Monday, May 15, 2017

Believe In Love From Heaven

This is a difficult blog for me to post.


Because I am translating messages from Spirit, which don't always 'translate' neat and clean into English, which is my native language.

I'll do my best.

You are LOVED.

You are loved by Creator of All That Is.

You are very Precious and Special to Heaven.

You are not alone!

You are in a place and time where your skills are needed.

You have been sent here from Home.

This is what you are.

Divinely LOVED!

Although perhaps you may or may not recall the details of how you came to be here, or perhaps, even the countless lifetimes you have spent upon the preparation for today...Here and are.

Now I am going to talk about the sigils.

I have strong mind, and even stronger will.

I know what I want.

I'm not going to let a few sigils from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart stop me from my mission, or from going Ross' loving arms.

The point I was trying to make in disclosing my inner work and guidance and path is three-fold:

  • just like how the sigils all 'fell into the guys lap' Richie from Boston had the training to understand them--as an electrician--for their significance as 'circuits'--watching the video fell right into my lap, someone who has worked with MANY a Reiki symbol and archangel key...who would realize too what symbols do, how they help us communicate with the angels--to bring Healing and Soul Growth INTO THIS WORLD!  It was a great big AHA! moment, okay?
  • I like to keep a trail of my work, and document it. It's for my own reasons, so I can always look back and see where I was on a given time.
  • I double-checked against all my Keys and Reiki Symbols, and yes, they are fine and NOT connected to the dark ones sigils on the lists shown by Richie.

Did you know that for all of the Divine Healing Codes that have been given to us by Divine Mother, she never once has made a mistake or used the same code Twice?

Although this is the case, I carefully go through the entire list, every single time, to make sure there is not a duplicate before I add it to the list. 

Spirit's record is perfect on this!

What are the odds of that?!


There is no reason to freak out because everything is under the guidance of the BEST--the highest angels and Creator of All That Is--and we are going to be OKAY.

Someone said, from their heart, in anguish, 'but...the other team is WINNING!'.


They are not.


I do things most people cannot or shouldn't attempt to do in my healing work.   Yesterday I worked with the consciousness of an entire stadium.  

Don't ask me how I do it, I can't explain it, but I have been called to do 'Big Healings' and I have since, I don't know, 2011 or 2012. 

What I picked up is the people are ready.

Despite all appearances, the general public, on a soul level, are READY to Move Up.

To Awaken.

To Ascend.

The influence of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is strong.

Divine Creator is STRONGER.

It's just a short distance to go. 

How do you get to the water at the beach?   How do you get to the beach at all?

First you drive.

Then you fight to get a parking space.

Then you carry all your stuff across the sand, which isn't easy to begin with and sometimes the sand is hot, right?

But once you are THERE, it's total paradise! You have your umbrella up. You have your snacks. You have your chair. You have everything you need, for the most part.

At the end of the day it was totally worth it, and you don't recall the hassles you went through to experience the ocean...or the lake...or the river...wherever it is you have gone.

I can see the outlines of the Big Picture now.

I can see how the Dark Ones do Predictive Programming, and hide their 'messages' in plain sight. They do this to exploit the 'loophole' of Free Will, and paying lip service to it so they can go back and say, 'we showed them and nobody has a problem with it'.  I can see the trickery for what it is...and how without the psychological manipulation, a 'reasonable person' would never agree to participate in their game. 

It's despicable, the tricks and the lies. 

I'll give you that.

It's to the point where they have the general public convinced that black is white and white is black. 

Here is where the difficulty comes in. I awoke to the name 'Cochise'. I looked him up on Wikipedia (which probably isn't the most truthful source either, but it's the quickest one for reference):

I was like, hmmm? What could that mean?

Cochise was an Apache leader whose people lived in New Mexico/Arizona/Sonora.  

He was the last First Nations leader to die free.  He successfully kept invaders from Spain, later, Mexico, and the United States off his land.

It took Howitzer fire to make him give up.

There were many 'treaties' and 'peace meetings' which were lies and his loved ones ended up being taken hostage and killed.  In one it was a trap and he 'cut the tent' to escape.

He had great resolve, the strength of an oak (that's what his name means), and was single-minded in his efforts.

I'm not sure if Cochise is meant to describe The Other Team, or Us, or just to expect some tricks/conflict in general.

Is it to show the ways the Dark Ones 'fight'--telling you it's peace and then taking hostages at the parlay meeting?

I don't know.

What I do know is that there's lots of Discernment needed at this time. 

And if you are super Christian--not to say you would be reading my work or not--but perhaps it would be safer for all of us to say 'Divine Love is my Faraday Cage' (it's related to a video where it shows how much the Dark Ones are bombarding us with electromagnetic frequencies--aiming it at us--and one commenter said, 'Jesus is my Faraday Cage' --their protection from the electricity)...

I too am Christian. 

I'm not a Bible Thumper. 

There's a difference.

I believe many of the people who make Truther videos on YouTube are of good intent. But now they are starting to attack one another:
Meanwhile, for people who don't go with the 'program' of Those Who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart--like in the Josie and the Pussycats clip--they have scandal, tax problems, car accidents, and drug overdoses:

Remember, the truth in itself is unsavory, and people are doing their best to get it out to the public:

And the lies are huge! And shocking!  Look at the one for a place I've eaten lots of times:

So, to put everything together, as a person on a mission, sent here just to Be YOU at this time, remember:
  • the scandals are DISTURBING
  • Unconditional LOVE from Creator of All That Is will protect you
  • the Other Team has ability to exploit your delicate psychology and twist things--discernment is needed every single day
  • we are in the best of hands and they won't screw up--our Teams, our Guides, our Friends in the Skies
  • your JOY is important to nourish you and sustain you on your mission--get a little sunshine, fresh air, and enjoy something that makes you feel like a kid even for a few minutes every day.
  • As the Vibrations around us go UP, increase (I think the Schumann frequencies are a part of it but there's more, I think there's our own soul/physical makeup contributing to it) things are going to get easier--even if the Other Team puts up a crazy ass fight like Cochise did (or are WE supposed to put it up? I don't know lol)
  • This is all 'imagination', 'Illusion' and once we get through it, everything is going to be OKAY. THAT's why The Divine Creator is going to 'win'--Love is the only thing that's Real.
  • Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of us are important! Don't go 'genderless'. They are HUGE and honor them. Enjoy them! No matter what your orientation, don't go lump everything in a barrel.  BE what you ARE! There's a reason for it!

clap! clap!

I have an early start today, and Ross is telling me this is the very last minute I have before I start my day.

I have to go.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple