Monday, April 24, 2017

The Mauve Bubble

Last night I couldn't fall asleep.

My guides were asking me, 'what is your favorite memory?' and 'where would you like to go visit for vacation?'...

I wanted the desert, where my Uncle had a trailer, and riding motorcycles and hiking up Table Top Mountain.

There isn't anybody around for miles! And I liked the solitude to be there in nature with my family.

But I still tossed and turned. I couldn't find anything comfortable with my pillows.

Ross suggested I go with him where he likes to go.

He gave me his arm, and he went UP.  I complained because when we travel like this it's not like an airplane--there's no continuity and I don't know where we are going  and then all of a sudden we were there.

Next I knew, we were in a very high dimension. Inside a mauve bubble. The vibrations were very compatible with me.

I said, 'this is IT?!'

Ross said to 'be one with the bubble, to experience it.'

Then he left!


I was like, Ross, this ain't no stinking VACATION! and I was irate and annoyed that I had let myself be tricked like that.

A few moments later, I emerged.

Everything felt flat.

There wasn't any annoyance. But there wasn't any joy, either. No feeling of the wind on your face from a fresh morning or cool night.

And I complained again.

I said, 'the people who run these bubbles really need to learn how to get it right. the adjustments are WAY off.'

Then I started being sarcastic, 'I-am-an-auto-ma-ton-RO-BOT' saying that over and over.

Next I knew I was out.

And I feel better today.

I guess they got the adjustment right.

I feel the cool wind of the morning on my skin, it feels fresh.

I no longer am annoyed, but I am calm.

I am ready to face the day.

It takes a lot to wake up and go face the day. It's the same old thing, typically a nice surgeon, nice patients and their families, and nice team. A super long day. With very high-risk anesthesia for my patients, who have multiple co-morbidities and only understand they 'want to be out' and have too concept of how their co-existing disease jacks up the risk factor for their anesthesia, sometimes so much I frankly want to go home to my mother. I always calmly, professionally, and politely explain the risk, but when I do, it's theoretical--they don't really think it's 'risky' but it's just 'something I have to say'--and when I'm done explaining it at least I've done my job.

Saul sent this yesterday:

I don't get it.

NOW the mainstream media is GOOD? For Good News?

What exactly IS 'Good News'? Is it the Gospel like there's a euphemism for it as that here in the states?

I don't know.

It's time to start my day.

Last night I went to sleep dreaming of making cranberry orange muffins or bread. It's too late to bake them but if I play my cards right perhaps for dinner and dessert I can make a loaf of it.

I really do feel better and able to go on with my day.

If Ross or any of your guides ever takes you to something that looks like this:

Even though it's totally humiliating and makes you feel like there's something 'wrong with you that needs to be fixed', remember in the big picture what it means is they love you:

I was told sometime tonight something wonderful would happen. Something that would make me happy and glad.

I don't even know when I'm getting home from work, to be honest.

But I hope for what's promised, and go start my day.


Carla is having 'hiccups' with her energy.

It took a lot from her to take that creature from Orion out, to face it, and then to be called into the Council because of the kind words she chose to say to it when she meant 'good bye'.

'Are you really sure that those kind words couldn't be taken another way?' asked the Council.

It was both insulting, and patronizing, to her, that the beings from Orion (many of you who are from that star system are NOT from the beings which hijacked it, and have proceeded to hijack Gaia...if you are the original Orion race of people in your soul you are not going to be kicked out of anywhere...try not to be concerned)...would twist and slant and conjure her WORDS...this is a recipe for exasperation at its best, and with Carla not being Galactic (as she is incarnate) her 'patience' is of a limited supply and was exhausted.

I want you to try to meditate on the mauve bubble next time you are upset.

It always works for me.

It's just a little larger than you, and round, and almost like a womb. There is no sound, and it's rich and soothing in vibration.

Just find your way 'in' with your Consciousness, and our guides/teams will do the rest.

Including when to get out.

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple