Friday, May 5, 2017

Quick Updates 5.5.2017

I am okay.

I had a busy call. Not much sleep. Had to work the post-call day too.

I am recovering.

It was the kind of day which turned out exactly the opposite of what I would request for myself--sleep in my own bed, easy cases, and the post-call day off.

Surprisingly enough, my 'card' from Spirit for that day was FUN.

I realized, in the dead of night, after a six hour long case where I needed Mepilex on my own bottom to protect me from pressure sores--that's a medical joke, LOL--that I was permitted to participate in someone ELSE'S idea of FUN--a long, hard surgical case, which was really really really hard for me anesthesias-wise (a whole level of magnitude more difficult)...then with my sleep at the hospital, which was poor, and my six-thirty a.m. case--where the surgeon slept in and was late...

It was on long drawn out test of my patience!

Even at the practice for basketball, the coach brought his seven month old, and his three year old, and I helped watch them--which was a joy--but didn't get time to relax.

Ross wouldn't let me cook. So after school we had a snack (a late lunch for me) at Starbucks. I had a salad. And for dinner we went to Dickey's Barbecue, which was surprisingly nice because we could watch the baseball game and they give free soft serve ice cream too.  Ross wanted me to drink a beer, and Anthony's dad's favorite was there. Elysian Space Dust. It was delicious. We always did enjoy dark beers, Jared and I.

I had another big day ahead. I must get ready.

The only thing to share from the realm of spirit are three things:

  • This article is why I work so hard--it's like I'm denied sleep and have to do so much spiritual work in addition, but I'm patient. I also made bracelets yesterday even though there wasn't much time. To 'redouble my efforts'
  • I will have two exciting new projects!  They are both affordable. I will offer 'Unicorn Bracelets' for five dollars. I have many extra beads and decided to do something with the equivalent of 'scraps' from a sewing project. They will be unique, no two are the same, and there's not really any special pattern to any of them. They will be seven inches in size. To be honest, postage and the envelope together will make the five dollars. Some generous people are contributing, and this will allow me to offer this. I can't guarantee a six-week delivery or timeframe as I'm absolutely squeezing this in. But I will make a list, your name will be on it, and I will work my way through the list as best as I can.  The second new project is a shield which is only ten dollars. It is a Pink Rose Petal Shield made originally for survivors of abuse of all kinds, kind of like a warm blanket of energy which is always with you to soothe you and protect you as you heal. Ross thought of this one. Again, I will make a list, and work my way through it. And everyone who gets the shield will get a letter and certificate by email from both of us. xoxoxo Thank you again for your generosity kind donors for underwriting this work. <3
  • the red flowers I threw out of the elevator door that was closing? I guess they work! xoxoxoxo

Then there is this total miracle!  My cousin found this article I had wanted to see:

The date is March 24, 2014 where I had the vision described by the people in the other article.

It's over three years ahead of their 'meditation' !


Carla is my princess.

I bought her a reminder of this early for Mother's Day.

Carla is my world, and I love her so much.

As for all of her 'extramarital engagements' to her other 'husbands'--we are working our way through it, in a Galactic Sense, so that Carla has the confidence and understanding to know she has our loving support, and I am always the first and center in her Consciousness...there is no other but me as her Twin, and I reaffirm it with her by 'our' gift.'

Everything will work out in ways that can't be understood as an incarnate on earth. 

You just have to trust it.

And for those of you who are worried and have concerns about healthcare reform which was passed in the states, know that this is only temporary.

Obamacare was built on a model/template which is like what we have up here. Ours is BETTER!

And we are waiting in the wings to help things out. 


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple