Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Yesterday I was in the nurse's lounge eating my lunch. I had a long set-up between my cases, and there was just enough time to eat my half sandwich and a fruit, and drink my coconut water.

At the table was a nurse-first assist, Beverly.

Beverly's dog of fifteen years, Georgia, had died earlier this year. She was very cute, and white. I'd seen the pictures.

She and her husband wanted another dog, and they went to the same pound they had gotten Georgia, and applied to adopt.

The rules are more strict, and there was a lot of questioning her about her work hours and her time to take care of a puppy. She actually didn't want to potty-train a puppy puppy, she wanted one who was housebroken and around two or three.

The dog she really liked, Elise, ended up with mammary tumors and more problems. The pound wouldn't release her until her medical clearance was obtained.

Then there was Sophie.

They took Sophie home.

Sophie was found on the streets in the town next door to the hospital. She weighed only eight pounds. Her hair was so matted that after they clipped it off she only weighed FOUR pounds. She was afraid, shaking all over, and hesitant the whole time.

What better dog for a nurse, right?

Sophie is a friendly dog, and very happy to have her new family. She gets along well with other dogs, and likes to play. She is at a healthier weight.

But according to Beverly, Sophie has a little 'problem'.

It seems that all the spare time Beverly has she is cleaning up after Sophie in the house. They crate her, and have the pee-pee pads (the blue) but Sophie just can't seem to understand.

And Beverly's husband ignores the mess (he didn't want either dog, to be honest, not Georgia or Sophie)--and leaves it for Beverly when she comes home.

Beverly has tried everything, obedience classes (Sophie does great, but even though she's ready to advance in her training the part Beverly wants --the housebroken part--Sophie still isn't making progress.)...She limits the food, the water, gives plenty of exercise...but it isn't until two in the morning Sophie has to go poop, and even though there's an open pet door, Sophie won't go out and relieve herself.

Beverly has to think for Sophie.

Then, like my old teachers told me, the 'patient will always tell you their problem'-- Beverly disclosed that there is an eleven pound cat in the home who has been there a long time.

The cat likes to 'nibble' her food, and go out, then come in, and eat.

But Beverly has to watch the whole feeding time, because otherwise Sophie would eat the cat's food.

And yes, the cat lets Sophie know who is boss.  The cat takes a swipe at Sophie every now and then.

And Sophie is a little strange. She won't go in the garage. Beverly has to carry her to the car. She is terrified of it.

Beverly looked at me and said, 'if Sophie wasn't so stinking cute I would never put up with any of this'.

(Considering the message of the last blog post, I found it timely to have this subject discussed the same day, and I thought it would be important to share. There's lots of psychology and soul story behind a puppy's peeing habits...and sometimes your hands are full even though you have the best intentions.)

I am recovering from a little bit of 'Urban Camping'.

Last night was first call.

We finished early, there was nothing in the ER, and I got home at ten. I slept fitfully, only to be woken from a deep sleep around half past midnight. I actually never heard my cell phone, which is in my bed next to me, but I did hear the house phone. I wasn't able to move in time to get it, but I called the House Supervisor on my cell phone, and was told to 'come in right now'.

I've changed radically when it comes to being called in.

I don't even fight it.

I don't look forward to it or get my adrenaline up with excitement like I used to either.

I just have confidence in my skills, and I hope the surgeon will be quick, and I can sleep after.

During the case I realized how lucky I am to be in the O.R. with a really good surgeon who is helping people.

I got out at three thirty, and I wasn't going to take a chance on going home and possibly being called in again.

I was prepared.

I put the seat down, pulled out my pillow and sleeping bag, and slept in the car. I could stretch out. The part I laid on was very hard and uncomfortable. But I guaranteed myself zero commute just in case I was called back in to the hospital.

The lights from the parking lot were totally in my eyes, but I rested. And I woke up at seven thirty a.m. when all the nurses were leaving the hospital from their overnight shift.

I really had to go to the bathroom. So I went to Starbucks, and also, ordered breakfast for myself. I had vanilla yogurt, a warm almond croissant, and a cascara latte.

I drove home on PCH.  I drove by the 'home of my dreams' I've seen online. Actually, in person, it looks its age, as the garage is in front.  It's not in good repair. But Ross is working with me to think about the house of my dreams--this or something better. I also realized a beach house is very crowded in summer tourist season. And perhaps the neighbors party. The housing is so dense. So there are good things, and bad things about my 'dream house' that only Ross could work out.

It's nice to have conversations with Ross about it, instead of other things.   He's like, 'what do you like about it, and why?'

I like that kind of coaching.

We talk a lot. I notice he gets quiet when I'm having a test. Like my choice to go home last night, instead of renting a hotel room near the hospital.

But also, we are close...

I asked him, as I approached my house, 'Ross? you think you could land one of your ships on the golf course here near my house?'

He started to sputter. He was totally blindsided I would ask, and he was completely off guard. He couldn't SAY anything, I picked that up, because he's got strict security clearance. And he tried his best to hide it, but he was stammering and trying to find something to say to change the subject, and once he got his composure, he did.

It's as if I asked, 'would you ever throw me a surprise party for my birthday?' just casually, and he had been planning a party for THIS birthday for months down to the last little detail, and wasn't expecting me to ask!

I smiled in my heart, and let him change the subject.

He is a good man.

He knows me better than anyone. And he loves me. This helps me to place my complete and total trust in him.

I forgot the best part.

Yesterday morning, I felt it was important to watch two videos--and I was a little late:

I was half hour late, which is LONG time, and not good. My surgeon was nice, and except for the being clocked by the front desk, I'd do my best.

But guess what?

They were having 'trouble with the O.R. table and almost needing to cancel the case'.


I came in and I did a Reiki scan of the table, and felt it was something low. I asked them to ask Biomed to come check it out before you cancelled.

It was a FUSE!

Easily fixed.

And we went to the O.R. at eight (on 'Carla time'!) and nobody noticed how late I was the whole time.

Thank you Ross!


Carla has lots of passion. She has lots of natural curiosity, this is her strength.

How about you?

What are your passions?

What are the things you enjoy spending time on, which make you feel alive?

Here is a result of when someone follows their heart, and follows their passion--the words a reader had for Carla upon receiving her bracelet and her extra gift of a seashell keychain:

Oh cannot imagine (or perhaps you can) the joy I feel to receive this package. I was singing all the way home! There isn't enough money that I could pay you that would cover the soul investment in this. Carla you are gifted beyond are absolutely divine! I'm speechless...thank you for the letter (a reading which describes the healing of the stones and messages from Spirit--ed) the bracelet and keychain. Everything is perfect...yes the ocean feels like a part of me and it calls to me ever so softly. What I would give to hold cannot imagine <3 <3 <3

M. V.

It's true!

Imagine how Heaven would make itself right home right here on Earth (whether I land that stupid ship or not on the golf course! ((he chuckles--ed))  ) if everyone down here on the surface of Gaia followed their talents they were sent here to do and they did them unfailingly and with an open heart!

There would be no need for me or Divine Intervention as the Divine would ALREADY BE HERE!!!

(he's smiling and quite pleased with himself for making this point--ed)

The rest of them are all peeing puppies and I'm afraid it's a little messy and stinky you have to clean up (The Dark Ones and their 'accident'--I intuit--ed). Who in their wildest dreams would run in fear from a little or a lot of puppy pee?

Is Beverly running from her Sophia who has a lot of accidents?

Is Beverly wanting to take her back?


Everyone on Earth is noble family, our Heavenly Relatives.

And for those who insist on 'messing things up' with their lying in the news, their poisoning the masses, their ruining the a Galactic sense this is nothing more than sour pee that has been aging on the rug and needs to be washed both from the consciousness of the people and the surface of the planet...and Divine Mother is doing just that! And has been for three years..and then some!

So...don't step in the 'puddle'...avoid the 'mess' and explore and discover your gifts, some of which might be hidden from you, just like Carla's was with the jewelry making. She always had an interest in the healing power of gemstones. But it took time for her to discover her craft.

Just like it took time for me to discover I was born with a talent for making things from wood, and working with my hands.

Carla is also quite gifted in the medical field, and it is her unique fate to help COMBINE them, her two passions, both kind of healing, for the world!

So don't go looking at an aptitude test, other than what makes you interested, and content, and glad to be alive.

Don't worry if it will pay the bills--do what Carla does and squeeze it in the best you can while you are working to support yourself at your 'current day job'.

All of us are depending on it!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple