Friday, March 3, 2017

An Ocean Of Blessings!

There's not much time.

I will keep it short.

However, on the way to work, I was overwhelmed with my blessings...

I can see.

I can hear.

My nose works and I have olfaction.

I am not demented--I can care for myself and manage a home and go to work.

I have a job.

My job takes me by some beautiful views during my commute.

People at work are nice to me, most of them.

I get to do what I always dreamed to do.

I was thankful for Spirit's perpetual help and assistance...

Soon in my chest I began to feel a new warmth, a sense of JOY.

We really are more blessed than we acknowledge. In so many ways.

Even here with the internet, and a blog I can write and our community of healers...

This is short because I have a wedding to go to. Time for lunch, changing clothes, and taking off.

My friends at work helped me. They came to my aid. More of the 'weak minded' ones who are 'turning sides'. They are genuinely happy for me I am able to go to this wedding.

If it wasn't for a cancellation, I wouldn't be here now. But it worked out that way, and it happened due to the surgeon not us.

Also, my family helped me. It looked like I would miss the wedding. I called to my sister, who helped. My brother in law picked up Anthony, and he will get dressed with his cousins and travel to the wedding with them.

I have a confession. I just bought the card for the wedding on the way home!

Everything worked out in our favor.

Ross doesn't have anything to say. He wants me to look my best and be prompt, even a little early.  I will eat my leftover fish, and dress, and run.

After I feed the animals, too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc