Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What Is Happening To My Heroes?

My mother doesn't read this.

Actually, she counsels me to stop 'putting everything out on the internet'.

She's my mother. I see her point of view. And she doesn't understand I've been sent to do this, and if I didn't write, I would burst!

That being said,  her topic of our morning conversation on my way to work, which is our custom, is the title of this blog.

Innocently, she said, 'WHAT is HAPPENING to all my HEROES???'

Her first example was Bill O'Reilly.

She couldn't believe how he could be taken down like that. She stammered, 'I've KNOWN him! I've known him for twenty years on the radio, and then after that, twenty years on TV!'

I demurred supportive things, and supported her in her  moment of 'Awakening', which was uncomfortable for her.

I also acted surprised.

People who are waking up are delicate.

Let them take it at their own speed which is right for them.

'I told you so!'--much as our hearts might wish to say it in the tones of 'will you PLEASE WAKE UP already?!'--has no place in the awakening process .

Fake News and the Pilot.

A commercial pilot vented online, and is a friend of a friend.

Now--when someone VENTS--here are the rules:

  • they vent
  • you keep your views to yourself as they are letting something OUT and actually growing closer to you. Even if you don't like what they are saying, they are trusting you enough to be vulnerable with you.

For my non-airline friends:
Penned by Captain SW:
Let's get some facts on the table. As an airline captain, I am the sole authority on the airplane. With that authority comes great responsibility. Likewise, FAR 91.1 states that I am solely responsible for the safe operation of the flight. Therefore, I am responsible for each and every one of you once you cross the threshold of the airplane door. Keep that in mind as we progress. In other words, you break a rule and I could lose my license. My livelihood is not worth your inability to comply. That aside, lets look at why the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR's) are what they are.
Most pilots will agree that the FAR's are written in blood. Every one of the rules was written as the result of the loss of life (a crash.) For example, most of you don't get why you have to have your seat-back and your tray table up for take off. Fact is, the most dangerous part of your fight is the high-speed takeoff regime-- that point from approximately 100 mph to lift-off. I don't need to get into the reasons why, but it is. Should an engine fail and the captain decide to stop on the runway, the odds are great that the plane will sustain damage and emergency evacuation will be likely. Imagine that situation with the moron in front of you having reclined his seat to the aft position and the idiot in the seat between you and the aisle having his tray table down. The FAA knows this and regulates against it because the FAA certifies airplanes based on a full airplane evacuation in a set amount of time. They do not take into account idiots like the guys ahead of you and next to you. In this scenario, you will likely burn and die. Those non-compliers blocked your egress, and you suffered. I wish our Flight Attendants could tell you all this. Maybe you would police each other for your own safety. Then, our flight attendants would not have to tell you to put your seat up and hear words like "witch" uttered under your breath. This is just one example of rules made by the FAA to protect YOUR safety.
Fast forward to this situation. Do you remember 9/11? Do you remember Pan Am 103? There are so many security protocols of which you are not aware. Seats assigned must match names. Luggage must match seats assigned. You cannot book on two flights simultaneously. The computer systems know this. You cannot merely give a seat to another person. That is kinda how Pan Am 103 happened--seat bought for someone then someone else showed up and took the seat. As a result, the security systems in place at every airline can immediately send me, on the flight deck at Flight Level 350 (35,000 feet), everything I want to know about you. I can conference call every government security entity that I so desire. I plan to go home to my son and the other Captain Walker at the end of every flight, so guess what? I’m not giving an inch on security. I get paid to get ALL 220 people there safely, not just you and your whiney, self-centered issues. Your refusal to play by the rules like the rest of us and merely change the name on the seat is no better than any other law-breaker.
At some point, all this arguing on the ground in the back of my airplane becomes a threat to FAR 91.1, my edict that I ensure the safe operation of the flight. If you cannot follow orders on the ground, it’s highly unlikely you will do so at FL 350. 
Get one thing strait, once you board a US airliner, you are entering a DICTATORSHIP. IT IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. I AM THE DICTATOR. NORMALLY, I AM A VERY BENEVOLENT DICTATOR, BUT A DICTATOR, NONETHELESS! DON’T FORGET THAT. It is my ship. I am in command. I have the full faith and backing of the Federal Aviation Administration (thus the US Government), my company, and my co-workers. There are NO “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” about it! I don’t care about your lawyers, or your camera phone. I have one job to do, and that responsibility--the safety of the other 199 people--trumps your wants or needs. And, if I do not do that job, including removing you for being disruptive, I could lose my licenses, livelihood, and even end up in jail. Therefore, when push comes to shove, I WILL WIN. You can take that to the bank.
Let me take a moment and explain this. 99.99% of the time, all goes great. I meet wonderful customers for whom I am sincerely thankful for their business. I take kids to see Mickey Mouse; military sons to reunite with their families; and, even fallen heros home to rest. But, every now and then, there is one. There is one person who cannot play by the rules; one person who thinks their situation is more important that all the others on the airplane; one who just cannot follow instructions.
Imagine for a moment you are a Captain on a flight with someone who just cannot follow instructions, whether it be not turning off their phones for takeoff (there really is a reason for this), or someone won’t put their tray table up. You know all this before take off because the flight attendants keep calling. Would you take this insolent passenger for a ride knowing that if everything goes great, no harm done, but if one thing goes wrong, you could be called to sit before the NTSB and answer questions about your judgment and likely lose your career? You have a passenger on board who will not comply with simple flight crew requests on the ground, and you stupidly take them flying. Now you are at FL350. You cage a motor; conduct an emergency descent; and, ask your flight attendants to prepare the cabin for an emergency landing. There are deadheading flight crew in various seats in the back. They are fully trained on the operation of the over-wing exits, slides, rafts, and evacuations. As Captain, you tell the flight attendants to move the crew to the emergency exit rows to facilitate a fast evacuation giving the most number of passengers a fighting chance at survival. However, your insolent problem who refused to put up his tray table is now refusing to change seats with the trained deadheading pilots. The lives of 200 people are in your hands. What do you do?
Now, perhaps, you understand why the law of the sea governs the skies. You know why you need that dictator at that point who knows their job, and can fly the $hit out of that plane. And, you know why the majority of us pilots will get problems removed before we ever get in the air.

I don't know about you, but I've seen very rude people on my flights. I've had to ask them to do something safe. For example, would you please be quiet so I can hear the safety talk? Or to put their seat up for takeoff. 

We aren't hearing the rudeness on the passengers except as heroes in the mainstream media. 

Here's a clue for you about Bill O'Reilly:

They get people to do compromising things, and then when you don't follow the 'rules', they blackmail you. This is how that 'circle' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart work.   Everyone at every news station does horrible, misogynistic (and also misoandrogynous--against cute young reporters who will 'do anything' to make it big time) things.

Given the choice, I would rather 'know' than be like my mother who is blindsided by the fall of her 'hero'....it's sad to know these things. It really is. When you first wake up it's like, 'how could this have gone on without my knowing it?'

It's because they are skilled at harnessing our psychology to work against us and keep us in the dark. They know all of our biological weaknesses and exploit them. 

That's all.

I have been wondering about the superhero themes pushed by Disney, the media, the movies recently.   It's even in that Coldplay song that's popular now. A friend of mine who works at my favorite crystal shop and is moving away, threw a Superhero party where you dress as your 'favorite superhero'.  I wasn't invited, but I was at the store and heard others talking about their costumes.

This crowd is kind of like my mom.

When you talk about the stuff like in the videos above, their eyes glass over and it just doesn't 'connect'. So even if they are partially 'awake', in this area they are deeply asleep.

I heard once Elvis based his looks on a 
superhero. That's why he did his hair like that.

There's some sort of connection between the Superhero and Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. I just don't 'get it'.

There is only one SuperPower.

That's to LOVE.

To LOVE unconditionally every day, every hour, every opportunity it is asked of you. 

Love is the only power that's NOT Illusion!

Love is eternal.

Not just 'me and you' in a romantic sense, but me running through a burning building risking my own life to save you 'love', me helping you when you are sick 'love', me packing your lunch and washing your clothes 'love'...so many kinds of LOVE!

Ross has been very affectionate lately. 

Once we got the 'other parallel lives husbands' topic done, he's 'made his move' and really been letting me know I'm the one for him.

Yesterday, he bugged a mutual friend until she shared this song with me for him.

I saw the words, but didn't remember the song. 

This morning I played it.

I always like romantic songs from the past the best.

It WAS him!  I know it. And I asked too, and he said it was him.

This morning he woke me up and said, 'You will have a miracle from me today'

And I said, 'I know.'

He was startled.

I clarified that I didn't know the surprise, I wouldn't know that, but I know the giver, and his generosity of heart.  I know his heart well, better than anything, and I am so grateful for it...

Enjoy your superpower!

P.S. Remember, the example given by Spirit of their vibrational difference from ours is an airplane propeller or the blades of a fan.  When it spins fast enough, you can't SEE the individual blades any more. You see right through it, as if it wasn't there. But by the air and the special grate on the fan so you can't stick your fingers in it -- you KNOW those blades are spinning, right?

The Dark Ones can't SEE things which vibrate at a very high level.  Most incarnate people can't 'see' it either. Only those who vibrate high enough in their energy field can.

Your Vibration is protective of you. It strengthens your aura, so nothing can attach. Your aura is like an eggshell of energy which surrounds you.

As long as you keep your vibration up, you are free to explore and enjoy the wonder of 5D Here around us!  

P.P.S.  Ross sang a song for me yesterday--or the day before--and I smiled soooo big. It was one from a long time ago we used to sing in our past incarnation together. The soul REMEMBERS--even if it was only part way--I didn't know the words. But I knew the tune. And it made me smile so big!

Waking up is a good thing!

(Ross is taking a little break again today--clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins