Monday, May 8, 2017

Here We Go!

I have some important things/concepts to convey to you.

I have been taking my time in figuring out how to explain them.

Sometimes Spirit doesn't 'translate' over to our Realm as easily in words as it could.

Now is one of those times.

I have been waiting three days to be able to write this.

The motivation behind the article is some people are flipping out.

A writer I know and trust had someone threaten to shoot himself live on YouTube unless 'she could prove to him without a doubt that he, too, was unconditionally loved by Creator of All That Is.'

It shook her. She had a good response--reach for Spirit, and to ASK others in her community to send healing to this person who was in distress.

That same day, or not long after, I saw a patient flip out in the ER--actually I heard it announced overhead, on the speaker, 'Code Grey to ER'.

I figured it would STAY in the ER, right?

Well I opened the doors to PACU which are across the hall from the ER, so I could go talk to a patient's family, only to see ten men struggling to restrain and handcuff a young male patient. He was belly down, in a gown, naked bottom exposed, saying, 'YOU CAN'T PUT HANDCUFFS ON ME!!!'

I knew how to restrain him.

I had the means.

I had the ketamine in my pyxis, and I knew the dose--five milligrams per kilo, and I knew he was about seventy kilos. One syringe, just like that--BAM! injected through the clothing into a muscle--and five minutes later it's like the sleepy animals on Wild Kingdom. Ain't nobody gonna hurt anyone.

I was called to the trauma room once in training to provide this service. A woman with a knife stuck in her chest was freaking out and not letting them insert the life-saving cordis large-bore central venous catheter into her neck before they took her to the O.R. to fix the knife.

I did it. With my residents I was supervising while I was in fellowship on call.


I waited carefully for Spirit to tell me to offer my services or not.

Ross wanted me to stay back and stay safe, and to let the experts take care of it.

I obeyed.

Let me explain to you some basics.

For five years know, people in the ranks of Marc Gamma and myself have been trudging through the 'snow' that was 'chest deep' (the denser energies) to blaze trails for the others to follow in the Awakening process.

YOU are like in the picture now. You are dressed for the snow. You have a trail, And your purpose/task/assignment is to follow YOUR trail where it leads and help others along the way.

If we imagine the 'denser energies' like the 'slower vibrating energies' of COLD, then we have the following set of realities for people at large on the planet:

People who think the Government is taking care of us and the news is not fake and it's great to be cool and have no clue of the religion of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest at Heart (of perhaps secretly worship it too, unconsciously)  live in a very 'frozen' energy field.

People like my mother who is psychic, spiritual, helps others as best as she can by phone--but is too proud to ask for help from those who care about her, watches TV 24/7 (smart TV she says, but lots of news) and professes a lifelong love for Queen Elizabeth--are not quite awake and not quite asleep. They tolerate the higher vibrations, but they don't exactly THRIVE in them like me.

For those of you who follow Ross and me, this is a beautiful awakening to a brand new day in Spring. The energies are welcoming, refreshing, invigorating, and something you have waited for for a long time!

Unfortunately, we are not here to enjoy the energies on vacation. 

We are here to work.

We have put up with/survived the misery of the Lower Denser Vibrations on Surface Gaia--planted here to be of assistance to those who inhabit her, and have been held asleep by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--for millennia. 

So the energies are compatible for us--finally!--and it's time to look for Spirit to guide us to the right place and times to be Who We Our--truly ourselves--and either set an example or actively assist or hold the vibration/hold the space for others who are due to awaken from the lower vibrations, and come to their senses.

This is like a shitload of 'spirit' coffee being given through the vibrations to the masses everywhere on earth--and nobody has the choice to add sugar and cream because there is no time.

It's not compatible with spiritual sleep and there's a lot of caffeine in it.

THIS is why Ashtar has been so 'slow and gentle' over the last five years which has felt like forever!

Because he knows the effect of the caffeine on the the masses, and how likely they are to react.

I in my unknowing, was like, 'just tell them to suck it up like WE have been sucking it up in THEIR lower vibrations! Just get it OVER WITH!!!'

Now I see.

If you don't mind, I will use animals as models for the people's responses.

Are you talking to me? Why can't I just enjoy my meal and go on with everything like normal?
(these are the people who are aligned with Service to Self--but not 'officially' part of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart).  For them this is an interruption in their normal daily lives, a surprise, and a 'stretch' for them to awaken.

Some will become profoundly introspective and reflect upon the significance of what is happening. They are in the middle. They have to understand something to accept it. And Spirit isn't something easily explained (except by Ross <3) .  So they will just come to a stop. And won't budge until they 'accept'.  

Some people just aren't going to wake up. I'm not sure what animal this is. The photo service calls it a 'bear'. Personally I think it's a little ugly and scary looking and probably has teeth and isn't afraid to use them. These individuals are a little further down the spectrum towards the Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. You can't reach them. They are lost for this next Creation Cycle. You must remind yourselves 'This is their choice! This is their soul's compatibility LEVEL of progress--in the long run it is better for them to not participate--to leave this realm--to go continue their lessons somewhere else like this that isn't Ascending.'

Some will find the new energies welcome, and it will make them more lovable and cuddly and fun!

Some will be overcome with fear, and worry, and these are the ones who will need to be consoled. They are innocent bystanders, just trying to live a good life, and have done so enough to 'make it' and 'Ascend' but they have no understanding of what is happening to them and the world around them.  Some will even hunger for Spiritual leadership and direction.
It is of utmost importance the leaders are upright and morally strong and do not take advantage of these innocent souls.

Others aren't going to like the new energies. It will make them cranky, and they will lash out. The only thing they know and understand is to fight. It's like someone who is so frustrated they can't communicate on adult level, and have a 'meltdown' just like a toddler, because emotionally and intellectually they are exhausted and overwhelmed.  It's the only response they have left.

So I didn't want to make this 'long'.

In review--the energies are changing.  You have your work cut out for you. It's still not easy hiking in the snow, even when there's a trail that has been made for you.

Know that THREE paradigms are superimposed out 'there'--frozen, partial thaw, and warm pleasant--and people by nature of their soul lessons and progress are going to perceive either the cold or the heat as 'normal' and they are going to react in their own way. 

Ultimately everything will THAW and unmistakably be THAWED, for good.

We ourselves have our spirit guides always here and ready to help us.

For years Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have understood the invisible world is where 'magic happens'--there's power in the invisible world. They tap into the 'colder' spectrum of it. 

They have also hidden this 'magic' from us--so we can't use our own Divine Birthright Powers To Co-Create.

Instead they harness it from us.


The Spirit world is REAL.

There are thousands and thousands (Ross says) of cultures out there who are the opposite--they DO Have Our Best Interest At Heart--and they are watching over us and ensuring our safety through this whole thing. 

When you go in your quiet space of meditation, they ARE there, with you, strengthening you, consoling you, and encouraging you on your tasks/purpose. 

That is enough for today.

I will add two articles:
The reason is that I have been THINKING of this topic, and both came out with something before I had a chance to write.  I am HEARD on the other side, and both teams HEARD me as I mulled over this important topic. And both teams put articles out before me, one to assist me in my efforts, the other to mislead people away from my guidance as an older sister (Ate in tagalog) to them.

I hope I communicated this message effectively. Clearly. And in a way that is of highest relevance to you.

(clap! clap! Ross)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple