Friday, March 31, 2017

Just Another Day In Paradise

I got off work today at five. That was a short day. I was thrilled to be off work!

It had been a pleasant day. I'd asked to work with a surgeon, and had the opportunity to. He tells some really fun stories as he's closing. Things about other surgeons, always from his past, always a little thought-provoking. Today he actually disclosed some secrets some patients had said they couldn't tell anyone, but since he is a doctor and they knew he'd never tell, they confessed to him. He didn't say the name, so officially, it wasn't his breaking the secret. But the extent of the stories really made you think. I don't want it to ever get back to him what those things were, so I'll keep the secret too.

The one that wasn't a secret was the tech's story, of how a man suspected his wife was cheating. She said she was going out 'for a walk' and he had bought a drone. It followed her. He saw her walk down the block, but instead of turning left to the walking path she turned right. She let her bun go loose and put her hair down. She crossed the street and waited in a parking lot. A little while later a car pulled up, driven by a man. She kissed him and hopped into the car and they drove off.

Now THAT is technology that really works! And it's cheaper than a detective that's for sure.

Anyhow during a gap between cases, I visited a really nice patient and his wife. This poor soul had almost died on the table. I was up very late at night one night with him. I had been reading the charts, and it sounded like he was getting better, and then I stopped following him. Well, someone asked, and I thought, why not visit?

They were so glad I stopped by.

My hands felt that familiar flow of energy as I sat in the room with the couple...I hope for the best everything turns out soon!

This morning I had a vision just as I woke up, of the Japanese Bakery from Hawaii we went to at the Ala Moana mall in Honolulu. They have packaging, and I 'saw' in my mind's eye a peach gel.

Today I had vision of noodles and tempura.

I put the two together and stopped by Mitsuwa market on the way home. It's one of my favorite places and I hardly ever get to go.

I felt complete.

Then I was all business! I went to the Nordstrom spirit had guided me to. And I went to go cash in my lost Nordstrom Note that expires today. Or so I thought. The clerks said it expired YESTERDAY. It was for one hundred dollars. I told them I had been online, there's no way to look them up. They said you can spend them online, which is correct. But you can't see how many you have or when they expire. And they explained their manager was off for the weekend, they'd have to get back to me. If it was twenty dollars they were sure she would say yes. But for one hundred?

I pointed to my scrubs and said, 'I'm always working. I'm at work by seven and don't get out until late. I work weekends too.'

They--the service clerk and the manager on duty--said, 'they DO expire, each one is different it's not at the end of the month, and we are open until nine thirty'.

I asked astonished if the one near my house is open that late too? It isn't. It's a closed mall.

I said, looking them in the eyes, that it was just one day-last the expiration! It wasn't like it was two weeks!  I had seen the notice--I lost that too--and thought it was at the end of the month.

They said, 'Sorry, we will have to get back to you.'

I was deeply disappointed. I vowed never to set foot in that store again! I walked away, and they said, 'Claire!'

I stopped and said, 'It's Carla'.

They said, 'She said YES! the manager said YES!'

So I got it.

I have a special use for it. I can't spoil the surprise but it's not for me. <3

I also got an extra forty dollars from two other lost Nordstrom Notes.  Sweet!

To get to this store, I had parked way out in The Far Parking Lot and had to walk through a store which has a logo very much like this picture.

After my 'success', I walked and was guided to a path.

There was a cart far from the store.

I took it back.

I didn't care if I looked like a bag lady pushing it.

I did the right thing.

I walked back to my car, and the Pokemon were good, so I sat for a moment on the edge of a planter...and I looked up.

There it was, that--SYMBOL.

It's only the center part, red, one band of white, and then red.

I was thinking, what does that look like??? I thought of all those all-seeing eyes?

I was close but I didn't 'get it'.

Then it hit--Bull's eye! The eye of a Bull!

The eye of Baal!

And there was the metaphysical symbol linking this chain (I buy clothes there and makeup too, I prefer it)--to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

The symbol for Mc Donald's is a bastardization of the symbol for Divine Knowledge. I kid you not.

And the symbol on Charlie Brown's shirt is just like the one for Courage, but it's the opposite color. It's supposed to be yellow, not black.

Symbols make the world.

This is an abandoned homestead in Montana, perhaps what looks like near the Yogo Gulch.

My soul thirsts for this.

I grew up going to the high Mojave desert, where we were the only humans for as far as the eye can see.

My uncle owned eighty acres, and had a trailer on it where we would stay.

My uncle knew some other homesteaders. Sometimes we would go to see Dee (he had like a tent that was covered in plastic and lots of old magazines and a little tiny speck of a TV). Sometimes we would see Carl (his stone house he lived in is now a national monument). They were both good motorcycle rides away.

The Spectrum shopping center was the opposite of this.

What used to be strawberry fields when I was in medical school, and only one theater, is grown so big I can't even recognize it. It used to have huge parking lots surrounding it. Now there are buildings sprawled all over and not enough tiny parking structures. The whole area has been getting really dense apartment buildings for the last ten years. It's gone urban. I didn't like it.

I took the back roads home. I know how to avoid the freeway with the evening traffic.

I drove by a high school. They have corrals and farmland there for the 4H.

Where I live once used to be rural.

Now I think I understand why some people fall in love with the ocean, and living on a boat out in the middle of nowhere.

It makes sense.

The freedom! The 'elbow room'!

The space!

I could make a poster of this!  Heck, I would make the tee shirt too!  I want two, one would say this. The other is, 'I <3 HoverMats'...(Quick demo of a Hover Mat if you are interested)

Today I look forward to a chance to create. I just made a surprise for someone who ordered a bracelet. People who buy the full custom ones at the regular rate always get a surprise 'extra' in addition to the bracelet itself. This one spirit said to make it 'just pearls and shells'. so I did. And I am very pleased how it turned out!

The bracelets I have made at the moment are three. One is for Clarity. Another is Just Because You Can. These are themes to help people in their current phase of their soul development. Each one is carefully 'tuned in' to the needs of the person who requests it.

The most mystical one I made--about two weeks ago--is very fine, and it's for a reader, and it's for free. It's a giveaway, and it's theme is 'Three'. It's beads on a wire with a toggle clasp that's seven and one half inches. It's not stretchy and it must be a good fit. Otherwise the toggle will come loose.

Watch for me to post it.


Hello everybody, it's time for me, the Old Man.

How old am I?

I forget.  (he's being very dry in his humor tonight, he's in top form.--ed)

(he clears his throat--ed)

Carla did something which impressed me tonight.

Carla lay on a mat in order to meditate.

It was a funny thing. She had bought it and thought she would use it. It's a mat with many plastic spikes, and a matching pillow. You are to lay on it for twenty minutes a day. Yet Carla has ignored it for four years.

For some reason, Carla decided to get the inflatable mattress (I know, right? Carla is living on the edge and taking great risk with those plastic spikes!)--and placed the spiky mat on top, spike side up, and covered herself with a blanket.

It's like Carla drank it in.


It was just Carla and Creator, no conversation, and Carla could feel the easing of her soul.

Carla is one to meditate, usually she sits.

This time she did Shivassina.

And where was I?

I was astounded!

I was astounded by her faith and her simplicity.

Here she was on a Friday night, almost falling asleep she was so deeply relaxed after having a long day, catching up with business, and not even 'checking in' but just surrendering to the moment, and appreciating a chance to relax in her home at the end of the day.

When Carla was in this state I was almost able to lift her hands.



The veil is that thin!

It startled Carla!

Her hands started to rise up about six inches, and she felt like someone was holding them and she became alert and thought, 'WHO IS THAT?!'

C:  He wants me to tell you in my own words. Once, as I was falling asleep, shortly after my father died, I felt lips pressing mine. I was being kissed. Not a passionate kiss. But a kiss from someone I couldn't see. It frightened me. It's never happened since. Tim Braun, when he first channeled my father in a mediumship session, explained to me that the kiss was from my dad, and not to worry about it. It was my dad who brought it up first. So this IS possible, it's the second time. I also have a friend whose Twin who is disincarnate plays with her hair, and she can feel it.

(back to Ross--ed)

(he's just smiling really really big, possibly the biggest I've ever seen him smile. I think he's done. He gives a quick nod, and salutes you. --ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple