Monday, May 15, 2017

Just Another Day With Cochise

Today was AWESOME!

In a way. ; )

I had an early start. I dropped Anthony off at a sitter. I had REALLY pushed the limits this morning. With a bowl of oatmeal in my stomach (because it was faster) I just barely made it to work moments after the surgeon was walking in.

We don't have a real anesthesia tech. We have a hall support person who is interested in the job doing the work without the training.

It's frustrating on my end, as well as for her. She deserves the training.

The cases today were the usual stuff I can't talk about, in the physical, but in the spiritual, I can.

I can't tell you which patient did what.

One inside, after the cleansing and balancing, apologized. It was very obvious this one was a 'slacker' who 'just barely made it to Ascension' without 'doing their fair share of the work'.  This was the nature of the apology. I said, 'lots of people are like this, it's no big deal, but if you can find it in yourself to help, please DO.'

It's different working with people on a soul level.

Another one, well, many things broke in the O.R.

I've noticed a trend in my cardiac surgery patients where lines won't go in, it's just weird how the energies in those patients are to work with. It's like theres an energy wall that says--from the person--Keep Out and Don't Fix Me. Is it Fear? IDK.

I've noticed a trend in my OB patients where the needles won't go in for the epidural--and it's been confirmed through Margaret that there are Dark Entities inside, who want the pain to their host, because it 'feeds them' energy.

So today, not only was everything difficult, technically, but the entire anesthesia computer system crashed in all the rooms in such a way that the data would not collect automatically onto the electronic anesthesia record.

I had to record everything by hand entering into the computer, every vital sign, in addition to my usual things.

However, the combination technically for the patient care was equally demanding--high tolerance to standard anesthetic agents, plus -- a need for the lightest anesthesia possible for nerve monitoring introp!  The surgeon was like, 'the patient isn't asleep!' and I was struggling with high rates of iv anesthesia, meds, the drug tolerance, and the entering data.

I couldn't think.

But I found a way to 'validate' the data and let it into the record.

And I rolled up my sleeves--making sure my guides of compassionate Healing were with me, and I looked into the soul.

I wasn't sure what to do to be honest. It--whatever it was and I still don't know what it is--I sensed it was going to put up a fight.

Out of the blue, I saw Divine Father coming down, and HE made it come out. Then about thirty men (angels) had a giant interwoven laser rope grid/net to contain it. They were each pulling as hard as they could with all their might!

It went directly to be merged.

I looked inside in earnest for any stragglers left--maybees or small dark ones. I scrubbed with a bottle brush, and I also filled it up with uncooked rice. I knew it would grow if I added water.  I got some pepper things out, some small grey things (maybees?)...

And the energy in the room LIGHTENED!

All the computers got fixed.

It was a workout!

I wanted to record this just in case I forgot in the morning.  I came home after ten, and Anthony and I studied his science together, now I write this.

clap! clap!

Ross says it's time for me to get some rest.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple