Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Test

This morning I had the beautiful inspiration to go have breakfast at a seaside resort not far from where I live.

Ross had said to do that, or eat on the balcony.

What's funny is, I was ready to close in, think I didn't deserve what made me so excited to wake up, and almost didn't go.  It's my self-talk, my inherited family 'tribal belief'...

It was Anthony who asked to walk to Starbucks like we did last week. Or go to the Hawaiian breakfast place?

That's when I shared my idea, and he liked it. We dressed up a little and we went!

Seeing the ocean was marvelous!

There wasn't an outdoor table, though. Did I complain?

No. I understood, and we were seated near to the window/door, which was nice.

The service was slow. Like, really scary slow.

I didn't complain. I've been there before. It's always slow.

I didn't get a spoon for my grapefruit. Did I complain? No, I used a fork. I saw with my yogurt there would be a problem, and later, I asked, VERY POLITELY.

I also had a croissant.

Did they bring butter or jam? Nope. I had to ask for that again.And for Anthony's toast.  But I didn't complain!

We walked the grounds.  Anthony wanted to climb a trail on something high and scary. Fortunately I saw a sign that said, 'Restricted--KEEP OFF' so I could say NO and he was not at risk of going to the hospital by falling onto the rocks in the ocean.

I took many a photo and got my feet in the ocean too.

One wave surprised us! My dress got wet on the skirt!

Did I complain?


Right when I was going to run to the post office to mail something to Canada (I can't used the automated machine for international) before they closed--Anthony wanted lunch. He wanted me to bring him a burrito.

Burritos aren't healthy.

I made a ham sandwich, with yogurt and a banana and string cheese.  I made half a sandwich for me, and a banana, but wrapped the sandwich only and ran to the post office and ate in the car.

I made it there. The clerk was a monotone, saying the words she's supposed to say, but not very happy to be at work on a Saturday.  It was a long slow process to mail the three packages. She has to enter lots of stuff. But I didn't complain. I also found there were some things in the PO Box, which was very nice and pleasant.

I picked up Anthony, and took him to the bank. There was a line. There's only one human teller now, with a line of humans. Not everything can be done at the two machines they have where the tellers used to be.

Did I complain? Not, not really.

Some of the checks I had to deposit were written for Anthony's birthday a while back. I am slow at these business things. I found out how to sign it as his mom. But he thought I was cheating him or flimflamming him, and I had to spell out exactly what was his and how I had given it to him.

Did I complain? No. Not even when he brought it up again after I explained it, thirty minutes later, in the home.

Our California Pepper trees made it! The new plants are in, and the drip lines are to be installed next. The trees had a nasty trim, and were in shock though. I have been hand watering them ten gallons every night since Friday when all this was done. Do I complain? No. I'm glad they are alive, and even though I don't like succulents, it is what it is, and the trees are spared. Every neighbor has thanked me. They like the trees too.

There was a birthday party tonight. There were the nicest people, and I enjoyed myself very much with the parents while the kids played.

I was called because Anthony had been hurt very bad, and was screaming.

It wasn't good. It looked serious. I examined him, and calmed him, and didn't want to make the call to move him, just in case.

So we left in an ambulance.

It was our first ambulance ride, ever--mine and his.

I had to sit in the front.

Everyone was most kind.

I had to call his father. Anthony was so glad to see him in the hospital.

The doctor said the bones are okay. He's going to be feeling worse tomorrow, very sore. But it was okay for him to try to walk.

I had asked Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Raziel, Merlin, and of course Ross to help us. I asked Divine Mother and Divine Father too.

We are home.

It is very late.

It is very expensive with my insurance.

But I'm not complaining. It's counterproductive.

The people at the facility followed their protocols. It's a shame the accident happened--I won't say the details. It's not the first time at this facility for Anthony.

The last time he was on crutches.

I SEE everyone is trying to do their best, and mean no harm, and it just happened.

I am thankful to be home.

I am thankful his father came to the hospital.

I am thankful the ER was a little slow.

I am thankful I fully realize in life there are no guarantees, much as I would like them.

And I let go.

I have been giving many thanks to all the Archangels who helped and I know they did. I can feel it.


Anthony has a bruise on his back. The padding came off between the trampolines, and he fell hard right onto the metal frame. It was on the spine. When Carla had found him, he refused to move.

Although upset, Carla didn't complain more than to ask for a 'F-ing ambulance' and to say with exasperation she is tired of this place (to the worker present) because he is always getting hurt there. That is true, not an exaggeration, and it is from her heart, as a mother, who has grown tired of the injuries.

Everything worked out for the best.

There is ALWAYS a time to get Carla into a hospital, even on her beautiful days off!

(he rubs his hands together as if to warm them--ed)

(he blows on them to make a whistle sound--blows on the two hands cupped--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins