Monday, April 20, 2015

Gaia News Brief 20.4.2015

Happy Birthday Amee 

When Ross and I were incarnate, he called me 'Amee'--sounds like 'Ah-mee'.  And way back then, April 20, it was my birthday.  So I am happy today.

From Where I Sit

As you may have read, an official named Oren proclaimed that I had been 'given permission to enter the higher realms' several days ago.

This is what it is like--the manifestation is near instant as long as it is within my life scripts. So it's the 'little things' and I have to be careful what I think because it happens. For example, I looked at the garage, and gave thanks for no more leaks at the same time being annoyed at all the many leaks I have experienced in this house. Well, the very next day? Another leak!

I also have tremendous acceptance and calm, a detachment in general. Life is like a movie that is coming towards me, and I surf it--the experiences and the energies--as well as enjoy the beauty along the way.

Yesterday not only did my babysitter need to go home, and I had to scramble for coverage from two to six p.m., but then my work called me in early to be there at twelve-thirty!  It wasn't much of a 'blip' on my emotional body, surprisingly. Just a grit and determination to get things done. When I saw I needed to fill up the gas tank on the car, I went, 'Oh well!'--I skipped lunch and still ended up ten minutes late. But it was okay, it worked out, and all is well.

My patients have increasingly complex 'acuity' from an anesthesia standpoint. Day before yesterday, I had my first Code Blue in the OR since 2003.  The whole time I was praying, working, seeing Ross and the patient, and interacting with him. One of my Reiki students was there and was glad to know I know the Transition Symbol and was working for the patient's highest good in many different ways--body, mind, spirit...the team...  I have been in on many codes since 2003, but not on my patient, where I have to say, start chest compressions!  What I want you to know is that I went to the family after my shift--at nine p.m., and sat and answered their questions. The father asked me point-blank, 'Is there anyone who was thinking that today just might not be the day to operate on my loved one?'  I told him if we hadn't intervened, the outcome would have been more grim, as the disease process was advanced and the patient was in distress at the beginning.  I saw him visibly calm. I stopped by yesterday too, and the energy was better in the family, so was the patient, just a little bit. They had been given a sugar-coated version of the code from the surgeon, but then the critical care doc had hung crepe paper like five minutes later. So they were in pain. My honesty, my heart, and my perspective healed these aching souls and made peace for them. It took an hour, and I gladly gave it at the end of a long day. It was the right thing to do.

Anyhow, I tell Ross all the time, 'I am starting to get the hang of it!' and I show him this thought picture of how I feel:

I have the same giggles and WHOA! too!

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Happy Birthday my Beloved. I love you with all my heart, in all timelines, in all dimensions. Your grace is healing to my soul. I hold you and enjoy your presence in my life.  For all time, I will give to you the very best I have to offer.

From my soul, to yours, I wish you the happiest of birthdays you have ever been blessed to experience.

(he kisses me --ed--and we both smile. I'm also a little embarrassed at the attention, in a nice way)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla <3