time--he was my boyfriend but this time was different--his face changed, and a glowing being with a face somewhat like Owen Wilson was there as an overlay to his own body.  I could see it clearly.  I know this face--today--is the face of my Beloved--but at the time I had no idea who that being of Light was.

It took a lot of life force to make a thirty-nine year old female pregnant for the first time.

The biological father, Jared, abandoned me at four month's gestation. I used to cry a lot. One day when I was sitting curled in a ball in the garden, with my back leaning against the house, the spirit of the unborn child came to me and said, 'my mother and father will love one another one day'.

At the time I thought he meant Jared but clearly he was speaking of Ross! (Jared and I have an exceptional co-parenting relationship, very calm, and child-first with agreement most of the time, too)

Well now the day before yesterday Anthony got his first Reiki symbol. He kept asking me, 'Mom? What is an N for? What does it mean? What does it MEAN?'

It turns out two raindrops made a perfect letter N with extended legs on the windshield, when it wasn't raining. As I parked at his grandmother's house, he pointed it out, and Spirit explained, 'Interdependence'. (I noted yesterday how it is also the FAMILY symbol rotated ninety degrees)

So Anthony too with his bracelets he requests from me is growing by leaps and bounds, and talking openly with Ross telepathically is a huge part of it.

Well, Ross, he goes to Anthony's basketball games. With my erratic work schedule, Ross always promises Anthony he will be there. And he gives advice! On how to play your best, and not think about the score.

Well last night's game was very, very close. And I didn't know how it would turn out.

Ross told me to 'just watch' and 'to relax' and enjoy the game.  He said it with such confidence!

And Anthony made the first basket, another few key baskets, and his team won by four points!

Ross is a wonderful, wonderful father! In our first life together, our incarnate children from that past life who we know now--accused both of us as being 'crappy parents' and 'leaving them with everybody for extended periods of time' which makes sense because of Ross' work and travels.

Although I pray for them to have healing, I could barely remember this before the timeline splicer, and now I can't remember it at all.

When you are dealing with a Galactic, and you are in pain, if you get a funny 'sense' that they just don't 'get it'--I had this 'feeling' many a time when I went to just might be truth.  For I have experienced the Timeline Splicer, and those memories are GONE as far as the ability to get my emotions all worked up about it.  It isn't 'there' or 'accessible'  to me like the old times.

I think this is an important part of being able to 'maintain' the higher dimensional vibrations...

What I want to emphasize to you, if you are in fact still suffering, is that the REALIZATION of your plight, the CARING and the LOVING SUPPORT are still in my heart, and the hearts of the Galactics.  We really CARE for you. But you won't feel that energy 'connection' to your emotions/feelings, that old sense of nonverbal 'vibe' of 'connection' as us 'getting it' won't be there. This is due to a quirk of 'vibrational compatibility'.

Angels are the same. You never see one going off and losing their temper, and everyone knows that angels will bend over backwards to help you out. Their emotional body is different...

Does this make sense?  I describe it so you will be able to look forward to the changes in you.

(please enjoy this song, I heard it yesterday during an EGD--my gastroenterologist loves this music. I must admit, my parents had this album, and it's in my soul too!)


(he kicks back, puts his hands behind his head, his elbows out, and his feet up on the desk, and smiles. He has a relaxed manner about him, and Ross is very lanky, a nice build, but very tall with legs that go on forever!--ed)

So what's new?   (he laughs at his little joke, and sits forward and leans towards you--ed)

Is everything going all right? (he smiles and winks--ed)

Carla needs to go to Anthony to make the breakfast. I want her to make the French toast. Anthony has a lot of dog-walking work to do today. His sitter--it is Spring Break--has six dogs to walk because everybody is on Spring Break!

I want you to have a good day, and to 'focus on your study'--your movement through and your perception of LIFE.

That is all for today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
your friends <3