Saturday, April 15, 2017

Epic Fail

Three hours a day.

That's what the dean of my medical school told us on the first day of classes.

You need three hours a day just to be human--to eat, to clean yourself up, to exercise, to pay your bills, to keep your contacts up with your friends.

I realized yesterday, that on any given day, I don't have three hours.  I'm lucky if I can eat and get all my work done.

I had lots of time to think.

I spent sixteen hours giving anesthesia.

I was super stressed the whole time.


Because today my little sister is getting married. I wanted to have some sleep. I knew that my work COULD keep me up until seven a.m.

Nobody wanted to trade.

Nobody wanted to help.

I was frantic.

Add to that VERY high case acuity (anesthesia-wise, very challenging cases, although the surgeries were straightforward and the patients in relatively 'good health'.)

I was stressed.


I complained about it the whole day.

I almost lost my cool at around ten p.m. when the woman who was going to cover me 'after midnight' didn't want to come in at 'midnight' and wanted me to 'finish my case'. She would just take the beeper call, and it would finish after two.

Then I remembered.

I remembered what I gave up for Lent.

I had given up Complaining.

Yet here I was, worse than I've ever complained before.

Has anything like that happened to you?

I've given up watermelon for Lent, fully knowing it was not going to be in season, only to be tempted on the day before Easter.

A woman I know at work had given up 'sweets', but she carefully saved a cookie someone brought in a huge platter of chocolate chip ones--'for Sunday'.

The whole point is that incarnate we are BOUND to experience Epic Fails like this--and furthermore, through the grace of Divine Creator, we are certain we are still LOVED--even if under the best intentions, our ego-strength--willpower--ability to MAKE something happen--totally and completely falls apart.

And if CREATOR can love us through all our mistakes, then, we should show more lovingkindness to ourselves too.

I would like to share with you a film/video which makes this point in a 'worldly' the highly critical of the human form's 'imperfections' in the world of modeling and fashion, which touched my heart. 

I absolutely love the reactions of the 'models' to 'their' mannequins!

I hope this gives you hope...and increases your love and acceptance of who YOU are--no matter what.

You wouldn't be here where you are, if it wasn't for a very good reason!

Your soul chose this.

Divine Father and Divine Mother need you to be right where you are--totally loving in every way--so we can find our way HOME.

Home to the place where angels are normal and Love Reigns every single day...a place of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion....which surrounds us and supports us all.

Open your eyes.

It's here now.

And once we are in 5D with complete and total conscious awareness, everything is going to make sense.

A whole lot of it!

So happy Easter from our hearts to yours, with so very much love, for always and always....

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple