Monday, May 29, 2017

An Adventure!

I'm sipping a cup of tea from my favorite unicorn mug.

A great healing has been done, and I'm trying to figure out how to write about it.

Yesterday, when I was in Burbank, at the Colony Theater, part of me knew that my energy was needed there.  Burbank, if you don't know, is headquarters for many major film companies/studios, television channels, and networks.

The play about Italian/Jewish/Therapy was basically two hours of 'potty humor' with an ethnic 'flavor'. And I was caught by my son while I was falling asleep, nodding off during the show.

(My mother wanted it for her mother's day, and she greatly enjoyed it, which was worth it the whole time, her happiness, that's for sure.)

I did only one thing for our 'teams' while I was there.

Ross has been VERY quiet, very very quiet.

This morning when I woke up, I watched two videos.

These didn't sit well with me.

I decided in my heart that 'worship' by being tricked isn't really 'worship' at all, it's a loophole for Free Will...

This one I watched on Friday...also disturbing...

Again, you have to take these videos with a piece of salt.  Most have partial truths. The secrets are cleverly hidden. And they are so freakish that those who are exposing them tend to look a little bizarre and have poor credibility...

So today, I made breakfast and we went for a walk.

Then...I got thinking...what is this black sun? What does it have to do with Saturn? Could it be disconnected and taken offline in any way?

And I know someone who I needed to have permission, as they were in charge of an energy field which I think was being tapped 'illegally' by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Permissions were given.

Once the walk was over, as Ross has told me to do even before the walk without my knowing why, I went to meditate with him.

I told him, 'I think there is some connection between this energy field and the Dark ones?'

He was like, 'ya think?!'

I was a little embarrassed. 

He explained, 'Everyone out here knows of this connection. It's totally obvious. It's about time you figured it out...' and it was a tone of benevolence and love, not anger or sarcasm.

I got serious.

He explained that the second video is only part true, the other part isn't.

I leveled with him.  I explained there are people hurting because of this connection, it needs to stop. it's like someone who is stealing cable from their neighbor who is paying for it and they are not. 

I had to ask, when you see this, who do you call, the cable company, or the police?

The answer is, you go to the cable connection which isn't right and you pull it out.


With the guides of compassionate healing for my safety, I went into this energy field.

The spinning was like the fidget spinner, and also like the muslims in Mecca around the cube, spinning fast.

It was stopped by pulling on the arms.

It looked like this:

See it?

Six three times...

It was a dark chasm.

I lit a match, and looked.

There were five lizards to be removed. Just like on the Turtle Man--taken alive and put into bags for 'relocation'.

There was one by the foot. We startled it and it went into the bag.

Another was in the right arm area if the energy field was a body--just for visualization--that one tried to stay. It was offered food, and it accepted it, and was easy to catch.

Another was in the back of the head--for visualization--as if this energy body had a head and arms and legs, you know?

I reached quickly around the middle and in the blink of an eye removed it and put it into the bag.

The next one was mean. It was snaked around the 'heart' and really wrapped in there tight. It wasn't going anywhere.

I created beams of white light, like lasers, and directed them to each limb, the head, and the heart. It confused the lizard. It held it still, but couldn't catch it. The bag was brought closer, the claws were gently loosened from their grip, so as not to wake it up, and then BOOM! it was in the bag, and a garbage can lid was needed to keep it from jumping up and out of the bag.

It was eerie, and dark.

The biggest one was in the pelvis. It was huge and didn't want to come out.

A pink dragon came to fight it.

This one was trying to trick, some magic, to let itself 'seed' and 'scatter'--so an iridescent white mesh was created over the energy field to contain it. There was no escape for anyone from that.

It charged the pink dragon.  The dragon was supposed to scare it to walk backwards into the bag, but it didn't work. 

The two fought, with all their strength.  Twisting, turning, baring teeth and using both teeth and claws.

Somehow the teams were able to maneuver both near the bag, and to get the mean one in. It was really thrashing inside the bag. It almost ripped it, I could see the seams stretching.

Then quickly, I injected it with ketamine through the bag.

It calmed.

That lizard wasn't going anywhere.  The Guides took it away.

Inside there was something unusual I've never seen. Even with the removals, the energy patterns which remained were capable to regenerate themselves. 

I was like a car wash brush, rotating, all through.  Then I worked with bubbles. 

I filled with liquid. And I took care of the subcutaneous tissue and the skin.

But it wasn't enough.

I learned peanut butter would do the trick. These lizards are 'allergic' to it. And so inside I smeared it, to eradicate the energy patterns. Then I did the bubbles again.

At the top, I replaced the fidget spinner with this:

Now this spins.

Remember the permission?

The permission was in meditation.

The permission FELT things--volunteered them without my prompting--in the heart center, in the pelvis, and one other place I felt.

This is secondary confirmation, and greatly soothing to me to have it. 

This takes the isolation of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart one level UP from the etheric clearing which took place on Thursday. 

The meditation to clear anger on Friday set the stage for this 'surprise' healing.

For my recollection in the future, it's been recorded here now.


Carla said, 'this isn't what I thought I would be doing when I woke up this morning'...

You are to hear it directly from me, at this moment, you are one hundred percent empowered to accomplish what you have been sent to do.

This was the one hundred percent 'mark' which was passed a short while ago.

The rest is just 'clearing up' and 'small skirmishes' but the battle overall has been won.

(rubs his hands like taking dust off them, or 'washing his hands' of it--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. You will know by your Discern-o-meter and what resonates in your heart what you have been sent to do when it is time for you to do it.