Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Two Can Play THAT Game!

Yesterday I woke up to a terrifying vision.

Spirit, actually, Divine Mother herself, had sent it to me.

It was a female nude body, like one of those 'cakes' in Spirit Cooking, very gory, on an operating table. 

This image held itself in my mind for a few moments, as if I was supposed to remember it. It was important.

And then it went away.

I started my day.

(I saw another vision this morning, of my friend Mark Taylor's funeral. He was open casket, but very flat, as if something heavy had crushed him. He was lying in the coffin wearing a suit, and made to look as nice as possible, but his mouth was gaped open, and he was never more than three inches thick anywhere, not even his mouth and face)

For us, we went to Starbucks, and sat to eat a warm meal. Then I dropped Anthony off at school.

I was ten minutes late. I wanted some contact time with Anthony because I'd been to bed after midnight and woken up at five a.m.  For some reason I couldn't fall asleep. I hit the snooze button four times.

I was on an assignment where it's okay not to show up thirty minutes early like we do in the Main O.R. . And the surgeon was kind. The procedure took only five minutes.

My patient admired my bracelets before the procedure.

I explained how I make them. Would she like one? I will make one for her. Let's check the size...I put one of mine on her, and saw it's too big (she was very thin, like end-stage disease) I noted the size on her face sheet.

Then she started to cry!

She said, 'I haven't gotten anything in such a long time!'

So I hugged her tight while she cried.  She was so very thin, ravaged by disease, being so strong for it all through her procedures, and inside was a scared little girl.

She felt validated for the first time in I don't know how long.

But everything went well, I added her name to the list of bracelets to make.

The last one I made was for someone with really BAD claustrophobia. Needed my services to go through the MRI. I know it was just what she loved--as we had talked about her jewelry. I had ordered simulated opal beads (real opal is fragile--if it's' the sparkly one) six dollars and ninety nine cents a bead, three of them!

I never heard from her, but I didn't expect to.

Her plate is full.

This brings us to the next part.

There's the spirit work I do. And there's the deciphering the message from Divine Mother.

I'm not sure which one was first.

One was a routine supporting and boosting with the Reiki introp like I normally do.

Two needed deep cleaning and timeline healings.

One didn't seem like there was anything going on, however, the disease was very advanced, and hospice would be needed soon. But when I went to look inside, the arm of the patient's lightbody gently pushed me away, as if to say, 'Don't!'

I did it again, and back came the arm, gentle, insistent, as if to say, 'don't!'

I have never in my many years of soul work had a soul say 'don't look' and 'don't talk to me'!

This isn't 'normal'. I thought it prudent to call in my teams, which is did, and I attached the cleaning mechanism. I'm not even sure what came out, but I did see the walk in saying goodbye to her family for a 'short mission' and saw her go in.

Ross told me I did well.

To be honest, I still don't understand what I did, but my discernment told me to be cautious and prudent.

When I was waiting for a case in the CT scanner control room, I realized all the electronic heavy equipment and radiation are a perfect 'screen' because it's really hard for anyone, light or dark, to 'see' my spirit work, my Reiki, my healing I send.

Mind you that, most of the time, really high vibration is also invisible to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

There's two ways to 'hide', and the Higher Vibration route is the best kind.

Ross had warned us in a Council message (yes, he's on it...he says for you to know Michael is on it too) from Ron Head that 'you must keep your vibrations UP without ceasing because if you let them 'dip' you are at risk for ACCIDENTS!'

That's why it's the best.

But while I was in the control room, I just love it there. The people have the best sense of humor.  A calendar on the wall was all pretty with bright colors and it said, these exact words -- 'Some Smart Quote' --on it, making fun of inspirational calendars. They have frogs with helicopter propellers taped to them--little plastic ones, stuffed animals with tiny chest x rays attached so it looks like you are seeing the animal, Feng Shui things...the creativity always changes and makes me smile.

I also noticed how the other Lightworker at my hospital (there's a really strong Buddhist one, he knows about me, I know about him--we both can feel the vibration, but we don't talk.) is so good at protecting the space even the worker (most negative on site, one who has a life-threatening cancer and was out for a long time) who has vibration on the 'lower side' doesn't even drag the energy there down!

That's why I sent the healing for the day from there. And I smiled inwardly and said, 'two can play that game!'--not because of the Buddhist CT tech, but because of the 'hiding' under the energy 'screen' from the equipment, and sending GOOD things OUT! (instead of bad ones like those who do not have our best interest at heart )...Ross liked the thought, kissed me, in spirit, and asked me to title today's post that phrase.


I asked.

I asked and said, 'I know there's a connection between my work, and those sacrifices, but I just can't put my finger on it!'

Together we figured out part of the message--and again, as I translate from Spirit it just doesn't 'sound right' in English but it's the best I can do...

What if instead of the 'little bit of pain to get healing' paradigm, which we see in 3D, visible, what if the 'healing' is also meant to inflict 'pain and suffering' and that this 'pain and suffering' was used to charge the batteries of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart?!

What if the 'pain and suffering' was the reason disease is introduced again and again, not only to cull us, but to keep us 'down' and to 'energize THE OTHER TEAM?!' who in their belief system, sacrifice and cannibalize so many innocent victims in their form of 'faith'?

Could this be?

Spirit created a special mesh to prevent any of the low vibrations frequencies (pain, suffering, blood loss) from our somewhat barbaric medical system from ever reaching any intended 'target' on The Other Team.

It's like the car has been put in neutral, and it can't 'go', energetically.   And this goes to all medicine all over the globe and in the ethers too.

Why do we have a routine?

Who does it benefit?


I've found one more component to the suffering--the healers:

In our work, the O.R. work ethic/expectation is shifting from before a new Director came from a neighbor hospital, to the way HER hospital was before--'everyone working till eleven, and always being on call'.

That's what happened to me the other day. If you care call five and higher (1 stays all night)--you can be there until TEN PM!

Before, call five got out at five p.m.  Only two rooms would run until seven and then most cases finished by eight. 

I realized she doesn't know the suffering she is causing on her staff (at the last place people left--a lot) and she cares but just doesn't understand her responsibility to her teams. She and the rest of the nurse managers are working on 'wellness' lectures, with mine on Reiki being one of them. 

Our most valued resource is being pushed to the limits, our healthcare providers. 

I ask you to think of all people who are struggling with unfair and unhealthy working conditions--everywhere--and to send your love and healing to them--as a blanket to ameliorate all this suffering too.

Thank you.

Yesterday Ross surprised me.

I had a gap in my schedule, and a conflict later in the afternoon with my eye appointment.

My eye doctor is a world famous specialist in my problem--borderline narrow angle glaucoma. It's not glaucoma yet, but you have to watch it. 

He's also the husband of one of my best friends in the O.R., a lady surgeon.

He knows I hate the exam so much his wife needs to hold my hand. Just so I can go through it with that thing touching my eye.

But his fellow examined me. I did my best to be calm, and go through with it.

He was good at talking me through it. 

I didn't give it a second thought.

Even when I asked about how often I will need new glasses, and he explained how as we get 'a little more senior' the lens gets less flexible, and we need 'bigger magnification'.  That's also why the glaucoma happens because the cataract pushes the anterior chamber forward and makes the angle more tight. 

'More senior?!'

I AM over fifty and have been throwing away the AARP membership envelopes--I don't want them to sell my name to those awful marketing lists!...


When he left and it was time for me to go, Ross popped in!

He had been watching the whole time, and he let me know how proud he was of me with my exam.


He knows just how much I hate it. 

I'm so glad I have him.



I know it's been a while since I've talked to you.  I want to talk to you about two or three things.

First and foremost:  when life gives you lemons, be sure to make some lemonade!

This is one of the most healing concepts on the planet!

First there is acceptance of the lemons you are getting from life, they are sour, not sweet.

Second, there is EMPOWERMENT! You can transmute those lemons into something very refreshing! With a little know how and some work, you can change the lemons to lemonade!

Last, what good is lemonade when you are alone?!

Lemonade is meant to be shared with your friends and your loved ones!

(he claps once, at his 'lesson' going so smoothly--ed)

The next topic, I'll admit I have a handful of them and have to ration them so I don't bend your ear--(he chuckles--ed)--is that:  it is okay to be depressed but it is NOT OKAY to STAY depressed!

If you need them, take your medicines in order to get better! 

It is not worth the pain and suffering of untreated depression (which can be fatal!) over the 'protection' from 'staying away from all those drugs' and for the 'stigma' of going to a psychiatrist for a psychiatric evaluation. 

If life gives you the 'lemon' of mental illness, why not seek help? 

You can seek both Divine Assistance and Medical Attention--and for most (interlaces the fingers)--it is a COMBINATION of the two which achieves the desired results the fastest.

Your sorrow, your pain, isn't helping YOU.

It's helping (he points the other way--ed) the Other Team.

They thrive on all that low energy.

So starve them!

Your joy is important, as also is your connections with all your loved ones. Together you make a collective and your energy and strength as a collective is much needed at this time.

Your JOY is IMPORTANT to the successful outcome of this mission! Our joint mission! 

I can't say this part enough!

Seek help, if you feel it in your heart that 'this isn't the life you were meant to be living' and Archangel Nathaniel truly likes 'impossible situations' for which there is a challenge not only for you but for him.

Look at Carla with her poor housekeeping! Nathaniel had an armful with that, but it's much better now, for them both, Anthony and Carla...<3

The last part is Poopy Butt.

As you know, Carla and Anthony's bunny rabbit has a 'little problem'. She is always peeing on herself and the poop is getting stuck in her fur.

Both Carla and Anthony knew it was time to clean it.

Both of them didn't really want to give her a bath but they knew they had to dunk her bottom in the tepid water in the sink to help her out.

But then Anthony noticed and said, 'Mom, it's starting to fall off already! She has FLAPPY POOPY BUTT'.

Then Carla did the gesture that is most dear to my heart, for I have seen it in her a thousand times, all through our many lifetimes of incarnations together--she held her head in her hands, shook her head, and totally cracked up.

She couldn't stop laughing!

Anthony asked her why? Why mom, are you doing this?

Carla said, 'Because just when I thought things couldn't get worse there is always a way for them to get more icky/disgusting/awful for me to have to fix.'

And she laughed!

Carla took a 'Lemon' of the 'poopy butt with flapping poopsicles' and just totally gave up to Spirit and said, 'that's okay, you win, I will clean the butt of this rabbit who totally needs it.'

Carla is still laughing and smiling as she writes this today.

Life is comical, quite comical, if you let it carry you from Point A to Point B. 

I'm going to get THROUGH to Carla if it's the last thing I do. To keep her on her lessons! It's my job as her guide (not as her twin, but in this life I have a role where I AM Carla's Guardian angel in this life--or at least, one of them).

So in her laughter, to me, Carla was like, 'Okay Ross, okay, you WIN'.

And THAT is the part I like about my 'charge' and my Twin so very much--her being honest with herself and others, and too, being a good sport.

clap! clap!

That is enough from both of us today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple