Friday, April 14, 2017

Sacred Trust

I have some tales for you from the front lines. I have three.

The first is how a young married surgical tech, came and sat by me while I was between cases, creating my own 'break' in the nurses' lounge, and eating warmed over refried beans.

I've been to her wedding.

She's actually two or three months pregnant.

She was in on the big case where the patient died on the table.

When they opened up, there was massive bleeding. The patient had 'tamponades' off the bleeder, and when it was opened there was nothing to stop the hemorrhage.

She has experience in the heart room.

The surgeon opened the chest for open cardiac massage as a last resort.

She doesn't remember what she was saying but she had the training and knew what to do. The surgeon had never actually done it.

So she slipped her hand into the chest, and squeezed the heart for the patient who was in utter distress and exsanguinating (they were under anesthesia of course).

After it was done, she had an extreme anxiety attack, and needed to go to the ER both for that and to make sure the baby was okay.

She knew because of my own training, both in this and other worlds--I would understand--and she sought me out.

I explained to her how once DIC (diffuse intravascular coagulation) happens, a patient can't make clot. And it's difficult to get the patient back.

I also explained since we aren't a trauma center, we don't have the resources--to massively resuscitate someone who is in extremis.

We have a massive blood protocol, but the blood bank doesn't do it day in and day out like at my old hospital.

We don't have a Level One or a Rapid Transfuser machine so we only have pressure bags to get the blood in fast.

It was the patient's time.

Yes it was elective. Yes it is sad the family is left behind. Yes it is a tragedy.

But if it wasn't the patient's time, strange as it may seem, they would be here.

Furthermore, for a center who has done this surgery safely for thirty years--odds have it for one poor outcome to turn up.

Then she disclosed apparently the last surgery this patient had, they had a strange reaction, with bleeding and coding, but they made it THAT time so they took a chance to elected for it THIS time too.

I have a surgeon I always smile to.

Clinically I've been barred by him from his O.R.

If you see the post, 'Don't Have A Cow' it's about him.

I was writing the Divine Healing Codes in Sharpie on stickers and putting them on his patients.

He's VERY religious.

Super Catholic. (kind of like how I used to be).

He's cancelled all his cases for Good Friday, today.

I'm not sure if it was when his cardiac patient he asked me to give anesthesia to went bad, or another colleague wanted to 'court' him so she could be 'his anesthesiologist', or I was just too loud and had to leave the room to go pee too much during his long cases--either way, I'm OUT.

But God works in mysterious ways.

I had a double case.  Two surgeons. And you know who was the second of them.

I had known/sensed not to do Reiki at my usual time, not even with my first case, with is my alternate usual time. I DIDN'T know until the last second Spirit wanted me to send the daily healing with HIM present in the room.

Let me take an aside.

I have a dear friend who is with the WWE.

I was telling her how I almost didn't want to take Anthony to a baseball game because he takes it so personal when we lose. He gets all grumpy and doesn't want to talk. But then I tell myself he's only twelve, and in a way, this is a beautiful thing about his childhood, that he wants his team to win so very much.

She said, she has seen twelve year olds burst out in tears and keep crying whenever John Cena loses.  She doesn't understand it, because it's scripted. Everyone knows, right?

Well, apparently not this twelve-year-old fan.

People want to believe a story because it makes them feel a part of things in their world, they feel like they can relax and have something figured out, it consoles them, and many times it's their parents who taught them this.

I know my surgeon--has an American Father--he came right from Vietnam to the midwest. They were poor, they worked hard, but he loved and respected his new father who took care of him and his brothers and sisters after the war.

I'm sure he embraced the values that were in the home, and also, consistent with the values back Home, from the Church.

I did that once too--I loved how I could go to any mass, anywhere in the world, and basically, figure things out.

I loved the church. I loved Holy Week. I loved all the ceremony and custom.

Then in July 2012 I read the Kaulapele link of Cobra's Little Red Pill, all the way to the last hyperlink (they don't connect now)...and I changed.

Just like my mother who is with PETA, and she can't eat pork because she KNOWS the suffering of these animals...I KNOW the suffering and the secrets which go on behind the scenes with the Roman Catholic Church.

In a way it's like John Cena and the twelve year old, right?

So spirit wanted me to 'dose this surgeon up', and I rose to the occasion.

I haven't had that much energy flowing through me in a long time. Just like in the photo--in through my head and out my palms and my heart.

Everything went well.

I even picked up on a small risk for our patient, and my bringing this up to the surgeon in the recovery room made him choose to keep the patient overnight for observation instead of sending them home as planned. I build trust.

I have to tell you something.

While I was sending that energy, my bracelet broke.  I couldn't believe it. The one I made to comfort me with the red opal and shell and red jasper, just came loose. I found the few stray beads on the floor, and put everything in a specimen cup to keep it safe.

I didn't need it.

I didn't need the comforting any more. My energy had jumped up a whole register with this 'lesson'. And a bracelet whose energy doesn't match yours won't stay on.

Time for another!

The last is simple.

Our PCA (cleaning person) dyed his hair from Filipino black to BLONDE BLONDE.

I called him, 'Ron Jon' as in 'surfer'.

When the room was empty, he asked me, 'do you know crystals?'

I do.

We had a fascinating conversation.

He wants to learn more. About EVERYTHING.

Let's see if he reads about himself here.

For every 'surgeon' there is going to be lots more 'Ron Jon's' out there in need of our help.

Bloom where you are planted and do what you have been sent here to do.


There is light at the end of the tunnel for you.

I see it.

Walk to it.

Walk to it like you are camping and going to see the sunset at the end of a long summer day in the woods.

Make it be natural, a part of you, because it is.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple