Thursday, April 6, 2017

A New Day

Yesterday after my waffles and feeding the pets, I went for a walk.

Ross insisted.

I walked a long, long time.

I walked through the neighborhood on the walking trail, something that used to be easy for me when I first had Anthony. I could feel the effort while going up the hills. Then I went to the park. And after that I walked to the local Starbucks for lunch. I enjoyed the air conditioning and the food very much.

I ate a protein power pack. For those of you who recall, there was a time where I wouldn't eat hard boiled eggs. This was for all of my life until about last year when Ross pushed me to just eat one and see what happened.

I'm still not an 'egg salad' kind of person, but with enough salt and pepper and some cheese and bread to eat between bites I do okay. But only with certain ones--Starbucks is okay, some from Switzerland were okay. They are not like the sulfur-smelling ones my mom used to make that would stink up the whole house and make me gag.

Walking is very healing for me.

So is spending time alone, away from the world, and being in Nature.

I found it ironic that the nice young lady with the dog Cooper I met in the park, lives in the very same apartment complex I wish had never been built because it took away the little forest and lake habitat for our local wild animals.  I knew how much she must be paying a month when she said she lives there. I knew how when I was in San Diego for my fellowship, I took the 'luxury apartment' option too. Back then it was only half the price of today. It was a pleasant apartment, very new, with one bedroom. I used to practice ballet a lot in the kitchen because there was a wood floor and the countertop made a nice barre.

What I enjoyed most about that place was the balcony. I had my washer and dryer in a closet out there, but also my precious plants and I could sit in the sun. I just sat on the floor, I didn't have chairs.

Next I liked the bathroom, it was very spacious. And I liked how I had started a new life, with all new furniture, and hardly any belongings. I still have that furniture now!

So many of my patients now live in apartments. I look. I have the face sheet with their information and insurance information on them. I need them to keep track of who I work on, because sometimes my billing company 'forgets' patients.  My home seems more and more like a castle all the time, by comparison--I don't have much yard and have an association unlike my parents--but I have more than the apartments I worked so hard to escape from my training and years away at college.

I have a little sunburn on my neck, and I'm very thankful for this 'badge'.

I'm thankful for my boost to my metabolism.

I'm thankful Anthony wants to go for a walk before school today, and also for my late start.

Yesterday was very warm. I like to take advantage of the ocean breezes (yes, they come far inland! I live about twenty minutes away from the nearest coast.) in the afternoon, to save money on the electricity bill.

Anthony wanted a cold meal.

I opened every door and window to the house, and it cooled off nicely.

(I had also taken us to ice cream after school, it was Free Waffle Cone or Waffle Bowl Wednesday, and I had peach and vanilla with one Reese's peanut butter cup mixed in.)

For dinner I made salad.

I went through everything in the fridge. I found food I had forgotten, sadly, there was old chicken breast from last week--I didn't want us to get sick--so I tossed it. Organic chicken is quite pricey -- and I made a mental note to be more careful. Our whole organic chicken I was going to bake was still frozen. I will put it in the oven tonight.

My plan was for quesadillas. I had nice green salsa verde and red salsa Mexicana, sour cream, tortillas and cheese. But Anthony had Mexican both for dinner last night and for lunch. He couldn't stomach it.

So we had romaine lettuce, cucumber, canned corn cold (organic, non GMO!), black beans, and avocado with a little bit of carrots.

I used salsa for dressing, he wanted oil.

And for dessert? Fresh pineapple (I have a slicer thing that's the bomb, makes it look like canned pineapple when it comes out) and strawberries.

We drank water.

Anthony wanted whipped cream on his strawberries.

I practiced what my father says is 'Vitamin No'--a parent should be able to say no, any time, for no reason. My reason was when he was little he would walk to my mom with the can and she would squirt it right into his mouth!

Our meals are better, there's less rush, and I clean the sink and dishes after. It makes for a more pleasant morning.

I have the table set and a menu written on the stove for today's breakfast.

Life is starting to improve.

I saw lots of lizards on my walk.

They always startle you. Either when they stop and do the push ups (ours out here do that to frighten you away, but it just looks plain funny), or when they scurry.

Lizards are the symbol Native Americans use to teach about Dreamtime. Lizards dream the future and bring it to come to pass. They are 'ahead' in time of 'our time' and co-create reality.

I've had lots of problems having 'dreams'--wishes, things I want to have happen, something to look forward to.

But at dinner, I mentioned to Anthony how for someone who works like me, a busy anesthesiologist, vacation is needed every six weeks to keep sharp and not be overwhelmed. I said how vacation isn't coming until June, and to just know I might be a little cranky every now and then.

I can't begin to tell you the triumph I feel in my heart every time I look at my guardians, the California Pepper Trees.

My neighbors all thank me. Even yesterday another one did.

And there is a trend--renters who were loud and negative are leaving--and owners are moving in. Except directly next door, where a lovely family is renting and bringing love and warmth into the neighborhood again.

It feels good.

Why did I go for my walk?

To cross the road!

Just kidding.

It was good to take the focus off Spirit and the mind, and just BE.

Contrary to popular belief, Spirit works better when we don't think about it. We don't have to understand it for us to be healed. For our souls to rest and grow.

But I do know Spirit heard ME.

Also a reader had experienced similar angst.

Salome Gaiachild Range I think I can relate. For a long time I had a longing for home. I had lots of grief on a soul level, which I remembered when recalling part of my life contract which meant I was helping all these souls ascend and return... To where I wanted to be but instead I chose to come here, now. I still cry to think of it sometimes.
Over the years I have embraced being incarnate more often. Having my children helped with that a lot. But still I get sad.
I know it's not exactly the same, Carla. But I do know many others who feel a kind of grief about it as well. 

That one comment really helped a lot. The 'I've been there too'.


Carla has an ambitious morning. She will have a glorious frittata with her broccolini, while Anthony will have one with meat and cheese. Both will have fried potatoes and coffee. 

And they will take a walk after their meal, but before school and work.

Last night while Carla was falling asleep, she said things I never thought I would hear her say to her teams.

I surrender to LOVE.

I ask for more courage and strength to help me get through my journey/Earth Walk.

I ask for my Subconscious to be kind to me, and to forgive me, and to guide me without making it seem truly obvious that I have any limitations or restrictions on my understanding of the Veil please because I hate it.

Carla also wanted to talk about a concept that she didn't get a chance to, but I will explain it to you for her.

This concept is what she calls 'The Double Veil'.

Underneath the 'Veil' of Illusion, the Separation from God/Creator/Source of all there another!

It is the sinister 'Veil' which has been put in place to control the people, the masses, through education, politics, entertainment, conventional medicine, and lies.

It is very easy to combine BOTH veils into one construct , and to rebel against them both.

Everything will sort out.

And for those of you who are good natured enough to humor us, Aaron Dass Harris sent Carla this video, which deeply moved her heart. 

Although it is factual for linking the British Royalty to Pizzagate, it was the desperate sad act of a boy who is naked fleeing Buckingham Palace for his life, going down a rope made of sheets out the window, that deeply touched Carla 'where she lives'.

She knew, in her heart of hearts as one who has died in that 'world of darkness', that the pedophiles get to kill one of the children as they get a little too old for 'the fun'.  For her, it was when she was starting to develop. As long as she was pre-pubescent she was 'in her prime' and able to 'excite' a great many of her 'visitors' who she was trained to 'service' from an early age. But at the end, instead of being a breeder, she was given to the kind who likes to kill, or at least under the guise of that. It was someone well known to her and seemed especially kind through the years he went to her for 'his visits'. But at the end, as his hands closed around her throat and her soul went out as her body went limp, she thought to herself, 'what a strange and silly life that has been!'.

It made her an eye witness.

It wasn't silly at all.

Clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple