Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Journey

Sometimes it's lonely to be me.

Sometimes it's pure hard work, one day after the next.

Recently I was on a very hard day at the O.R. with so much negativity to counterbalance in my patients.  One was a survivor of something awful and had PTSD. They liked me. And another, well, thankfully, Spirit told a close friend (and star sibling) to send me something to help, and it did.  Photos of the outside

I was able to give the daily Reiki Healing both to everyone present in the O.R. and my readers, and also to the patient...who was absolutely full of the worse of the worst low vibrational attachments.

Then I started with the Divine Peace Healing, and after I started with the symbols, the Guides of Compassionate Healing approached me. They asked me, 'Do you want to get them?' (see the dark entities be escorted out).

I saw many leaving but there was a big one in there deep, at the bottom, hiding and I knew it.  I've done this with the Guides before, they are the ones who have trained me to do this delicate work. The last one was hard to see, and projecting itself to look small. I asked, 'Do I let it bite my hand?'

(That's how I've gotten the other ones. They bite like crazy and I pull my arm out, then the team takes it and heals my hand.)

They said, 'No. Command it.'

I did.

It held my hand and came out.  It was very ugly. It looked like a cross between the 'Not the Mama' dinosaur from the eighties, and Jabba the Hutt. The eyes were slits like a cat--or Jabba.

I was told to look at its face.

The eyes were sparkling, with blues and blacks and looked like there were universes in them.

From my heart, I spoke.  I told it, 'you are beautiful. I bless you.'

I understood how the creature followed its free will, got to where it did, and created what it was that I saw.  Then I handed the hand over to the escorts, and it was handcuffed.

The Guides of Compassionate Healing showed me the walk-ins who were going to take its place.

Yes. Walk-ins.

There were FIVE.  I wished them good luck. I saw them kissing their Star Families goodbye when they were coming into the patient. Just like in the military when soldiers get shipped out on active duty.

It was sad and brought up feelings I haven't experienced in a long time, something close to home but I couldn't remember.

Why five walk-ins?

To keep more of the 'bad ones' from reattaching. It wasn't going to be easy with this one!

Then my next patient, oddly enough, had blue sclerae like this:

There's a medical condition that causes it. And no, this one was not full of attachments.

I showed a photo of the Not The Mama creature to Divine Mother Incarnate, because it was unusual and I didn't know what it was.

She heard from her HS that it's a reptilian from Orion.

Eventually I finished my cases, was relieved, and made it to Anthony's second of two basketball games.

To be honest, this one just got me sad. I had been wondering why they keep pushing Super Heroes. I just didn't make the connection. The Super Heroes are all in the movies, at the theme parks, and even at the Angels Stadium (capes were given away on Friday night). 

Not that I enjoy Super Heroes.

But I am all the more thankful Anthony's Christian Pre-School forbid them. On all clothing, blankets, lunch boxes...They says, 'Jesus is OUR Super Hero'.

How right on they were. I don't think I've ever bought Anthony a super hero anything...I thought the Batman Lego Movie was cute, I've seen others. 

But still.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are everywhere.

This Message from The Council frankly put me into a tail spin.

First of all I had thought our people awakening on earth were more 'homogeneous'....Divine Mother and I have been stuck for years. Absolutely stuck in the mud, wishing for things to MOVE ALONG. And now, by the title, I see why!  Allowances must be made for those who are Shaken (oh please! just wake up and stop watching the mainstream media!!! You should have done that a long time ago. Stop holding everything up.)  and Adrift (people who invested into the Illusion and just are 'lost' that its going away--again--what were you thinking???).

To be told that 'everything is changing' was a total insult both to my intelligence and my hard work as a--whatever I am.  And to be described as 'impatient' was technically correct, but also, condescending. 

I've been at this for FIVE YEARS or longer. I need a breather. I need a break. And when I asked for this in the O.R. in the morning last week on the way to work, I got sent some of the worst Spiritual Train Wrecks I've seen in a long time, and like always, had to go in and 'clean things up'.

Why am I angry? And upset?

Because I got called into another stupid council.  Of total strangers I've never met. I was told to lie down and I did. 

Up I went, this time it was the Council of Fifteen. 

I was completely exasperated, and I refused to talk to them until I asked Divine Father what gives?

He said it is my right to ask them for their purpose and also who they are. So I went back to them and did just that. THAT's when I learned they are the Council of Fifteen and they are in charge of this sector of the galaxy.

Then they started with the questions.

Did you tell that Creature to leave?

Yes I did.

Are you sure you want it off planet?

Yes I am. (I have been getting rid of Orion reptilians and the rest for two years now, and every time I do, I get the questions and questions. They try to trap me and trick me with their questioning. Every time I say something to the effect of 'they overstayed their welcome', 'they really messed things up', 'I claim victim's rights' and 'I want them off here as of last week!')

I asked Divine Mother Incarnate, 'Do YOU get sent to all these Councils and asked questions all the time?'

She doesn't. 

Then Cobra said something to the effect that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are 'beaming high tech waves' at 'Lightworkers' to 'make them leave the planet'.

I'm sorry.

That can't happen. It's not possible. 

First of all, THEIR last one is kicked off. (That's why the Guides Of Compassionate Healing have let me do it--the honor to get rid of it).

Second, with a healthy aura, nothing can hurt ANYBODY.  It just bounces off. 

Third, with the increasing Schumann Resonance (the Consciousness/Vibration of Gaia) the Dark Ones don't stand a chance. It's increasingly uncomfortable for them here. 

End of story.

When I was incarnate with Ross, on the planet, my name wasn't Carla. It was Amee (Ah-mee).

My birthday was April 22.

Ross gave me a ring this year. It is beautiful.

And the Council (after I gave them each a hug and kiss and a flower from Gaia's surface to keep as a souvenir) gave me a bracelet. 

The rest...I don't know how to say it...but the rest for that day left me underwhelmed. It was more 'hoopla' and not enough 'heart'.

I wish everyone and their brother would bring their own utensils with them and use them instead of plastic, every day of the year.

Now THAT would give me a huge smile!

Less plastic crap going into the landfills.

I do that for my lunch. I'll need to start doing this elsewhere too.  I'm just as guilty as others on that one when I'm out and about.

Anyhow, today was a mix of doing errands and chores. I still have chores.

Our betta fish died. I was expecting it. I saw the 'ick' on it's tummy two weeks ago.

Ross had me throw out all of the stuff for fish. Even some food that was still good. Now we are down to four pets, and it's plenty. The fish lived about four years, a good long life, and also, it's nice to have a little less work as a mother.

Today when I was working myself up in a tizzy, going through the sink full of dishes I completely ignored yesterday from Friday--he had me go and sit.  He had me look all around the house. He asked me, 'is this what you thought the house would look like when you bought it?'

I didn't know. Not really. I saw my mom's rocker she used to rock me in, and my nana's dining room table and china cabinet. It looked okay. Messy, but okay.

Ross leveled with me. He said, 'Good things are going to happen, but only when the time is right for it.'

I understood.

When he said it was okay, I went to finish the dishes.

Yesterday my father went with us to the baseball game.  I felt his presence in the car, and he was happy we were going.

The seats flanking me and Anthony were empty. Dad was on Anthony's right, and Ross was on my left.

I missed him very bad. They have an opener, let me see if I can find it on YouTube....

Even now it makes me cry. Even though the Dodgers were closest us, and doing very well as a team in the seventies, Daddy always liked the underdog, and his team was The Angels. It was always, always on the TV at home, every night and dad was watching it. (the Lakers in their season also)

He took me to a few Dodger games and taught me how to keep score in the program. 

But he also took me to Angels games too.

I was totally baseball-obsessed, like my son is now.

Anyhow, never in a million years did I think my dad, who was very low-key and mellow and just enjoyed the game, would BE an angel up in Heaven.

It was those precious times, the ordinary times...that just are know?

I was bawling and telling Anthony how much I miss my dad mid-song at the stadium last night.

I was THERE when Nolan Ryan did the good thing, the no-hitter, with Dad. I didn't understand it and frankly thought the game was kind of boring because there wasn't much 'action' you know?

But then something happened... and I realized how lucky I was to have had my dad include me in baseball with play catch with me and teach me the game...and I stopped crying. 

I think it was a divine intervention from Him or Ross or both.

And I enjoyed the rest of the game.

We were invited to the field to watch the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.  I had wanted to stay in my seat. But Anthony really wanted to go.

I must admit, even though people were talking loud all over the field, and I could barely hear the movie, the experience was magical. And a memory Anthony and I will treasure forever. I even kept a small blade or two of the grass, in a Farmer John napkin all folded up, just to remember it. 

Tonight for the first time in years, I wanted Carl's Jr for dinner. It's what we ate all the time when daddy was alive. I really miss him.


Carla had a rough weekend.

First of all she wanted to spend it making bracelets. But with her weight and her son's, she knew she had to WALK a great deal for exercise.

She had to put everything off just to keep their metabolism and activity up.

That's why the dishes were in the sink.

That's why she didn't write as is her custom.

That's why she put off her chores until today.

Everything was all and well with Anthony. They walked to breakfast and walked back. They walked from the car to their seat in the stadium. Even this morning they got a walk in the mall when it opened.

Carla is amiss in not admitting there were plenty of people who did fine celebrating Earth Day, in their hearts and homes, with all the right Spirit.

And they did.

I commend them.

Carla has done a lot of hard work on behalf of the Light.

She took a nice rest today on her beloved porch swing. And also took some sun on a blanket on the lawn. She knew it would be good for her aura, to cleanse it.

She also gave some advice to someone, and I wanted to share:

If you are in a situation in your life which is unmanageable, it is better to cut your losses--staying in the same situation you are in--and to seek help for YOU.  

It's first things first!

For Carla, it was going to Al-Anon, and being a member. (Al Anon is a nonprofit for friends and families of alcoholics)

In Al-Anon, Carla learned it God wants you to be happy! And your Higher Power will help you to 'detach with love' from the drinker, and leaning upon their support (the Higher Power and the group) to take careful assessment of the situation (once you have worked the steps and have a program)--to decide what's the 'right thing for you next'.  For many, it is a conscious choice to leave the drinker who is actively drinking. 

It is NOT a 'geographical solution'. THAT is when--unhealed and un-Al-Anon--you take off and split for another location.

Many times the SAME situation or WORSE follows you!

So if you are a reader, and you are hurting, make sure as you do your healing, you do it from the 'ground story up' and get the foundation right with the basics.

Another reader got this advice from Carla--when they said they were feeling 'stuck in their spiritual development'.

Carla advised this person, 'Do what you enjoy, and let your guardian angel and guides take care of the rest. And...stay away from the news.'

This person was shocked! They had just finished watching the news nonstop, and were in a very low energy/filled with sadness. How did Carla know?

I know.

And Carla talks to me.

Clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple