Friday, May 12, 2017

The Maybees

Today was phenomenal.

It just blew me away what Spirit can accomplish right under my nose!

Let me recap the events...

Today started as normal, with writing and even rushing a little bit to have cereal. As I made lunches, we didn't have any lunch meat. Anthony is very picky about his lunches. It took me until this year to be able to give him something that wasn't 'hot' where you warm it up in the microwave. He didn't like peanut butter for years, and also, there were allergies at the school. He used to ask for jelly sandwiches, but I said, 'no'...

Today, out of necessity, I made peanut butter and jelly.

I smiled to myself, for ten years of lunches, here is the first sandwich I used to eat every day when I was a kid, for MY kid!

I asked him to play the song, you know, the peanut butter and jelly song--to look it up on YouTube.  I'm sure you have seen it, but if you haven't, it's here:  The original dancing banana peanut butter and jelly song from NINE years ago!

We got him to school on time. On alternate Friday's it's bittersweet. I won't see him for a few days.

I got to work on time!

I can't tell you what I did, because it's not cool to say what day what patient what case yada yada yada.

But what I can tell you are my spiritual experiences.

I will lump them into a big gmish (yiddish for mix together).

It is slowly starting to dawn on me that my whole anesthesia gig is a 'cover' for a BIG (Ross says to call it that) JOB for 'Our Team'...

Basically, unsuspecting dark souls/ individuals with many negative/dark entity attachments, go to surgery, never expecting for one minute to run into me at the anesthesia machine.  Typically, anesthesia WEAKENS the aura, and attachments go IN.  So why would any pre-existing attachment say NO to anesthesia, right?

But then once the patients are under, I look around...INSIDE the see what's up.

I look around inside the soul, and with the expert training of the guides of compassionate healing --I do my 'thing'. 

One individual had ties to an industry which really promotes Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart's agenda.

On that one I cleared them and their timelines --everything connected to it--Ross was like, 'Carla, are you SURE you want to tackle this much?' I was like, 'YES!'  They were VERY busy cleaning up all that 'stuff' that was being 'cleared'--but Ross likes it when I give him lots of work for his teams, and they are always up for the challenge.

Another I went in, and there were many! I did my best cleaning, and it was FASCINATING. I actually took like a 'plane' to separate, (a surgical plane) which to a non surgical person would be like scooping fresh coconut off the inside of a coconut after you have drank the juice. I took all the 'bundles of joy' with their 'amniotic sac of energy' and handed them to The Guides of Compassionate Healing. Then I went in with --I started with lemon juice and vinegar-- and Ross suggested ammonia instead. The walls of the soul were like glass windows, I cleaned them. And after that, I added an air freshener. to keep things OUT, to keep the negative thinking/habits that can invite these attachments IN--away.  I carefully lined the 'glass' with silver from within, and then five souls came in to help keep negative influences OUT of the original soul who had been bombarded and harassed so much by all the many attachments.

On that one, I asked for a double check from Divine Mother Incarnate. 

There was stuff left!  

Now it's clean.

The last one, Divine Mother worked on directly. It was a heavy burden, even for her, who is experienced with the worst of the worst and handling them safely to remove them from Earth. 

Once in, I 'looked around'.  I wanted to see if anything was left. It was like a ghost town in there, so empty, but I felt 'watched'.

I looked closely, and thin, transparent grey energy forms were there. There were two. Skinny, Small, But not either 'good' or 'bad' in vibrational 'bandwidth'. It was something NEW. I had to decide what to call them, these souls who were 'in between'...and I came up with a name I thought was clever and was pleased with the name.

These were the 'Maybees'--because Divine Mother gets the dark out. And I get what I can out.  But HERE was a whole new class of soul in the Ascension Process!

I had to decide, and it wasn't difficult. If they aren't helping with Ascension, it's slowing it down. I asked them to go. To leave this realm, and to carry on elsewhere for their growth and education. They left. And many new ones came to boost and support the original soul.

It wasn't until after surgery I saw the tattoo.

Calvary, with all three souls. Gestas, Dismas, and 'HIM'. Gestas was the one who cursed 'HIM". Dismas was the one who defended 'HIM" and was told 'you will be with me in Paradise'.

Above the tattoo was the word I had to ask what it was?  veritate (truth) 

Below was a harder to read word. What was it too?  Iustitia (justice)

I am so stoked to have met Dismas, once again, for the first time in this incarnation, and it was a total surprise!

My last request for a bracelet at work was a slow one to 'get'. I couldn't 'read' this soul face to face. Not even remotely for the longest time, like, three weeks. I didn't get any hints. And THEN, all yesterday or whenever I made it, I had this picture in my head--very light purple and black, alternating, just like this!

So I made it.

The message was 'You are a Peacemaker (soul)'  It was her mission! She has the extra skills and training to handle conflict with ease. Don't shy away from conflicts, even ones that don't involve you. Just go in and you will be surprised at your gifts.

I gave it to her with a written note.  She was confused. She said, 'is this for Peace?'

I explained to her, 'no, it is a REMINDER for you of your very special gift.'  I knew she was an incarnate angel, because of her assignment and skills (as a soul, not in medicine).

She asked for an example.

I blurted out, 'look' and I gestured to the pre-op bays. I said, 'if you see a patient fighting with a nurse (they do, a LOT, you'd be surprised how cranky some people are)--GO to the bedside, You will know what to say and what to do that will help. It will surprise you at how good you are at it.'

She looked at me like I had three eyes.

She loved the bracelet. But the message?

Today, I dropped off another bracelet.

This is for the anxious nurse who 'believes'. She is responding beautifully to the bracelets. This is her third. And she needs MORE.

I smiled and told the nurses who were taking it for her because she had just left--'this nurse is a gifted psychic and doesn't have a clue yet. She is SENSITIVE, like me. I need a new bracelet every WEEK!' and I confided, 'she thinks it's a curse...she doesn't know it's really a gift! And she doesn't know she is the ugly duckling who is about to find out she's a swan!'

After that, the woman who got the purple and black bracelet called me to her workstation, for she overheard all I had said.


I gave her a big hug, and said, 'oh honey I didn't mean to scare you!'

I guess it was too close to home, you know, and rattled her when I gave it. I'm so glad she explained the rest to me today!

Sometimes you just have to go with what Spirit wants you to do, and where Spirit wants you to be.

Anthony had a basketball game tonight, a tournament. Two games.

But when I was ready to leave the OR, I saw my friend Thang. He was once my anesthesia student, and he switched to surgery. We work together a lot.

I felt death on him.

I get a funny feeling sometimes when someone is nearing the end of their Life Contract.

He is at high risk.  He fell asleep at the wheel of his Tesla and crashed into a solid object, not another vehicle, and totaled it.  Many of his friends have expressed an interest for him to stop working such long hours. They are people he admires and they have counseled him to stop the all nighters.

I remembered the time he took me to pho noodles for dinner after a long case. It's a mom and pop that he says really tastes like mom and pop's cooking from home.

I asked him if he had eaten? And if he hadn't, let's go to that noodle place, and this time, I would treat!

He loved the idea.  He drove us in his new Tesla. And we had noodles.

He's going to Thailand for his next vacation. And also, he told me about a Thai martial art where the people are very good fighters and usually dominate in Ultimate Fighting Championships over here. He told me how he wanted to go to Philippines to see where he stayed when leaving Vietnam, and then also to some island with a funny American name near Guam, where his family stayed for ten months.

The family was ten kids, and no one here in the US wanted to sponsor them.

I asked him to name all of the kids, and what one was he?

He was five.  Some names I recognized, Vu, Hung...Tammy.

His family ended up in Modesto.

His father died not long ago. His mother has Alzheimers. His brother Vu was a police sheriff deputy in Sacramento and was shot to death while chasing gangs in 2007.

His mother takes the bus and goes looking for her son Vu. She hasn't seen him for a while. She can't remember he's dead. The family can't find her when she does this and they worry, but at the same time they understand.

It's sad.

He really got the short end of the stick in his divorce. I saw the pile of bills in his car. He mentioned it. I looked at them, the outside, the envelopes. There was the gas company, water, the credit card like mine. Auto insurance.

He says he doesn't pay them because whenever he sits down to pay the bills he's always getting called to the ER to evaluate patients. He's like, 'what do I do? Pay a bill? or earn two hundred dollars for an appy?'

He forgot his phone at the restaurant, and had to turn around to get it.

Next time, he's taking me to Thai-Lao food. He said the spices are all mixed up from both cultures and will blow your mind. He went to one in Hawaii once. There's one not far from the hospital either.

He was delighted someone treated him to dinner.  I could tell.

I could have gone straight to Anthony's game without dinner.

But I knew in my heart I would regret it if I didn't ask Thang. So I did.

I drove afterwards and caught the last minutes of Anthony's game. They won both. He did better in the first game than the second, and didn't even play a quarter in the second game.

Jared parked in the back of the facility, and I was in the front, so I gave them a ride to their car.

I was pulling out of the parking lot when my phone rang. It was Anthony. His dad couldn't find his phone. Could I please come back and see if it's in my car?

I turned around.

Sure enough, it was between the passenger seat and the door! He never uses that pocket on his shorts, but he did, and it fell.

Funny that would happen twice...


Now it's time for Carla to go to bed.

I want the picture from John Lee...first...

Make it big, Carla.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S. I have a funny feeling maybe instead Ross wanted this one?

He's not saying.

He wants YOU to decide which one he wants.

It's all about that Free Will thing.