Sunday, April 2, 2017

Free Will and Us

Yesterday I 'took the bull by the horns' and asked the question of Divine Mother and Divine Father, 'why are there Higher Selves and what are they for?'

Here is the transcript:

C:  For like a month when I first woke up I would hear a woman's voice telling me 'you are going to be happy' or 'you are going to have a great day'.  Then there was that incident where I saw my Higher Self with Ross and she treated me like a puppy and I didn't like it.  Now it's quiet. If I let down my guard for one instant she flickers through. She's stubborn. She wants to talk to me but I'd rather wait.

DM:  Maybe she wants to make peace with you. At least she is still you.

C:  Why are there so many layers of 'you'? It's confusing.

DM:  Maybe because of the many incarnations and each incarnation left its marks, imprints on the soul and the Higher Self is the consciousness of the soul, as I see it.

C:  Who drives the boat? In other words, are we avatars or puppets?

DM:  no.

C:  Is my Free Will really my own?

DM:  We are the soul in a body at least here on earth. In higher D we are more the full, joined forces of the HS and soul. Yes. You can decide and your soul or HS have to accept it. They can't override you.

C:  Good. I don't like being a puppet.

DM:  You aren't. You are YOU, unique.

C:  Who makes me then?

DM:  Good question. Maybe it is part of all.

C:  If you and Divine Father had me then why is there this thing called a Higher Self?

DM:  The experiences you made in past lives, they add to the you now, because you are a unique soul with a HS. Its own expression.

C:  I know! I totally remember them like they were yesterday (my past lives).

DM:  me not.

DM:  It is because we gave you not only a soul but also the life energy. At the end all the Higher Selves are just Silverstar and me, we are in this the highest HS of all souls. I think the Higher Self is just a tiny little part of our consciousness that connects us all beside the energy all is made of. This explains why I am affected by all the drama, suffering and also happiness here. It goes back to the big consciousness soup that I am as Golden Star and Prime Creator.

Then there was an interruption. That was the end of the conversation.

Basically is all comes down to the illusion of separation. Us from Creator. Ourselves from one another.

What Ross has said again and again in his messages to John Smallman are 'we are all energy' and 'we wouldn't exist without this Love energy from Divine Creator'. This applies to everyone, no matter what their form, their consciousness, or even if they are a nice person or not.

In this context, and also, in this timing, I found this Saul Message fascinating:


Does this mean if I am one hundred percent loving to everyone--in spirit and not--I am going to be OKAY with my Higher Self because we too are 'one'? Will it not bother me?

Will I 'forget' the horrible ways Saul treated me when I was incarnate with Ross, after Ross died? The jealousy? The scheming? The harm?

What IS this Illusion?

And why did it ever happen in the first place?

How did the 'elite', Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, get in power?

Why is it so difficult to provide for ourselves and enjoy life?

For example, yesterday was the first day in I don't recall how long, where I didn't have any commitments and I had the day off. I enjoyed very much finishing the shipping for my work. It takes time to create the letters describing the bracelets, to package things up, and go to the post office, especially when it's international. Yet it's a joy!

I walked the mall. It's close. I took care of the last Nordstrom Notes (wouldn't you believe I found them the next day?!). I had lunch, a blue cheese salad with NO MEAT from Paradise Bakery. I also found shoes to wear to the wedding. I can't wear heels because of the arthritis in my right big toe. I look at that toe like the little thermometer on a turkey. When it stops hurting, I am all the way in 5D and I'm done!

I bought Vionic Brand sandals. They were not cheap, but they are orthopedic design and better for the feet than the other brands I used to wear in the past. Fortunately, the Nordstrom Notes covered the gifts for the shower and the shoes.

It was nice to have a little liberty. I had called a nurse who lives near I do. Sadly, she was on call.

I came home and did a little gardening. I planted new plants and watered the rest. I was very content.

For dinner, I didn't want to cook a whole big thing. So I just ate half a papaya, and a matzoh with some cheese, and had a ginger lemonade.

And I watched this:

And I skimmed over the parts I knew and listened to the parts I hadn't seen on this:

Yes, I ate dinner to this. I like to keep up on the latest, for 'movement' in the whole area. I can't wait for the day that the pedophile rings are exposed and removed from Earth forever. I think it's abominable, and it has to stop. 

These videos also help me come to terms with my past life as one 'born into' that 'life'. I recall it vividly. I know I never saw the light of day. And this one helps me understand the end of my life in that life, and what I did to survive. 

There has been so much time spent healing, from this, and again, last night was another layer that Ross helped me--after the movie to calm me down--to understand and heal and hopefully to move on.  I feel so much better. 

As one having been in that life, I felt inside the same then as I do now, awake, alert, observing what came to my experiences as they happened, and meeting my challenges each and every day. Raised within it, and being rewarded for doing well in it, I didn't KNOW it was wrong or bad. How is an innocent child to know? Right?

It deeply deeply affect the soul. It imprints. And fortunately for me, Ross and a team of his specialists have been working so hard. I am really starting to feel like 'myself' again, in every way, and it's really an honor to him and his hard work that I am able to hold my head up without the shame.

I write this for those of you who have ever been involved with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, in ANY incarnation--not just this one--that souls CAN and DO heal from having experiences which were 'outside the range of normal human experience'. And it feels wonderful to be healed. It really does. There is no rush in the healing, Spirit takes it at your own pace, and together with both of you doing your work, it becomes really happy the way it is meant to be. 

For those of you who have been molested, or harmed in any way, and have deep wounds and inner suffering and pain, ask in your heart to your Guardian Angel and Guide (everyone has one!) to heal you, to help you find your way, and to make you whole again instead of shattered. 

This is possible. It is no trouble to them! It is no imposition! And you are so very loved that once you ask (recall it is your Free Will and no one can override it)--everything will be done in ways that 'fit' you and 'make sense' in a positive way--it's a path, you shall be on the 'right path' and no harm shall come from it. No matter what those who have influenced you say. You shall be healed. 

I'm going to go eat. I want fried matzohs. You break them into smaller pieces, wet them, dip them in beaten egg, and then fry them in oil unit they are golden brown and crunchy. I like them with lots of pepper and ketchup and a little salt.

Today is a good day.


I chose this cartoon and I hope the same feeling comes for you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc family