Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Gaia Speaks

I'm so tired of this.

Everywhere I go, people are on their cell phones.

I am too.

It's like whenever there is a lull, people look to their electronic device.

My mom tells me they put in 'gambling type reward mechanisms to make you addicted' and I wouldn't doubt it.

My phone is in my bed, I have a special alarm, it tells me when I am 'light' and wakes me up at the end of a sleep cycle.

It listens.

I have been thinking of this one for a long time. On the one hand, the ubiquitous cell phone use is a sign of the times, of the technology, and of how communication has transformed through social media, email, and the cell phone camera.  

It's instant.

And it's fun.

It's almost to the point where the cell phone is more 'fun' than where you happen to be--either work or play--but it's also INTRUSIVE, and interrupts you, due to this new 'communication'--whether you are at work or at play.

Today I was in the emergency room seeing a patient.

The O.R. front desk was like, 'they are looking for you!' and 'they overhead paged!'

Well, I can't hear it when I'm not in the department...and I said, 'you could have just called my phone'--it's as easy as that.

This brings us to point number one:  the quality of life--our emotional life, our freedom to do the things we want to do--is so very low that people are resorting to cell phones and the Instagram posting of 'things we do'--to escape the present 'Reality'.

A friend of mine, someone who has reunited with her Twin who is in Spirit, approached me to ask why he's been so quiet?

I didn't know what to say.

I know the answer, but I didn't know how to put it so it wouldn't hurt her.

I know the answer because for the same reason I had pulled away too.

It's the vibration, the whole raison d'ĂȘtre, the fascination with manifestation within a 'bandwidth' which is of small interest to me...

I'd rather think about the Universe, and Healing, and my Twin, and Helping Others.

The accumulation of wealth/abundance/prosperity just isn't where my heart is.

It never has been what motivates me.

This brings me to my second point:  there are ways of the world which are around us and required to make us survive in this environment, and it's easy to get lost in this kind of thinking and thought pattern.

Yesterday I saw the movie Fast and the Furious 8.

My cousin was in it, she's a stunt driver. She is also highly spiritual, Christian, and has a wonderful heart.

She has survived in 'The Industry'  and won many awards.

She is considered a pioneer in the stunt business.

So you can't say that the whole industry is one hundred percent 'bad' although the predominance is the 'ways' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

The same goes for sports. For some athletes, it's their way to honor their talents and Creator to use their gifts.

But the message of that film was -- demonic 101.

The villain was a high priestess in The Old Ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. And her character was speaking of things that are basic beliefs in her 'religion'...family doesn't exist, you are who you are when you aren't thinking but feeling, it is okay to kidnap and kill to get people to do what you want...

Through action, likable characters, fast cars, and a happy ending, people are vulnerable to the seeds that are planted by the dialog spoken by the actors in the movie.

There is a 'good/bad' reversal where Dom 'betrays' his 'family'.

Anyhow, if you've studied 'them'--you will have eyes that see and see the message clearly. If you haven't studied--that's okay--just don't get offended by another point of view.

When I went to the pet shop today to get food for the snake, the clerk was nice and asked about my Easter. His was relaxing. I said I saw the movie.

He asked how it was?

I said my cousin was in it, and the driving was great.

He said, 'but the rest was crap?'

I asked him to clarify?

He said, 'the story--it wasn't very good. That's the word that's out on it. But they made a trailer, did you see it yet? It's on YouTube.'

Here it is.

P.S. It passes the Anthony test. He was delighted I found it.

Today I found an article by a Magdaline on Shift Frequency. It explained many things--the ley lines, our current events, the spiritual awakening, the hermetic rules...

And I got mad.

I was upset and I couldn't put my finger on it.

I am so sick and tired of these 'ley lines'!

Ley lines don't apply any more.

Gaia is fluid, dynamic!

She walks!

I kid you not, she is incarnate and walking and has a mind of her own--a highly developed on at that.

This article was written --in her view--as mere 'regurgitation' of the 'magic' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart which has been handed down from generation to generation by people who have no concept of the magic which is surrounding them this minute which is INFINITELY stronger and more resilient and more ALIVE than ANYTHING those people and non-human 'entities' could ever create!

THEY are not the true Masters!

And they never shall be.

In the meantime--I checked with Divine Mother Incarnate, and Divine Father.

The Norton Utilities said the file to the article, the link, was 'harmful'.

It wouldn't even open.

That alone there reeks of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Furthermore, according to Divine Father, it's got lots of disinformation in it, this 'Magdaline' article on Shift Frequency today.

Our magic, the kind that lasts forever and Nature itself is filled with it--is growing in energy.

Our magic is not confined to the Earth.

Earth has the full support of her brothers and sisters, the planets, especially Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars.

Our magic is mutually supportive and connected to Creator of All That Is.

And OUR magic is so big that, according to Divine Father, all of the manipulations of generations and generations of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are the equivalent of a puppy peeing on your leg or chewing your best shoe--it's still your puppy, you love it, and despite the annoyance you just have to make a point to show it better ways to behave.

The nightmare of our existence, the suffering, the struggle, the pain, the being confined here on Quarantine Earth, the longing for home--in the grand scheme of things--is no more than puppy pee and quite simple for the Clean Up Crew to clean up.

As the Schumann resonance goes up (remember Gaia is a living being and Her energy and yours are One)--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart will find their spells don't work, their rituals fail, and their hypnosis of the masses is ineffective.

So the HIGHER you get your vibration--good thoughts, clean food, exercise, love--the more you hoist Gaia and her Schumann resonance UP--which is a ONE WAY advancement which is in complete and total alignment with Creator and the Universe--and the closer we all are to Home, which is a place of eternal nurturing, warmth, love and compassion--FOREVER.

End of story.

The Dark Ones can't even see this coming--they've heard of it, they've tried to stall it--but this snowball is gaining momentum, rolling downhill at full speed, and the avalanche is going to hit at some point--and people will come to their senses--and get back to being Galactic Citizens again.

Even limiting free speech and free sharing through the algorithms of YouTube and Facebook and the like can't stop it.

Ross knows my heart.

Today I asked him for help after school.

I didn't know how to word it. I wanted some exercise, a pleasant dinner, I wasn't sure what to do.

He said, 'just ask what homework Anthony has and take it from there.'

I had hoped for a home dinner and maybe some bracelets and a ball game on TV, but my heart longed for NATURE, lots of it, because I have too much time at the hospital.  (today I drove to work twice. I kid you not. I finished my two cases in the O.R., drove home, got called by my boss, 'where are you for the case at the surgery center'.--I turned around and got on the freeway and went back).

Well, after school, something beautiful happened.

Anthony asked to take a side street to catch a pokemon.

We were by a city trail.

It was full of Poke stops.

It was breathtaking, the views, the plants.

He asked, 'mom? would you like to walk to our favorite restaurant from here?'

I did.

(Ross had been warning me not to cook the pork chops which had been thawed a week ago.

I took the hint.)

We had a nice meal. The owner Julio spoke with us. I explained our adventure, and how I was a little concerned about the pork. He's in the food business. He said pork is like fish. It has to be fresh or you can get very sick.

When I got home I tossed it.  I prayed to the pig and apologized for the total waste. (Anthony craves meat and I'm working to add vegetables and salads and decrease the meat).

Ross' devotion to his family is unsurpassed.

Tonight, Anthony asked me to lie with him as he fell asleep.

Ross was there, and kissed us both goodnight.

As I was starting to fall asleep, Ross asked me if I would like to go to him with Anthony, what would I do?

I handed Anthony to him, and I said, 'I would give him to you for you to spend some time with him.'

Ross was deeply moved. He said, 'Carla, you astonish me! WHY?' (he knows I want home so much, why would I stay and let Anthony go alone without me?).

I said, 'It will help him to live a better life, Ross. There are some things I as a woman will never understand. You in this way can help him.'

Then Ross told me something, which was garbled, but when I tried to make sense of it, he said, 'in an hour you will understand'.

After I went to my own bed and fell asleep, I woke up with this message from Ross:

"Gaia is a school where you can make memories of anything you like."  Ross

He wanted me to write of it.

Even more, we found pictures.

Think of each memory, each experience in your life, as a flower you are plucking and placing into a chain.

This is the strongest magic there is.

To be filled with love and gratitude!

To have a heart with humility and grace, eager to manifest things which bring joy to yourself and others!

And to have willingness to share your love with those who nurture us from the Other Side, the ones unseen whose hands guide us, our angels, guides, teachers, and deceased loved ones.

Welcome Home!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S.  Ross:  Carla and I were both writing this together, with my guiding her on much of what she says, and also, how to say it. My words and hers in this article are one. And Ming, our love for you is immense, and everything is a lesson. There is no right or wrong, only a matter of what experiences you would like to have at any given time. When the time is right to change your focus, you are always free to rediscover something new! The paths are limitless to our star students in the School of Life on Gaia.  <3 We love you, (I see Phillip waving and smiling) and we await your call.