Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Brief Update 3.29.3017

Yesterday I had a meeting I had been dreading for a very long time. I had prepared for it. I was told I had done well.

I realized this meeting was a drop in the ocean compared to everything else going on in my life. I had Reiki placed ahead of time to the meeting room, with an Archangel in each corner of the room to protect me. I had the blessings of both Divine Mother and Divine Father, and from many many many of our delightful readers/members of our healing community.

I chose to drive along the coast. It took me two hours, but I spared myself lots of traffic from the freeways. If I hadn't have had that meeting, I would have been at work for just another day.

The ocean was beautiful.

Afterwards I called my mother to let her know it was over.

There is a wonderful feeling in things being 'over'!

Just yesterday I wanted to go for a walk during a gap in my case lineup. My Pokeman wouldn't work on my phone. And I sensed Ross wanted me to finish my reapplication for staff privileges at my hospital. It had been a little trouble from home. I didn't think I had time to drive to corporate headquarters to have the nice lady I talked to on the phone help me. So I thought, I'll give it one try by myself on the hospital computers...

It worked!

I felt a weight that had been pressing me for months, and the fear of the one hundred dollar fine if I didn't finish it by the deadline, LIFT!

And again, on this day, in calling my mom, I felt it LIFT--the pressure on my heart, every single day since I got notice hand-delivered to me last September--just disappear!

Time will tell what will turn up from it.

As I was on the phone with my mom, I mentioned I would like to bring In and Out Burgers to her for lunch. We were discussing where the closest one was to her house, and lo and behold, I saw two signs at my next exit--In and Out, and ROSS!

So I ordered there, and guess what?

As I pulled up to the restaurant, a big truck crossed my path. It was REVELRY--Party Rentals.

Revelry? As in Celebrate?

And I felt it from Spirit it was a sign.  I felt it in my heart, just like I felt the seeing the restaurant sign from the freeway.

You will NEVER BELIEVE the name of the young man who took my order.  Aaron. Then who took my payment?  It wasn't Ross, it was very very very close (his more popular name).

I took a picture and had to share it with a close friend!

My visit with mom went well. I picked oranges. The tree is in bloom, and the fragrance is delightful.

I picked Anthony up from school. He wanted to go home. I got the mail. There was a flyer from Mimi's Cafe that said, 'CELEBRATE!'...and I felt it was from Ross.

Then also there was another special package. It was cloth, not paper, envelope. It was sewn shut, and had wax seals on it. It was smaller than one of our small envelopes. The to and from was hand-written in capital letters with ball point pen.

No WONDER why I had been so crazy about the wax seals from Hallmark when I was a kid!

And no WONDER why I was crazy about jewelry when I was the same age too--only ten!

My SOUL remembered...even when I could not.

My SOUL has always had very strong ties to Mother India, with her color, her food, her culture!

The package was from Jaipur, India.

It was our home. There is no doubt in my mind that THIS is the region of India where we had once lived, me and Ross, in our happiest days I thought would last forever in my heart...

Anthony wanted to play his video games. It's standardized testing this week. There's no homework. I'm supposed to give him a good breakfast each day too. To help him think, said the school.

I worked in the garden a little. I had one ripe Hungarian pepper. And I was inspired to trim the new growth off the rosemary, and tie off little sprigs in bunches like at the store. I gave two of them to neighbors, one who had admired the rosemary the day before. I am excited to bring it to work to share, too.

I still felt the nudge from Ross to CELEBRATE. Anthony played the video games for, oh my gosh--three hours. It's not a battle one, it's different. Actually I got him to do some chores for cash because he wanted to take advantage of a special 'offer' with the video game.

But we went to Mimi's. I was so delighted to hear French music. I had a little bowl of French Onion Soup. My salad was good, my French Dip sandwich not so much (I gave Anthony more than half of it). I had Perrier water. We split a French Silk Pie slice and got totally full. Anthony laughed SO hard! And I made an origami fish out of the wax paper they used for the bread basket liner. It was cute and I added it to the clothespin on the advertising thing on the table.

We had buy-one, get one free offer. I saved eleven dollars, and gave it all back in tip to our server.

Now today is another day!

I wanted to capture the feeling of the weight being off my shoulders, and the guidance of Spirit to CELEBRATE and enjoy the REVELRY.

This is what true freedom is.

This is the reward from Awakening.

This is what all the letting things come up to awareness and being released and the downloads has been to prepare us for.

Last night, for the first time, I felt the familiar tingles of the downloads. I hadn't felt them in ages. It was most welcome. I used to get very strong ones and have to lie down. I did get a CALM one the other day, that one Ross sends to help me not be frantic or very sad. It's like you totally forget what you were mad about (what husband wouldn't love to have THAT effect on his wife, yes? LOL) and you feel just warm and cozy in like a nanosecond. I've gotten that one about five times in the last year. But not the old tingles like in 2012, 2013, 2014.

And thank you, both Jamie, for the high vibration aromatherapy oil I had with me and on me in my meeting. You had been up on call all night and still remembered!

And thank you Ann, for the wonderful bracelet and earrings in ruby zoisite and obsidian which was my reward after Mimi's, right there at the post office box, and is on my arm now, helping me to recover from the shock and strain of having to go through the meeting in the first place. It's beautiful. (thank you for Anthony's too)

Ross says, 'clap clap!' because I can't afford to be late for work.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Pair

P.S. Ross says, 'Life is SWEET!'