Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Divine Embrace

I feel good.

There have been three amazing things since Friday.

The first was the acceptance/allowing that I couldn't go to Anthony's basketball game and had to work. I needed to work to support us. And a life was saved, literally, in the OR. The problem was one the surgeon said, 'you never let the sun set' on this kind of emergency.  It felt good to save a life. It felt good to be guided to be kind to myself afterwards, and get a burger because I didn't eat right all day.

The second was yesterday. I was guided to 'go to the lake for a swim'.

It was GOOD to get out of the house, to get used to the freezing water, to lie in the sun on the sand. Yes I am letting my chores slip, and my bracelets wait.

I had to fill up ME.

Raphael was guiding me all day. He suggested I get 'something exotic' at the ice cream shop, on a cone, and only one scoop. I did. I got 'World Class Chocolate'.  Then I realized a store nearby had the frames for things I had been wanting to frame. And they were on sale. After that, a quick trip to the grocery store. Then I was done for the night. I didn't cook. I went to bed at eight. I slept twelve hours. I just can't seem to get enough sleep, my sleep debt has been so bad.

This morning Raphael said to 'go for a morning walk'. I dressed into my exercise clothes, and walked to Starbucks for breakfast. The round trip is two miles. Now I can do chores, clean the house, and relax until Anthony's father brings him home.

To be honest, I'm a little anxious because 'he wants to come early a talk' about 'what he's doing this summer'. (I know he has to sell the house, Anthony told me.--my concern is the grandparents who are in Arizona now, and their wanting him to spend time with them. ) I won't worry, it is what it is, and I will deal with whatever it is as it comes up.

Right after I changed my work schedule to match HIS work schedule too. Great!

Even with all that, I feel good.

I feel like I am moving forward.  There's good contact with my husbands, I don't know how it works, but they are happy and I am content. I hear them very well, I see them, and I accept and permit whatever IS in the afterlife to be 'okay' for me here and now.

I can't emphasize enough to you the importance of getting those buried fears OUT.

They really hold you back.

It takes much energy to contain them.

Everyone--your guides--already know it's there.

You just have to own up to it.

So with courage and with faith, let your guides know you are open to whatever is needed to heal and to move forward with your Ascension. When the time is right they will help you to get rid of it.

I feel good right now.

I'm so glad I did.


Carla is my angel...and my Twin.

There isn't anything like her for Twin.

Carla is learning this too.

Two of her husbands are also her older brothers. Both she knew before me (it's a long story and if you have been reading the blog for some time you will understand of how Carla and I came to be Twins).

There is a difference between the relationships with the husband-brothers that is different from the relationship with the husband-Twin.

The husband-Twin is stronger.

She is pretty much where I want her to be on this point, and that relieves me a great deal, for Carla was fighting it.

I now want to explain to you a variety of questions those of you incarnate might have about our relationships up here. In the afterlife, which is still LIFE as we know it, there is no TIME.  (interlaces fingers).

For those of you who have had marriage and divorce, in a sequential series of relationships,  and remove the factor of TIME--all of this would collapse into something like Carla, where you have five people close to you at the same time--but unlike on Earth, it is all for your mutual benefit. 

Not that there is no mutual benefit to be gained from a series of relationships on Earth while incarnate! All of them are to help both parties and all who know them to learn and grow...even if it doesn't 'turn out right' in the end. A lot of that has to do with Life Scripts, the payment of Karma Debt, and mutual lessons.

All of us are related up in the Higher Realms. All of us are 'cousins' at the most distant relation. Some of us are closest as Twins. And there is everything else in between. Aunties and Uncles, brothers and sisters, parents and children, much like you have on Earth.

Only the relationships are different. Early in the childhood (for Carla is was seven) the family -- her mother and father and older brother Michael, elected for Raphael to be the one to introduce her to 'the finer things in life' (adult relationships) in a form of 'marriage' (mutual agreement, a formal one) gently, and at her own rate of speed, to help her 'grow up'.  Raphael accepted this assignment with full knowing of the responsibility that was entrusted in him. They had always been 'two of a kind' and 'of similar heart' with their love of healing and learning now they have a 'tie' or 'bond' that is eternal, and no one, not even his Twin, would have any problem with it.

For in the Higher Realms, in relationship they are always one on one. There is a facet of you that is eternally connected, and connects with that one special person in that special way. You like their jokes, you enjoy the same subjects, much like the basis of friendship and mutual enjoyment here on earth. There is a 'chemistry' that is more than mere sexual attraction. And there is a commitment to the 'other person being happier than you' with every waking moment.

Formal relationships are decided for us. They are pre-arranged. They are not haphazard like you were in a bar 'meat market' and 'trying to hook up' like you do on Earth. They are more like in India where the families (who love their kids and not the ones who are motivated by money) arrange for the highest match for their offspring's success in family life.  Everyone has a say, including those who are 'arranged' and if they don't want it they can always say 'no dice' with nary a guilt or responsibility to the others. An 'I'm sorry' will suffice, and an 'my heart is not in it'.

Carla has Heaven on Earth right now because she is in complete and total alignment with her Higher Self, who just happens to be in a formal, committed relationship, over the span of all eternity, with just five souls, two of which are her brothers, and I as one am her loyal Twin.

This isn't a lot, in the grand scheme of things.

For some there are more (Michael is as the oldest has many such couplings)...for some who are younger there are less (Mogael has one to his twin Biramel and that's about it).

Today I am talking about Formal Relationships as couples.

For Galactic Dating I will talk about it some other time.

So as not to be a tease, I will disclose that 'it is permitted to sample the fruit from another' and 'monogamy is a can but not a MUST' in the Higher Realms.

Everyone is discreet and there is no sex on the streets just like it is now where you are incarnate in your world. There are laws against it. Everything is private, and one's lover need never know about the rest of your relationships, although with intuition being what it is, we have our ways to know and accept and deal with it here.

I am off the market.

I am devoted entirely to Carla and her well-being and growth.

And Carla is off the market, except to her Divine Protectors who have been named ad nauseam as her 'husbands' for lack of a better way to describe them.

Carla is relishing the Divine Freedom that no others can pursue her because of her 'five'.

Carla is like the female dragonfly who will feign death and lie on her back for ten minutes to make the amorous males pursuing her go away! (after all her incarnations, Carla has had enough of this kind of attention, if you know what I mean).

Where are YOU in all this?

I don't know.

Everything will depend on how far along you are in your Ascension, and your Soul Family. You will find there are many souls that 'split' and have to reassemble to their Prime in order to be happy and content.

Everyone will know what to do.

What might be holding you back?

All the masks and hidden agendas in your subconscious, possibly from previous lives while you were incarnated.

If there is something that bugs you, a really great deal, even more than the amorous dragonflies do to Carla (as a feminine dragonfly lol)--chances are that is a 'tip off' to let you know where you and your angels need to work.

Every time.

clap! clap!

I am sorry I have not written to you for some time, Carla has had her hands full, and now she is on a level portion of her journey, she has more energy to permit me to talk to you and write.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple