Friday, April 7, 2017

A Little Honey

On the morning of my Dark Night of the Soul, something transpired between Ross and I that I failed to communicate to you that was important.

Ross was showing me how Earth is a school.

He said, 'Carla! WHAT DO YOU THINK?!' and I saw all the souls scrambling to go for 'one last ride' before this 'school', this 'Earth School' was OVER.

He said it with the exasperation of a husband, who isn't supposed to tell his wife the surprise, but she is so upset he's basically telling her enough to know it's not a surprise to be concerned or worried about, but in fact a very PLEASANT surprise.

I also saw ALL the many many many many many many many countless souls from all places where there is life in the galaxy and universe, watching US.

They were like, on the edge of their seats, totally absorbed in what was going on HERE. And rooting for us.

Basically Ross was telling me we designed the school, we run it, and he asked me, 'what do we look for in an applicant?', and I recalled sifting through files, sitting on a board, and deciding who was to be let IN and the basics of their roles/curriculum in their Education.

Then the emotions hit, and the rest of the day, was a wash.

I'm on my way.

Everything is more 'balanced'.

I am manifesting a better life for myself and Anthony, with NO RUSHING.

Our beds are made every day. The sink isn't piled up. Our laundry gets done.  I've lost five pounds because we walk now together, me and Anthony.

I will admit that I have had a lighter work assignment this week, and Anthony hasn't done his basketball for a month because of his injury and recovery.

Either way, life is better, and I am grateful for this.

Yesterday I received somewhat of a 'challenge' spiritually.

And 'okay, but now what are you going to do with your life' sort of challenge from a reader.

I reflected on it, deeply, for a day.

I came to the conclusion that all I can do is what makes me happy. This in turn raises my vibration, and also makes the most of my skills.

I can't save anyone, only myself.  But by example, others who are very close to their own awakening, may be able to 'connect the dots' by knowing my story.

I still have an wonderful sense of peace I don't think I could have obtained without my breakthrough with the Dark Night Of The Soul.

What am I good at? What do I enjoy? What gives me pleasure?

THOSE are the things in my soul that I am meant to do.

I like to write. So I write.

I like to find pictures, and I adore taking photos myself--so I add that to my 'work'.

I think one of my favorite things in the world is to put myself 'out of a job' in both ways, as a physician and a psychic, by guiding others to connect to Source, to grow, and to be financially and spiritually independent as their Birth Right as a human-incarnate co-creator here on Earth.

(it isn't easy, and takes lots of patience and effort, but the results are beginning to show and it's incredible).

This is what sets me apart from Dolores Cannon, and her body of work.

I bloom where I am planted and I am planted in a different place and a different time.

For example, yesterday I did only two cases that were very short. And lately, I've been guided to wait to send out the daily healings until I am at work. Don't send it in the car.

And I know why.  While the people are focused and concentrating on the case (I am too, I multi-task as safety allows), I do my healing in their presence.  You see, people are RECEPTIVE to uploads in the consciousness while they are concentrating on something else that isn't mainstream media or entertainment.

So I open up. I open up my soul and spirit and healing, and with my eyes that see, I SEE the tremendous flow of energy, the downloads, the Light Codes and everything else which like a lens which is clear and polished, I have the position to be the one through whom many of these Good Things transmit. And I can watch it. It's not FROM me, it's THROUGH me, and I am always in the most needed place and time to help the 'slow learners' in the Consciousness GROW.  Yesterday there was someone from a long lineage of religious warriors who has their 'book' in his DNA--and is not likely to let that book concept go without a lot of 'boosts' to the consciousness from Heaven.

I also adore making the healing bracelets. Yesterday I made some more. I love it how I see the energy, and I work with spirit to made the correct healing bracelet for each individual.

You have no idea how expensive doing all this work is. To keep MY energy 'high and tight', so I can share it with you and the others, I need high energy things to work with, to feed ME.  For example, my two hour walk in the sun, going up and down the hills for my exercise.  Going to the crystal store, and finding the right 'medicine' for me. The beads. The books and classes (in the past, now I'm trained).   Everything I get I share with you, energetically.  

Even the pictures. These photos here in my blogs, I purchase. The subscription is now almost two thousand dollars a year from the photo service. This way no one can point a finger at me for taking one from Google Images and say I was dishonest.

Because of my unique energy, and my position with Ross, there is no way to match the energy exchange for what we give and what we contribute to our Beloveds, all of you, who listen to our words...our students...

For those who do give back, who contribute, it helps both with the morale, and also, the purchase of beads. For this we are eternally grateful and there is never any expectation of 'payment' for our work. It is a charity 'outreach'. But for those who do add to the cause, it makes our hearts sing, together! And we are eternally grateful for the many gifts--not just funding--that you open your hearts and share with us.

'It is a sign that our method is working.

And it also gives Carla much hope, and a little less worry, as she goes about her day.' (Ross says that).

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple