Friday, April 7, 2017

Woo ; )

I titled this 'woo' as it is half of the term 'woo woo' as in crystals and weird beliefs and stuff you can't see. Kind of like the opposite of 'science'.

I made it only half the term, as I am very well trained in the scientific method, and in the ultimate sense, at some point, science and religion become one.

Ross added the wink.

Throughout time there have been those who have been adept at working with the unexplainable. With the unseen. There were the mystics, many of whom were trained at the Mystery Schools. And there were the druids, the Goddess worshippers...who were persecuted and went 'under the radar'. For example, in Wiccan tradition, many of the simple items found in the kitchen have  magical 'double use'.

I wish to contrast this with the actions of the Secret Societies. They post a threat because it is THEY who perpetuate the 'Veil within a Veil'-- the secret power elite and their customs/religion/traditions of the one percent, who furthermore through smoke and mirrors and an elaborate means to deceive the people of Earth--make people who are 'awake' and 'open' feel openly ridiculed for their psychic gifts.

They lead a double-life which is rich in mystical meanings, and perhaps they go so far as to populate our world with THEIR mystical symbols, in order to impose their supernatural control over us, in addition to the psychological and physical and the economic ones--all over the place while keeping us ignorant as to their actual meaning.

For an example, simply look at the pyramid with the eye on it on the back of a one dollar bill.

It's not art for art's sake alone.

There is meaning.

And as a child, possibly three, I recall seeing that symbol for the first time on the money, and deep inside my soul, something registered, and I thought, 'that's not good...'

When I went to my first Cobra conference in I don't know, 2012 or 2013, I knew intuitively that there was an archon going to be present. And I was sent to attend to eliminate the objective of that archon.

Archons being the masters of deception they are--I couldn't tell who it was. I just went and did my thing and my guides said it was a success.

I was sweet and kind and loving to everyone I met. THAT is how I was a success. By opening my heart, and being connected to Spirit.

There was a certain person and his wife, who looked, well, boring.

I'm still not one hundred percent sure if they are archons or not, but I can tell you what they did.

Several weeks after the second Cobra convention in the area, they asked my friend Alexandra to go to downtown LA with several other Lightworkers from the conference.

They were to open a portal, and they wanted help.

The others went as 'backup'.

It was a trap, a trick, a horrible thing.

In the sewer system, or bus station or something, maybe it was a train station--there was an energetic  portal that had been CLOSED. (Earth is quarantine --nothing can go out or come in--for our safety. In 1996 there was a big portal opened in the Congo by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and a lot of horrible, nasty entities from who knows where in the Galaxy came rushing in, and overwhelmed the planet.)

Well they opened it.

It had been containing dark things, keeping them away for our safety.

As it was opened, with a huge WHOOSH of spiritual activity and supernatural beings, all this foul spiritual negative entities came rushing out of that portal--and it made several of the people there very ill and get attachments to their auras.

This couple who organized it HAD been getting psychic information. It just was from the Other Team. And I think they knew.

I've been to the Congo, and helped close it. It's closed now. I go in spirit, not by plane. I go with my consciousness while my body stays here. I see visions. Alexandra also went there on a mission in the physical and did some 'work' there too.

So don't worry about it.

If you look, the Royals had been going there a lot, that area, and they still do. If you accept that there is some 'behind the scenes' mysticism going on in a lot of groups, not all of them in agreement, that might help to set the tone for what I am about to share.

This is a stargate. It's in Peru. It was only found in our lifetime. The person who found it had dreamed of it long before discovering it. They were a tour guide, brand new to the job, and were just exploring the area.

The sad thing is, no one now knows how to use it.

In the regular world.

The natives, the First Nations, might. But they are not talking. (I believe this is why Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart came up with the genocides and the residential schools--to make sure this knowledge was lost to the regular world and kept only by the hidden one for their 'team').

Then there's all the stuff like in Raiders of The Lost Ark--the supernatural weapons which are of military value (and possibly to the occult enthusiasts like Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart).

A close friend and fellow Reiki Master and physician just went to Sedona. The real vortexes aren't where the tourists are told to go. They are protected.

She got to go to a real one.

It was on leased land that had been leased for many years to the Masons.

The tourist guide told her the Masons would go to the power point where the vortex was strongest and do rituals every year at certain times of the year.

The locals were concerned, and the lease, for the first time ever, was not renewed.

Masons know the power of the unexplained, and exploit it for their own purposes.

Disney was a Mason.

Club 33 was named not for the 'original investors' per se, but most likely, for those who had achieved the highest rank in Masonic organization, which is of the same number.

There is a very strong vortex off the coast of Laguna.

I protect it.

The first Cobra conference we were to 'open' it.


Disney investigated over thirty locations for the amusement park.  It was found that this one spot was even stronger than the Laguna Beach vortex, like five times stronger, and was able to suppress it.

If you look, there is a line from the Laguna Beach vortex, which connects to Irvine business area, which connects to the Santa Ana airport, which connects to a region well known for it's connection to Anton Le Vey--South Coast Plaza metro area, which connects to Disney.

I know it, I see it, I feel it, and have done a lot of energy work in this part of the world.

I won't say much, but at the last time I was at Disney, I was sending out the daily Reiki healing, and one of the newer symbols from Gaia Sophia Reiki started to spin. I've never seen my Reiki symbols come alive like that before.

Innocently, I thought perhaps they were cleansing the place, like scrubbing bubbles.

I think after viewing these films.  I may have accidentally activated something at the right phase of the moon or the stars, which functions like a Star Gate.

Who knows?

I could be wrong.

Here's the film:

My cousin, who is very awake, had a horrible feeling about Syria.

I told him not to worry, our teams win, and everything is going to be okay.

He had a dream.

Then, later, I started to remember the work I did with Margaret McCormick on the Syria Golden Triangle.  She mentioned it's an important region there, for energy, not just for politics. That was I think in 2011. I looked for the image, I couldn't find it, but then when I checked Google it appears this actually is a reference to the area--pretty standard one.

I also, by accident, found the Bible (Revelation) and The Masonic Encyclopedia both have references to 'Golden Triangles'...which turn up on Google.

I'll let you decide on what's up in Syria.

Please be sure you watch this:

Could there be more to what meets the eye?

Could it be possible that perhaps Trump represents one faction of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart (the one intent on destroying the Muslim faith and then conquering the world?)--and  those who resist him (Soros et al?) represent the Status Quo version of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart?

And they are duking it out?

I wouldn't put it past them.

Or could it be something even more sinister?

Could they be trying to open an escape hatch to escape the Quarantine ever since Divine Mother herself pushed the big red emergency button to warn Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart of Divine Creator's intention to clean this place up?


Divine Decree is to Heal or Merge.

You --the metaphysical elite who rule/keep the 'regular world' in bondage--either get with the program for the New Gaia/New Earth-- where there is nurturing, warmth, love and compassion--No Veil at All, of any kind--and accept a bargain to heal and become this way...or you are defiant and are scheduled to Merge with The Galactic Central Sun.

There is No Way Out.

You can't escape the Galactic Central Sun and Heaven On Earth. Not if you are with any of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. 

They might want to find a way out, or let some bigger nastier thing of their IN to help their team out--the reinforcements.

But it's not going to happen.

The mainstream media are going to suck you into the drama--what is happening it truly is sad, and a tragedy--and hijack your energy to help co-create their 'plan'.

It will also lower your vibration and slow down your Ascension.

By raising YOUR vibration, you ARE helping that part of the world, the Middle East. It's notorious for some of the lowest levels of Consciousness on the planet. As you raise YOUR Consciousness--you add to the overall total of the planet, and basically, help lift THEM who can't lift themselves--UP closer towards Ascension. 

Your vibration counts!

Just like my little drops of healing every day, which go out to my 'matrix', for lack of a better word...and also, my smiles and love, and encouragement I give to anyone who is near me.


Carla is not quite on the mark.

But she's close. (holds one finger up and smiles--ed)

She is very wise for making you ask questions so that you yourself--and your Discern-O-Meter as she calls it--will answer it.

A lot is depending on your powers of observation (some of you definitely have 'eyes that see' and 'ears that hear' your teams, and there is no deceiving you!)...and your level of Consciousness...all of what Carla says may come across as a heap of crap!

(one finger up--ed) And to others, this...THIS...might spark the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and the stars!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins