Sunday, May 14, 2017


It's time we had that important talk.

I have a tongue tie.

I'm probably a little on the Asperger end of the autism spectrum too.

My sister tested homozygous positive for the MTHFR gene.  What this means, is she is genetically barely able to transform folic acid into the active form of folate.

Did I get tested?

It's super expensive.

So I tried what her doctor told her to do--I took the activated form of vitamin B9--in the Smarty Pants brand gummy, where it's L-methylfolate, calcium salt.

I felt BETTER! Like I haven't felt in years! I had so much energy!!

I must be like her, and the only chance in medical decision-making that would have changed the outcome is if I didn't feel anything with the activated B9, I might have gone back and taken the test just to make sure I wasn't heterozygous.

Here is an article:

I took LOTS of folate in my prenatal vitamins...and Anthony has a tongue tie too.

I wasn't sure, when I went to the store, what 'activated B-9' was. I had to learn B-9 was folate (we didn't memorize it as B-9 in medical school).   I actually bought three forms of B vitamins--because I want lots of B-1, as eighty percent of the morbidly obese are deficient in it, and my son and I both have a 'weight problem' that's not 'good'--our BMI's are above thirty and that's not cool.

One was Fast Dissolve B Complex--didn't even have folate in it!  At least it had B-1 (Thiamine), and just now I realized it's not 'one a day' but 'one in the morning and two in the afternoon'--ooops!

The other was Doctor's Best Fully Active B Complex. It has (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate ((6S)-5-MTHF)...that one doesn't give me the same energy, but it's technically 'active' with 'Quatrefolic'...when I take that one I feel a little 'fuzzy' so I won't take it any more.

I am so grateful for this find my sister shared with me.

That was one of the nicest things she ever did.

She also shared with me her DNA test results from twenty three and me.

I wasn't surprised, as my mom researched our genealogy and it is close.

What did surprise me was this--perhaps the spitting in a cup is more than 'for science' and 'for you'?

I watched it last night:

I was on a roll.  Ross told me to relax a little, and watch some last night before bed. He told me my rest is important, and not to worry about the dishes and the laundry.

Let me tell you this is something I've never realized before. There are things out there called 'Sigils'.

I didn't know. 

I watched the video and was like, OMG!  After doing all the archangel keys, after doing years of Reiki, I knew that the symbols were important, but never did I for an instant guess that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have their own versions of it too, and have been using it for long time!

Very long time!

Totally secret and guarded long time!

Which makes sense, if you think about it, right?

For the beginning of Reiki, it was secret too. That's why we don't post the symbols all over the internet (except when Spirit told me to-- starting with The Transition Symbol)...

I stopped the frame and looked through every one of the sigils presented and not one is in ANY of our advanced Reiki or Angel keys. 

Thank God! Spirit is smarter than us!  And trusting in Spirit is everything.  No WONDER why the veil on many of us light workers has been so THICK. 

It's a big task we have been sent to do! 

Here's the video:

I'm going to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for you if you are interested:

All these things just fell in my lap.

I know one of the techniques in Nazi Germany was to take art, and display it upside down, in poor lighting, and make fun of it to help make people go along with the agenda to look down on the Jews.

I know when media I watch kind of gets my emotions going, it's probably not 'right'.  And Mark Dice--I wasn't sure what 'team' he was on. He enjoys what he does, he's good at it, and yet...on some level I have been going, 'hmmmm?' with my Discern-O-Meter for some time, because of what I studied in my history classes and his technique is pretty close to the bad art shows and mockery used 'back in the day'.

So I'm glad to have a broad 'range' of videos. If you're bored, watch. If not, or if you don't like them, that's okay too. 

I just want you to know what I've been up to, how I'm forging that trail through the chest deep snow, and it looks like our destination is just barely able to be seen in the distance.

I was very excited about it.

Yesterday I just went for a walk to a local park.

I didn't go to Starbucks for breakfast. I just went for a walk.

But this time I did something different. At the end I just lay on my back on the grass, and I sent Reiki for the usual daily healings I send with Ross.

It was wonderful to be outside.

For the second time in my life, I saw the 'blue'--my vision just sees this incredible shade of Light Blue, and I feel transported to another world/dimension. It happens only when I am on my back, on the earth, and very relaxed and content in a spiritual connection.

It's fleeting, but also, very reassuring when this 'blue' happens to me when my eyes are closed.

Then after that, I sat in the park, and I meditated.

I made progress.

I opened my heart to my guides, and said, 'I don't know what to do about my relationships with my sisters--they aren't healthy. One didn't even want me in her wedding, and I was practically ignored the whole time in all the preparations.'

I realized much of our relationships are based on expectations, from our mutual past which in my case was like, forty years ago.

Ross and Michael helped me to cut the cords.

Michael explained, gently, that any request from them in the future, I can answer based on what is in my heart NOW. And if I feel it is right for me or not to go do it. He said there are not any guarantees, and the blood tie will always be there, but it doesn't mean there will be a friendship. But just because there isn't, there's no use in trying to beat myself up or feeling guilting about not being close with them and their lives.

As I relaxed, I realized the people who genuinely LOVE me, understand my crazy life, the single parenting, the long hours at work, and accept me for what I am, here right now, TODAY...and there's no 'baggage' between us.

So I felt free.

I came home, and since being late is better than never, I put together the Mother's Day cards and the emergency blankets I would have given them in person if we had been getting together today. One sister is working. The other is 'tired' which I'm not sure if it means she doesn't want to get together, or get together with me and Anthony, I just can't figure it out. And according to Michael, it's best if I just let it go.

I did make a nice Mother's Day card for our neighbor who is extra good to Anthony and me, and helps us every now and then.

I also sent a box of candies from our childhood to my first friend for her birthday, just like the things we used to buy at the liquor store long ago. We are close, and still friends, to this day.

It's good not to overlook the blessings we DO have, you know?

As your vibrations grow, you will realize as you are Ascending, your family ties to your incarnate Star Family are much stronger and sustaining than you ever would have guessed.

Family is family.

And as we get closer to the end of the road--what we have been working for and the completion of our mission/assignments/Purpose--things 'shift' a little with the people who gravitate to us and are around us.

And that's OKAY.

(Ross is clapping--clap! clap!--ed--it must be time for me to go.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. Ross wishes everyone a Happy Mother's Day!