Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Movie Updates

Sometimes my life is like a movie, and I never know what to expect! I thank you for your patience as I grow, and for staying with me here as I write.

My Updates

I just finished call two, which technically made me 'every other night' call with no post call day off after the first one.  The day went okay, and I had a new joy I can't describe. Part of it was I gave some people bracelets and that was fun. Part of it was the patient who was so overwhelmed by the attention he and his wife said, 'it's like a spa day--the only thing missing is the aromatherapy!'

I didn't skip a beat, and said, 'We've got that too!' and pulled my roller ball out of my pocket and offered it to the family and the team.

When I told the story to the woman who made the roller ball for me to take to my deposition (and I keep it in my pocket ever since at work), she was super happy. We were laughing in the O.R. and wondering what the surgeon would think, if they would smell it?

Everyone in the room, including the patient, had some on!

My meals varied yesterday. Breakfast was good, chicken sausages and little potato hash browns that were frozen and I warmed up in the oven. Anthony does best with meat in the morning. I keep it low fat and high protein. It's a long time for both of us until lunch.

My lunch was a rushed small bowl of pho from the Doctor's Dining Room.  My next course between cases was cut melon from the cafeteria. My dinner was one serving of plain steamed rice warmed up in the microwave with almonds and furukake (rice flavoring seasoning) on it, again, eaten VERY fast.

I didn't realize it, but In and Out Burgers closes at one in the morning. So at ten thirty when I got home, the night was 'still young'!  My guides said to get a good meal, so I did, burger, fries and vanilla shake.

I slept well and I slept in!

Today I am to take it easy, only do a few things, and to REST.

Our Updates

On weekends when Anthony is away, I like to catch up on YouTube.

There are two important 'trends' out there in the conspiracy theories. The first is that there is a campaign to make both Trump supporters and haters dislike him, which is being organized by the mainstream media. I suspect it's the 'my old job was easier and I miss it' but I don't know for sure exactly what it is.

The other is that there is active intervention by YouTube, Facebook and Google to limit the sharing of any material that will lead to 'disclosure' of the secrets of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

In other words, the video I posted of Dr. Phil and the sex slave by the Black Child is being taken down due to legal copyright infringements/fair use claims by CBS.   So if you're on the fence about waking up, know you don't have forever to decide when it comes to watching these films that I post. At some point the links won't work. More will follow, but not always the same.  I saw an excellent one once about how few are awake, it was like a pyramid and the second level believed the government helps you--at the top it's people who know and understand 'the game' on every level.  It was to show how rare awakening is, and how precious.

Here's some of my latest things I've watched:

I do recall The Black Child saying he was getting scary calls/messages, things like, 'I know what coffee you bought yesterday morning' and 'I know your car'--so perhaps he is not 'under the radar' and  the people who use the ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are threatening him? Perhaps some of these things are  not 'clear and true' like before? Or perhaps the Duality World part one is his valiant fighting back?

I don't know.

Like Richie from Boston (another YouTuber) says, 'people aren't going to wake up, no matter how much you show them, if they aren't meant to wake up. (the brainwashing by mass media/Illuminati WORKS)'.   That video helped me a lot. The one on 'dumbing down' the people. 

Anyhow, who knows what the future holds? I can only say your inner meditations are MORE important, and your dependence on online sources of information will need to have the Discern-O-Meter up on HIGH every time you read or watch. 

I saw one from Pam Kribbe--I didn't like it--and I disregard it. I see the Jeshua thing, and frankly, everyone and his brother claims to channel him, and I just go, 'not today' and skip right over it.

When you find what works for you, stick with it, and let the rest go. 

Perhaps it works for someone else...

We each have our job to do, and no one else can do it. I know mine. I thank my Councils and my husbands. And I would never ever say a comment that is hurtful to you, like someone said to me, about my Councils and my 'not being alone'. There may have been a language barrier, but the energy that went with it wasn't, and there is still a sting like a slap in the face from that soul to me. I forgive. I move on. And I commit to bringing the only thing I can give, my experiences and my heart, each and every time to this page to help you, the reader, learn from my example, and grow. 

Update on my Council Adventures

Today after breakfast I was instructed to lie down on the couch.

I did.

I had the sensation of rising to great heights, and like an elevator, I saw Divine Father's office go past me. I floated up and up, to where it seemed like it would never end.  I saw Raziel's workshop go by too on the way up.

Then I was in a room with movement, dancing, and people in white with gold trim. There was merriment, and wholesome joy.  Then I saw Ross in similar clothes, and I asked him what it was and how I got there?

He said, 'Welcome to the New Jerusalem! (his ship)'

I was embarrassed and said, 'I'm hardly dressed for here (I was in my robe)' and I looked at myself and there I was in a white dress with billowing skirt, floor length, and gold trim!

Ross whispered that my face would look like mine, not to worry.

So I relaxed and danced and then found myself floating up, up up even more!  And Ross wasn't anywhere!

I ended up with Uncle Belu, Uncle Wawa, Uncle Marty and Uncle Sid, in a small conference room. My Aunties who go with them were present but I forget their names.

We were looking at pictures of when Divine Father and Divine Mother were little, family pictures.

I created ice box cookies and lemonade to share, because on Earth that is what families do when they look at pictures. They were kind and ate just a little, but not a lot because of the 'sugar' (vibration of Earth).

I told them how delighted I was to have family! I asked about their parents and when they were little? And they looked a little puzzled about how to explain it. (I intuited that these were the Lyrians, from Lyra of old, who were ancestors for all of us, including the 'troublemaker' ones  It was nice to know who these people are.

Then they took a great interest in me. I explained to them how my 'homework project' was beautiful, and these people came and ruined it, and it was off to such a nice start before they did I hoped they could help me salvage it?

They said, 'indeed, yes, they could' and proceeded to work.

They combed through me and picked off many small black things which were like perhaps, Galactic fleas?  They blew on me with a blow dryer thing, and I saw many more flying off me, like blowing pepper off a table top.

They also reached into my light body, and detached more things, that looked a little different, but were important to detach. I couldn't see them clear enough to describe for you as it was quick.

I was very happy, and content. I could have stayed with them forever they are such delightful beings!

I'm not sure how much of the time passed with all eight of them going through my hair, my energy body, and removing these little black specks.

But Ross came.

I was told he couldn't handle the energies there for very long time.  He had come for me. We exchanged pleasantries and before I knew it the elevator door was closing and I was starting to go down.  I panicked, for I didn't say goodbye, so I created spirit prayer flowers for them, from Gaia, and I threw them up to each one through the crack in the doors before they shut, They were like red roses or poppies, a single stem each, and I could see them deeply touched and holding them and waving goodbye as we went down.

I also wondered how if Ross couldn't stand the energies, how could I? But I didn't think about it much.

When the elevator stopped, all my husbands were there, and Michael took me into his arms.  I told him of the amazing things I had seen! And how happy I was because I was going to get my homework project back!

Then I saw something I've never seen before.

Michael had tears in his eyes.

I asked him if I said anything hurtful to him, and he said no, these are tears of joy.

Then he rubbed his cheek against mine, and held me even tighter for a long time.

(I intuited that he had given me something in the morning, some energy, that was my 'ticket' to go UP, and I didn't know or understand any of it until at the end when I was back with him.)

I sure like being without the little black 'fleas'.

I hope it means good things for everyone and everything on Earth.

clap! clap!
(Ross is clapping and whispers he will write tomorrow!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple