Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thank You For My Challenges!

Yesterday I got the advice on a patient from Ross. He said, 'as long as you take no risks, everything will be okay'.  He told that to me when I woke up.

I had asked for the assignment. And since earlier in the week half of the two-part surgery had been done, I figured mine would go okay.

There were challenges.

Indeed enough to cause me to wish for my mom...

Three anesthesiologists were needed to get it done. Teamwork prevailed. But not without a call by the surgeon for a tracheostomy tray/kit, and for the ENT surgeon to run from his office to the room.  Fortunately we had the situation managed by then, and his services were not emergently required.

It was so hard!

I had to bring the patient to ICU, then go to the basement to the waiting room to find the spouse. There was a language barrier. So I walked the spouse to the ICU waiting room taking the elevator along the way.

It was the right thing to do.

Even though I was starving the whole time.

Then I went back to the basement, where the cafeteria is, and got a peanut butter sandwich thing, a yogurt, and a soy milk.

There was another case, waiting, but I had to eat and it only takes five minutes when you are starving.

I wish I could say more about the last case, but I can't.

That's the one where I did my 'work' energy work and I worked hard on it. Just at the last second, because I wasn't guided to do it until then.

Some of my most important energy work, it's like that. I never know why I'm in a certain place, or even why I'm asked to go do something at the last second, until retrospect.  I understand it while I am working but then it's 'action' and I don't have time to analyze my every move.

What I can tell you is this patient said, 'I feel GOOD!' in the recovery room, and 'I didn't remember a thing!'.


Lots of energy work makes you feel like a new person, you know? (cough cough--ed).

That first case had left me badly shaken. There was lots of blood in the endotracheal tube, lots of stress but at the same time, there are reasons to go through an ordeal like that. Spiritual ones. I demonstrated good judgement and composure throughout. I know my skills well, and they were able to show through the case. It was important for the person doing the surgery to witness me in these challenges. It was a little humiliating to have to ask for help (and the person helping was once a nurse manager at the same healthcare facility the surgeon had trained, and had gone to his party back in the day--they reconnected for the first time right in the O.R...I went, 'aha!' because this woman is VERY political, very much like high school, which is unusual for a doctor for someone to 'work the group to their advantage'--but with NURSING background before the doctor, it totally makes sense. Queen Bee in every way, perfected, through not one but two careers in the hospital.)

It was time to go home.

It was maybe seven thirty. Early for a first call.

Ross told me to go straight to the tub, have lots of salt in it.  It helped.

I also had been wondering why things were so stressful?

I had gone to the surgery center to drop off a bracelet for a nurse. And the OTHER nurse who responded well to the bracelets wasn't doing well. She needed another one. And I gave her my seven-dollar Howlite one to get her by until I could make her one. I knew another one was being made for me. It was the Howlite!

I put on my necklace at home, and it helped almost as much as the salt bath with lavender!

Then Ross said to go to bed, skip the animals, and brace myself in case I get called back in the middle of the night.

It's my normal wakeup time.

There wasn't a call.

I smiled to see I have the day off.

This helps me to prepare for my talk.

The Director of the O.R. asked me if I am a Reiki Master? (I'm talking in two weeks).

She's had it.

She liked it.

She asked me if I've ever given it to a patient?

I told her 'every single one...that's why the PACU loves me. '

She was impressed. She couldn't figure out how I give it? Where to my hands go?

I don't use my hands. I use my aura and my eyes to give it. That way no one can see. <3

I tell you at my worst moments yesterday, I felt like this.

On my first case mid-case with the drapes on I couldn't get the EKG to 'stick' and measure. The patient was sweating. A nurse assistant was leaning on the patient, pulling the wire just enough for me to lose contact. I replaced each lead sticker three times. I called for the Anesthesia Tech (this is an environmental services person who wants to learn on the job because someone quit) and had to explain the wire pieces I needed to trouble shoot. It was hard because the team was working on the neck, and I had to reach the shoulders delicately. The neuro tech kept getting a wire dislodged, and I kept displacing the temp wire too.

I was busy.

During the whole ordeal, later in the afternoon, I wasn't afraid.

I had complete and total trust in my Life Lessons, my Guides, and that there was both a REASON for me to go through this, and also, it would end at some point.

That's why on the drive home I said, literally, to Ross, 'THANK YOU FOR MY CHALLENGES!'

He asked me, 'will you write about it?'

I said yes.

He said to wait to morning, not to write it at night,

Just in case I got called in.

He played the Ambrosia song for me as I fell asleep, in complete and total trust and comfort, knowing no matter what came up, I would be okay.

It's funny.

I wasn't sure about Cobra's last statement. Some MOSS functional thing I don't understand and is cryptic, and just carries with is a sense of dread to my heart.

I spoke with Divine Mother Incarnate, and asked, 'what's going on?'

She asked Divine Father. I asked Ross. The answers were the same, generally. Divine Father says the soul has merged, it's a hologram, and they are trying to find the source.

Ross said, 'be patient, you will understand in time, and there are no tricks'.

I'm grateful for the 'no tricks'.

The Dark Ones are full of tricks!

I'm tired of them.

I just wanted to get a 'read' on the 'Trump firing of the FBI dude'.

My 'sense' is that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have Trump by the balls (they do every president) and initially they didn't. With the news reaction I think it's the 'story' made up by those who control everything.  What we have are two factions inside Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--the old Scottish ones and the others in charge--and they are duking it out.

I went online to check and I saw cool things.  Here's one of them:

It made me smile.

We are in good hands, everything is Illusion, one day it will end, and as long as we keep to our purpose...everything is going to be OKAY. 

Trump Shmump!

I saw with my own eyes from Divine Father showing me with his hands we are about sixty percent done with Ascension as a people on a planet. 

The rest, according to him, is the part where 'the people open their hearts' and then we are home free at last!!!


(Ross clears his throat, smiles, and waves with both hands--ed)

I have been BUSY!

(he makes a sound like 'whew!', a blowing sound like he's taking a breather--ed)

And I'm having a Good Time!

(it's true, he loves working and being able to juggle lots of things--that's Ross through and through--ed)

I'm having a BLAST with this!

(he rubs his hands together--ed)

How are things with you?

How are things in YOUR world?

Are they better?

(he points to the head--ed--with his finger on the side)

For Carla, it is.

Who got herself a FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP while being first call?

Who got herself a DAY OFF when she has been working in the post-call position for months upon end? (normally we get the post call day off except in my group which is greedy, we don't have enough people, so we have a 'short room' the first post call day--ed)

(he makes a gesture like a gun shooting, with the thumb going down--ed) You got it! CARLA!

It is through her combination of generosity of spirit, trust in her guides, and allowing her Life Lessons to propel her forward, Carla is able to have some 'say' in how her Life Experiences appear to her...

It was only yesterday she told Divine Mother Incarnate with all her heart how she longs for a time with 'no call whatsoever' and 'plenty of days off'.

Well there it is! There you go!

ONE good night's sleep!  Followed by ONE bonus day off to work on her projects!

It can happen.

(points to his chest--ed) But only when you go within.

It clears the 'junk' off, the 'ballast' which weighs you down just a little beneath the threshold where you are able to powerfully co-create.

So 'bump up' against the 'ceiling' which you are all like balloons floating to the top of the room--nudge it just a little harder with more effort--through your meditations and living your Life Scripts to the letter--and soon you too will be making things you seek, without effort, miraculously find their way to you!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple