Sunday, May 28, 2017

Visiting The Healing Power Of Food

Yesterday I was post-call.

Ross has been quiet, by lately he has insisted that on my post-call days we eat outside the home, and that I don't cook.

It was time for lunch, and unlike recently where Ross has been allowing me to be more independent, he told me we should go to the local Mongolian Barbecue.

I was shocked.  

I was stunned.

That place, even though there's a new location, and I know it's Anthony's dad Jared's has terrible reviews on YELP.

There's some good ones on it there too. But the bad ones are scathing. 'Instant diarrhea' know?

Anthony refused to go.

But there was still that nagging feeling about Ross...

I told Anthony I would drive to the parking lot before we went to the mall. Just to see if there's a message, or a reason.

Ross said, 'you used to cook like this back home. On a huge warm stone/ceramic thing over a fire. It will bring back memories'...

I still wasn't convinced, but I also went into the restaurant while Anthony was in the car. The gentleman there was very kind, let me see the food bar. 

I came back to the car and I just sat.

I told Anthony, I don't know why, but I think we should go.

Anthony changed his mind all of a sudden. He smiled and got out of the car before me.

He said, 'Ross told me if I go I will get something special from the mall. You will get something too.'

I was like, 'thanks Ross!'.

We made our plates. They were delicious. I liked adjusting the flavors going into it. I liked CURRY...

I went back for a second plate. This one, Ross said, was to be 'all pepper'--I put in green peppers, green onions, jalapeƱo and very little meat. 

But this LADY!

Oh my gosh, she was ahead of me in line, and had terrible energy, and was SLOW!

She mashed the food down with the little pieces of wax paper provided. I didn't understand, this is all you can eat?

But I was obedient, polite, and just took it. I stood there behind her in line, not saying anything. And the cooks were slow, so we waited at the counter together for them to cook the food for us.

Then I saw it.

The hospital visitor sticker.

I've worn lots of them when my mom was sick.

She must have had a loved one at the hospital, 3W was the floor.

I was moved with compassion, and I knew Ross, the big softy, would find any excuse to get me to where someone needed me to convoluted as it is, THAT is how my man works...<3

She confessed to me her son has cancer. He doesn't want to eat. But this is his favorite place and all of a sudden it sounded good...

She said even when they are six feet tall, you still want to hug them and help them...

I smiled and looked in her eyes.

I shared how when she was little my mom had been very sick. She didn't want to eat anything. Something would sound good, and my grandfather would go all the way down to the village to get it for her.

There wasn't much money, and it was a sacrifice to get whatever it was, perhaps a pastry, for her.

And when he would return, and she would see it, she couldn't eat it.

She apologized profusely to her father, who merely smiled with love, and encouraged her to 'eat it with her eyes' as it would still provide healing to her. 

Sometimes you have to just get back to the routine of eating, and it's medically correct, 'eating with your eyes' is called the 'cephalic phase' of digestion. Your body makes all the digestive juices, you start gets everything ready to accept food.

This woman responded to my loving tone, my calmness (actually, technically, it's my bedside manner honed from years in the specialty, but I never once disclosed my occupation to her.).

I asked her what the cancer is?  He was going to need chemo, she has shared...

It was testicular.

I smiled and said, 'for that the results are very good!'

Then I paused.

I asked, 'What is his name?'


'May I pray for him?'

All the defenses melted down, and she gushed, 'oh yes, yes! please! anything you do will help!'

I had obtained permission for our Reiki 'healing prayer', and I made a Reiki Request on our Team Doctors With Reiki for him once she left...

Ross does good work. And thankfully, when I'm post call, it doesn't seem like working at all!

I'm going to tell you about Judy.

She is a reader, who unknowingly set the stage for this blog post.

Judy lives in a bad part of town (just like where I grew up).

Judy doesn't have lots of money (just like when I grew up).

Judy has lots of health problems, and her doctors prescribed her a ton of medications.

They were expensive.

They made her feel terrible.

You'll never guess what Judy did.

She forced herself to like fruits and vegetables.  To cook for herself.

She totally changed her diet.

Part of her problem was very bad joint pain, possibly arthritis.

It went away with turmeric pills.

It totally went away...

But the pills were too expensive.

So Judy found a spices place, where she can buy a whole bag of turmeric powder, for three dollars.

She mixes it with water and drinks it, and she gets the same relief.

This is a beautiful story of healing, listening to your inner guidance, working with your guides (notice the gentle path of one thing, leading to another, leading to another--like with the visit to the Mongolian Barbecue and me--never saying DO THIS or DO THAT but the gentle 'hunches' that surprisingly 'mean something' and 'accomplish the impossible' without much effort...)

Now, Judy decided on her own what medicines to stop and what to keep--she purged her whole pharmacopeia...and as Doctors With Reiki, we don't recommend stopping all your pills. Even Judy, wisely, didn't 'stop all her pills'.

Judy worked with her guides.

Judy lost forty pounds.

Judy has lots more energy.

Judy is a shining example of what can be accomplished when we accept each day, each minute is truly new, and we have the power to change our lives...

What is this fruit?

It's a cherimoya.

To me the white part you eat tastes like ice cream.

It's soft and you spoon it. You have to watch for the many seeds. But you can eat a whole one at a sitting.

They cost about six dollars at the health food store. I eat them the day I buy them because once they are ripe, they go bad pretty quick.

Asians are totally surprised I know what they are, and I enjoy them.

On some online websites, it has been rumored that these things have powerful chemotherapy-strength anti-cancer molecules/compounds in them.

It can't hurt, right?

All the more reason to justify the six dollars and enjoy

Food can heal.

Everything is vibration, even you.

I know you 'have a body' and 'it's solid' but moreover you are a SOUL incarnate having a human experience...and your SOUL connects to this body through some incredible legerdemain of spirit--by the chakras! is the imbalances in the energy field/chakras, which if imbalanced for long enough, show up as imbalances in the physical what we know as Disease.

Dis-ease (imbalance) when uncorrected can create Disease.

Color, aroma, taste...all do with healing.

And THIS is what I think Ross was helping me to remember.

For example, my 'all pepper dish' I mixed for myself?

It had green (heart center), warming (Ayurveda--kapha, vata, pitta concepts) with ginger, capscaicin (active ingredient of pepper)...what better way to nourish and heal someone who just basically pulled an all-nighter? Right?

I even enjoyed a cup of warm jasmine tea, which is also very soothing. I could write a book on how tea improves the life experience! On an emotional, spiritual and healing level...I adore tea.

Shhhh! My favorite is when I go make a cup from herbs I pick in the back yard...lemon balm and mint...with honey.

Imagine a restaurant, plain and straightforward, like the Mongolian Barbecue--classical music, something very high vibration.

You would go to the healer, and tell them your symptoms.

The healer would assess your energy state (like Ross did for me)...and prescribe for you foods.

You could make them with the guidance of the person, 'choose this or that' or 'that one will help'.

Then you add the sauces--again--more healing...

It would be prepared for you, and you would 'eat your healing'...

Imagine six weeks of this, with yoga, with therapy for the emotional imbalances, with Reiki...with 'forest bathing' and perhaps light treatment and meditation.

You would get new skills to last a lifetime.

You would leave your imbalances behind...

Imagine doing this once every year, just for you, and the rest of the household would get along just fine without you.

Illness and suffering would be a thing of the past!!!

Food is medicine?

Well, if that's a stretch for you, I will provide the counter-argument:  food is also a poison.

Don't agree?

Well, then, Super-size me.

Keep ingesting the High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I have looked everywhere on YouTube. It's been pulled. There was an ad about how HFCS makes a daughter fat on Saturday night Live.  It was a parody of the High Fructose Corn Syrup at, about 'science' and 'safe in moderation'...then the mom compliments the hostess on her sweater, and her daughter had 'outgrown it'.

What about the GMO (genetically modified organisms)?  Well, the franken-farm salmon in the Pacific Northwest are very stressed, very ill, and their viruses are now in the DNA of the wild salmon, who are being decimated. Salmon is a species that many other life forms depend upon--orca, bear, for example, and now up the food chain there is problem being seen too. The Resident killer whales are starting to be like the transients and eat marine mammals, because they are starving.

Furthermore, each first born of the orcas dies in the wild. All the pesticides build up in the system from eating the contaminated wild fish. And mother whales unload all the chemicals in the breast milk...which is fatally toxic to the newborn whales. They might live a while but die of horrible cancer and wash up onshore.

We have to pay more to avoid the unhealthy foods, there is a premium for organic and there's never a guarantee.  The chain Whole Foods has already had at least one scandal. I won't shop there (Trader Joe's is safe--you don't have to worry when you shop there)...

And the poor bees...with all that Round Up.... : (

I read an article from someone who lost forty pounds without trying that hard. Let me look it up for you.

Here it is:

There is hope.

Small changes can lead to healing.

In so many ways...

When I was at work Friday, I was at the surgery center. Some of the nurses expressed their regret they couldn't attend my lecture the week before (hospital grand rounds for nursing doesn't happen the same time at the surgery center, so it was during the surgery center work hours).

But they asked!

And guess what?

I gave a demonstration in the recovery room.

Behind the curtains, on a patient (who consented on a soul level).

They LOVED it!

And the patient woke up with a 'wonderful smile' a while later...they said.


I did it.

I helped that woman with Carla and her presence.

I knew.

I knew the coming events would mean more to her if she had a face to face with my woman, my Twin...and that the Reiki would accomplish what the love of a mother for a son had envisioned--perfect health, a long life, in every way!

WHY would I do it?  (he touches his heart with an open right hand--ed)

I am like you.

I am a softy!

I have been incarnate and I understand 'enough is enough!'

For everything.

I help when I have the opportunity.

And I love you very much.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
 The Couple

Thank you.