Sunday, April 5, 2015

Gaia News Brief 5.4.2015

Happy Birthday Aunt Edna

My dad's youngest sister was the favorite in the family. She was very bright and engaging with her easy smile, her sense of fun, and her open heart.  She married at sixteen because she had to--and somehow everything seemed to work out. She and Uncle Dave were married almost fifty years!

To me, she was the one who I could share my innermost thoughts and concerns. I told her once I hated my dresser. It had been my mothers. It was huge. And it didn't look like any of my friend's dressers.  To this she gasped and said, 'Oh NO, Carla! This is a very NICE dresser! Your cousins would LOVE to have one like this.' and she rubbed my dresser to show it was nice.

You see, if familiarity breeds contempt, Aunt Edna was able to break through all that. I still have that same dresser in the room with me now as I type these words. It is maple and has a huge mirror with it.

She also taught me how to make hospital corners on the sheets when I make my bed.

It was Aunt Edna who threw all the bridal showers and baby showers in the family. Even with bony mets from recurrence of breast cancer, she gave what we found out to be Anthony a warm welcome. It was stormy that day, and I wasn't sure if anybody would come to the house. But they did! All of my loved ones, to beef burgundy and rice, and a cake, and fun little party was a rite of passage as a woman in our extended family to have one of Edna's showers at an important time of life for you.  She made a beautiful photo album for me to help me remember it.

She also came to Anthony's baptism. I was so happy she came to that too.

Bedtime Story

Last night as I was tucking Anthony into bed, I prepared him for what to expect tomorrow. We have four people on elimination diets of one kind or another. We have a young one who is very tired, and being worked up for 'no energy'--so I will have to watch for signs of Anthony--who is VERY high energy--wearing that person out. Another is like I was with the cats, except for dogs--now there is a dog in my mother's home...and this individual can't step foot into the house due to allergies. (my eyes swell shut from exposure to cat dander)...

Not only isn't it very friendly, it seems to be part of a trend of 'God not letting Carla enjoy the holidays like she used to'...with my work and coparenting, holiday time with family is very rare. But I don't decorate like I used to. I just kind of give up in a way...even now when it's my rare Easter at home, we have the family restrictions and I have to watch Anthony for this.

Anyhow, Anthony asked why there is so much trouble for others in our family?

I asked him, 'most of the time, how does mommy think? Does she think Good Thoughts, or Negative Thoughts?'

He wanted to clarify.

I did. I told him in general, I count my blessings, feel 'safe' and look for the best to happen in all situations. (This is the result of the work with Gunter, in his book, by Margaret I learned to heal my thoughts).

I asked him, 'Anthony, in general, more often than not, how are YOUR thoughts?'

He said they were good.

I explained to him how with the current energies on Gaia, our thoughts have the incredible potential to MANIFEST. We MAKE our own experiences. 

So with Good Thoughts, good things most of the time happen, and when they are tests they are short-lived and things get equilibrium or balanced soon after.

But with Negative Thoughts--fear, worry, dread, closing of the heart, unforgiveness--those things on the mind become Reality too!  


Imagine my joy and surprise when early this morning I saw this:

It's basically the same thing, the same concept. <3


Happy Easter!

You will notice Carla did not mention this on any of her social media. She struggles with it, to this day.  She doesn't 'buy' the concept that 'someone had to die for my sins'.  There ARE no sins! she argues. Furthermore she insists that 'Creator would never execute someone to save everyone who has no need to be saved as they are PERFECT already.'

Creator spoke with Carla frankly this morning, while she was in the shower (the energies are better there).

She was asked, 'What would you like? What is your wish?' as Gaia Sophia.

She wants everything to align and proceed unhindered and at the fastest pace.

But Creator told her about her nephew, the one with the health problems...any more increase and he might not 'make it' to the Higher Realms. You see, He is the reincarnation of her Grandpa Gilbert, her father's father, and he is very 'money motivated' as a soul.

Carla wisely (she is known for this! --he laughs!--ed) deferred to Ashtar's and my judgement on this, as we know all of the 'big picture'.  Within this context, she asks for everything to be very quick.

Her argument is that 'people have been given opportunity after opportunity to awaken' and 'Nature and humanity are barely hanging on at this point'.  She supports the beauty of Gaia and her delicate ecosystems.

(he throws his hands up in a shrug--ed)  So what will happen?

It is anyone's guess. With our technology and support, it is inevitable that all will awaken.  But when and how and with what speed is highly up to you.

So here is the deal--I will explain our motives for us:

  • The Divine Healing Codes activate the innate healing potential in all humans as is their birthright. With use of these codes, everyone will awaken what has lain dormant within their souls for the length of humanity. In the past everyone could heal--with the power of thinking. One day we shall return to this.
  • Team Doctors With Reiki is raising the vibration of the collective with all who participate. This fosters unity and oneness within the group of our healers, This accelerates the accuracy of the healing efforts, particularly with Carla and my contribution with our energy to the team.
  • The original Doctors With Reiki page on Facebook (and it's counterpart on Twitter), helps accustom people to the notion of 'possibility of healing and life in the Higher Realms'. It is open, warm, caring--a 'safe' environment for learning--and is a source of daily healing like a well for people who are in need of it to come and partake of the energies.
  • Team Mati is helping those who are interested in non-verbal telepathic communication to enhance their skills in a playful, welcoming and nurturing environment. It is 'team driven' and those who are so moved to make a contribution to the effort are encouraged to lead teams on the page, invite their friends, and hopefully, run 'games' in their own native language. This team is open to everybody. We have the use of emoticons, numbers, and symbols to keep the 'verbal' thought processes to a minimum, and to support the 'muscles of intuition' and 'the intuitive process'. This requires a different part of the mind. And this is how we exercise it. In telepathy, 'thought-feeling-pictures' are communicated without words. Many of you who are mediums are already proficient in this ability.
  • The blog which you are reading is a historical document. It is more than an outlet of creative expression, or a guide to those who are awakening. This and all jewelry which is made by Linda for us and Carla are priceless because of this.  (The Divine Mother Blessings by Isabel Henn are priceless too for the similar reasons).You who are reading these words are witnessing history in the 'front row seats'...and you will be among the first to 'raise the bar' in the vibrations, which will carry forth and propagate like a wave breaking towards the shore with your energy...

So that is it. Carla must make one bracelet for her sister who is in pain, and for herself, which is a gift of my own design to her by me, and still be on time for her family's get-together around two.

I love you.

Each and every single one of you, whether you know it or not.

Carla does too.

From both of us twins...

Ross and Carla