Monday, May 22, 2017

A Grand Adventure!


I finished my call on Saturday night. I've rested and recovered yesterday. About all I was good for was playing catch with my son. And making dinner.

Today I have off from my clinical assignment.

First, for the good news!

We have made it.

If you have been hearing about the 'percents'--we are 'there' but I can't document what 'percent' because of Free Will on the part of the readers (according to Spirit).

I was given three rings by Divine Father, and Divine Mother incarnate sent me three bracelets (when I had ordered two).

Both arrived about the same time.

When I wore them, all this strange sensation of strong energy was going to work in my energy/body/etc.

I wore them all for two days.

I wasn't sure what to expect.

I had the feeling we were 'home' vibrationally, because everyone at the hospital at work was really NICE. People seem to be from the heart, nothing is hidden, and although there might be disagreements it's 'in the moment' and people are generally helpful.

For the patients, not so much 'nice'--people in pain frankly are often anything BUT 'nice'--but there was 'what you see is what you get' and no 'ulterior motives'.

I had trouble sleeping at the hotel.

I was tired all yesterday.

Many people were tired once the vibrations around us hit 'target'.

Ross let me have a nice glass of wine with dinner.

It helped.

Dinner was fascinating because I was to make what my nana used to make, sirloin tips with french fries (separate courses in a meal--one is a side dish). The meat is heavily peppered.

The store puts some gas in the packaging for the meat. And when I opened it, I wasn't sure if it was 'good' or not. There's a date of June 2 for expiration, but it had been in the fridge for about five days. I sniffed it, Anthony sniffed it. He thought it was okay. It wasn't slimy and was bright pink.

That the first of many 'tests'.

(I cooked the one from the freezer too, it smelled the same. I kept the pans separate. We ate the first one, and no one got sick. What was WEIRD was Ross wasn't talking. Even though I asked. It was a TEST.)

With the energies, I have the feeling of being on wobbly 'lily pads' and hopping from one to the next.

Last night was too hot. We got out the air bed, put it downstairs. Set it up. I was so sleepy.

But it was too soft for my joints and bones.

So I moved to the couch.

Later it was too cold, so I moved upstairs to my bed.

I woke up, and we have time for Anthony and I to do his stretches. He's in physical therapy. It will take one year for the bruise in his back bone to heal completely.  I do the stretches too.

Then I realized it's his dentist appointment in the morning. So we cleaned up for the cleaning team. I have housekeepers, but they don't do the heavy stuff. I had a Reiki table to put away. And the air bed (how do you get it to fit into that little bag with the zipper? Yikes!).

The closet for the Reiki table was kind of like, needed a good cleaning. So I had to hunt for the vacuum cleaner...and we fixed it better than it was before.

We took off for the dentist without having breakfast!

But afterwards, we found a nice coffee shop, and also, stopped by Trader Joe's to buy Anthony a healthy lunch. He chose chicken caesar salad, pomegranate, and a watermelon juice.

Then my day got like this.

One of the rings had slipped off my finger and I noticed it after I dropped Anthony off at school.

I retraced my steps.

I looked in the car.

I went through all the trash, even sticking my fingers in the old yogurt that we cleaned up when the quart fell out of the fridge yesterday when Anthony got the fruit drawer off the roller/rails.

I was screaming yesterday--my life is messed up! How can this be? Why do you play video games and not lift a finger to help me? Why do I always have to ASK?

It was expensive, losing a packet of pre-cut mango and a full quart of organic yogurt to the floor.

I realized my life ISN'T good--I can't be mindful, I can't predict anything, really, no matter how much I try, and I can't 'quiet down' enough inside (outside of meditation) to organize and make my life simple.

I wasn't angry at Anthony but at times I feel like my life is not my own, and that was one of them.

Today I was berating myself for losing something important (this one I do a LOT--get really deeply upset for losing something entrusted to me, it's a past life thing, I'm not sure what).

Yet at the same time, I knew the ring was in my bedroom, and if it wasn't God was in charge of things, and it's not the rings that are 'working' but it's the energies which remain no matter what...and I TRUSTED even though I could have gotten really upset.  And I knew in my heart, my life is too 'fast' for me, and losing the ring was a signal that I need to somehow slow things down.

It wasn't in my bed, the ring.

I was sad, but accepted it. And something told me to keep looking, and not give up hope.

I saw it! It WAS just beside the bed, on the floor, under a pillow.

I cried out loud with excitement!

I kissed the ring and got on my knees and thanked all my guides and Divine Father and Divine Mother for their mercy!

Then I put it in a safe place.

Walking on water can be easy, if you know how.

But right now, for me, the water is not solid snow, and I'm still busy learning.

This Creator Writings sums it up perfectly.

At no time did I think the Dark Ones were like in the movies, coming back for a thriller ending.

They are done.

Someone asked me, about this:

'How come I'm not seeing anything?'


Who sees an avalanche just when it's starting?

Only an experienced mountaineer.

And also, a lot is the energies.

Give it time, and no one will need to ask.

Here is an example of the avalanche just starting to begin.

In the new Realms/Higher Energies, we are being asked to help forge ahead and create a new and better life for us all. I was able to be on LIVE for this YouTube, in the comments, which are lost due to the magic of YouTube.

(P.S. --if you saw the Reiki healing with a wet blob on cement, and my asking people what it looks like to them, THERE you have an idea of the impact of Perception--how how many different 'realities' there really are!)

This soul has been doing work for free, with his friends, and he has vision.

Vision of a NEW medicine, '3.0', without Big Pharma or Insurance, and meets the needs of providers and patients.

He's 'worldly' in the sense that he drops lots of F-bombs and people think he's entertaining.

I'm not sure if this the the approach I would take to do this, myself. I think it's admirable for him and his team for just going 'out there' and 'doing their thing'.

SOMETHING is going to work.

And many people, just like me with my Reiki class for the nurses...are following their hearts and making inroads on much needed changes.

Here is a heads up--the pregnant sea lions are washing up ashore with neurological symptoms here in Southern California.  They are suffering from DMO--some chemical from the algae blooms in the ocean that are toxic. The fish eat it, and it goes up the food chain. Their babies all are premature and die, but the local rescue facility has had some luck with supportive care for the mothers.

They are the canaries of the ocean, and like in a coal mine where the canary would die first, they told us years ago when there wasn't enough fish in the ocean for them to nourish their pups.  There was a huge push for rescue those summers.

This is due to the rains, and the runoff of fertilizers into the ocean, which supports the algae blooms.

From what I understand, the cyanobacteria make most of the oxygen on the planet, and when they are in balance, there's no problem. But they are not in balance now.

Thoughts are things, and healing sent to the area will definitely help the marine mammals in the oceans where the algae are causing harm.

Thank you.

I remember!

Last night as I was falling asleep, I asked Ross, 'what HAPPENS?'

I was like, 'How do I go from awake to asleep? Where to I go at night? How does it work???'

And he let me 'see' a little right before I was 'out'.

I saw a conference room, on board ship. I saw lots of data, and the earth below. I saw reports on the energies, how things are going, and I saw them not as an observer, but as someone who USES the data. I understood what it meant, I knew it was encouraging and I knew it was time to work harder.

Ross was there, Ashtar was there, as there were many others, but I'm not sure if I recognized them.

It was just for a split second I saw these things. 

Then I was out. I slept poorly, trying to find the right position.

But I saw it, and I knew THAT was Home, and all of this, was something else perhaps Ross could explain to me later.



Everything is going to be okay.

I did it. You can too.


clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins